Basically what would happen if the girls went out clubbing,

because they got sick of waiting on the guys. When the guys find out what will happen?

Anna-16(on the verge of 17), Tamao-16, Pirika-15 , Jun-20, Yoh-

18(just turned),Horo-Horo-18,Ren-17,Ryu-21,chocolove-18,

Lyserg-17 ,manta-16

3 years after to the shaman fight had been postponed...

Anna was making her way home with Tamao from the mall , amazingly they had gone shopping for clothes. there was not much to do and they had some money to spare besides the fact that maybe going on a shopping spree would take their minds off the guys.

After all for the one thousandth time the guys had run away in the middle of the night leaving a note that they "went training" and not to worry....Typical , after all every time they all got together they did that . Well , this time they only left a note and Pirika once again hopelessly weeping about her oniichan betraying her. It had been 3 days. And Jun, Pirika Tamao and Anna had been left at the onsen with nothing to do and all alone while the guys went out to enjoy themselves.

So on the first night everyone was tense because of the prior happenings. But they were able to ease up and go to the hot springs. On the second night they basically passed the time doing nothing but worrying about the guys.

While the guys.....

The guys had traveled far far away from the onsen. To strange lands...or not. The guys had all ran away from the onsen in the middle of the night the night before they had a meeting in the cleaning closet .

"so are we going or not??" Asked Len in an annoyed tone.

"yeah yeah we are as soon as master Yoh decides..." said Ryu, causing everyone to look to the opposite end of the closet where Yoh sat smiling sheepishly

everyone looked to Yoh who just sweatdropped but cleared his throat preparing to speak up what the final decision as to their "planned adventure" would be.

in the closet with a candle sat Ren , Horo, Ryu , Lyserg ,chocolove and Yoh in a corner now looking pressured.

"We can go , but if I tell Anna she'll never agree and so...I have concluded that we must escape..."

"Anna's gonna kill you!" said manta already scared.

there was a general fall....

"So the I assume that the initial plan remains.." said Lyserg readjusting himself.

"yeah, just make sure it's well planned to Pirika doesn't catch me this time..." commented Horo.

"Then it's set , tomorrow night after 1:00 hours A.M. we are off to Kyoto! "

And so this is basically what happened the night prior to the "jailbreak" as Horo had baptized it . Apparently the guys reason for the leaving the girls all alone was to go enjoy themselves a bit without limitations...and also because they wanted to go drink...but that's enough on that...The guys executed the plan and escaped successfully.

And now the four girls were alone in Funbarigaoka.

Without the slightest clue of where the guys ran off to this time.

And it had been 3 days since they had left. And so going back to where we left off. ....

Tamao and Anna just left the bags near the entrance and walked in to find Jun and Pirika watching Fox®. Anna looked around and noticed nothing different except...the sake

bottle on the table...

"don't tell me your following those bums example you two?"

apparently she already knew about the guys pastime.

she exclaimed sitting down and taking a glimpse at what the two were watching.

The simple life 2......

Then turned to see Tamao filling a glass with the content looking hopeless as well. And fell over....

Pirika turned around looking slightly tipsy


Jun just started to laugh uncontrollably ...

Anna sweat-dropped

"I guess you are then..." she took a glimpse at the bottle...

"then...if they can do it then I have double the right!"

she reached for the bottle and took a huge glug...

This made the three other girls instantly turn around and look as if they had just remained consciousness.

"what?" asked Anna with the bottle in her hand.

"Finally Anna-san! You realized what we've been thinking for the past three days!" said Tamao looking a little less hopeless.

Anna shrugged and took another gurg.

"Well , im sick of abstaining myself! Do they expect to run out on us and then just return and think that well be here waiting with smiles, food on the table and clean rooms???"

"The sad truth is that..., that is what's happened the last few times this occurred." Said Pirika looking back to the other times her oniichan ran away with the other shamans.

"well I refuse...I say we go PARTY!" said Jun getting up and punching the air in triumph.

Tamao was silent for a while but considered what had just been said and "I SAY WE SHOULD GO TOO!"

Pirika didn't even hesitate "I agree!"

But the three just looked back at Anna , in the end she always was the last word to everything inside the house. So they looked expectantly at her ..hoping her actions in the last few minutes were not just a spurt of madness.

She looked down in defeat "...I suppose your all right! we should let ourselves go and be free...and so tonight I feel like drinking and dancing...Jun-san lead the way!"

There was a general cheer heard from the house. That made the birds ten miles from there fly away from their respective trees.

meanwhile with the guys...(2 hours before the previous scene with the girls)

"ahhhh that was the best sake I ever had!" said Horo pating his belly.

"yeah if time try not to puke it all over the Geisha and Manta" said Ren looking arrogant.

Manta loafed behind with a nauseous look on his face.

"I wonder if we'll get punished for leaving so abruptly" Lyserg thought out loud.

"don't remind me!" said Yoh tearing up and remembering Anna.

"Don't worry I'll relieve Tamao-san from her duties and cook them a great dinner when we get back" said the drunkest one of all... Ryu.

"Well im prepared to knock some humor into the ladies! After all their stuck at home watching t.v. and cooking I think they need a little fun!" Chocolove exclaimed.

This last comment put the guys to think ...

"poor Jun"

"poor Tamao-san"

"poor Pirika-kun"

"can I say...poor... poor Anna-san"

The guys actually felt sorry for the girls...or in their unconscious they felt guilty....but since men don't seem to be able to admit it....

The group mounted the Train back to Tokyo, they would arrive in Funbarigaoka in approximetly 3 hours.

And now back to the ladies.

"Does this make me look fat??"

"it makes your butt look bigger "


In Anna's and Tamao's room from witch the girls were transiting back and forth.

Pirika stood in front of the mirror trying on her 6 outfit.


Anna was irritated already. She and Tamao were already dressed up and ready to go out. Apparently Jun was too but Pirika was taking forever to choose.

And so while Pirika gets ready let's analyze the other girls outfits.

Anna wore a black tube like dress with 2 rows of short frills at the skirt and a black choker with a dark violet flower on it covering it off with a dark jeans jacket and extremely glamorous black high heel sandals (10 inch heel). She wore small silver hoops.Her hair witch had grown in the three years was wavy at the tips thanks to a trick done by Jun with some mousse of Rens....

"tonight I forget about all that bullshit , and loosen up once and for all! Yoh you'll see I don't need you around to enjoy myself."

Tamao was looking very cute. She wore a black mini-skirt that went with a very nice white glittery belt. And he shirt was strapless , backless and white. (those that are tied all elaborately in back forming a pattern...) Her boots were just calve high and were sort of aggressive but with a feminine touch to them (high heels) witch were about 7 inches high. All in all she looked very different from her usual outfit witch consisted of all these baggy clothes. This time the top was tight bringing out the fifteen year old's attributes. Her hair was the same as usual except a little fuller and her bangs were strategically brushed to one side. With thin silver hoops.

The little innocent Tamao looked grown up and very mature...

"I wonder what Horo-kun would say!"

she thought looking at the mirror in the onsen's entrance.

Throughout the last years Horo had been a frequent visitor at the kitchen so naturally she and himself had become somewhat close .Him having helped her to cope with the whole Yoh thing going on.

Buddies of good friends about. But she always seemed to notice that Horo only thought of her as his problem outlet and personal cook.

... "oh well... even I cant recognize myself now."

Then Jun was wearing a chinese style dress that was dark green with a beautiful black design. The buttoning was only one button at the collar and the dress was very short and daring.... some would say.

But it was something very her. She wore high heel black shoes not open or anything just the Barbie type of shoe. And for once her hair was down. She looked very elegant and of course beautiful. She had been the brain while dressing the girls up.

Since she was down the stairs this could only mean that Pirika had finally made up her mind.

And as she trudged down the stairs and guy would have drooled (not that the house wouldn't already be flooded with the drool from when he would have spotted the other 3 females.)

Finally ...Pirika wore a lilac top that was tied at the back of the neck and silver hoops that had some silver strings hanging from them(chandelier type) the top led to a jeans mini skirt witch was strategically ripped at the seams (looking very provoking) with a nice belt (imagine what's best for you....). And lilac high heel strappy sandals witch gave her a delicate touch. He hair had been chopped down to a length right under her shoulder and she looked less innocent now.

The only other beings in the house , which were Tamao's spirits Ponchi and Konchi had been looked away in the closet for safety by Anna after Tamao caught them with a digital camera taking pictures.....

"well , we all look wonderful! Except Anna-san I don't think Yoh-san would approve of that short skirt! ¬¬ " Jun said playfully.

"I don't care what that bum says because he's not even here to stop me."

"okey then, should we be off?" Said Pirika Adjusting her jeans coat around herself.

"wait a minute!!! What about transportation???" exclaimed Tamao who now looked like she was loosing faith. Anna and Pilika were hit with realization as well.

"That's what I'm here for!!!" Jun exclaimed

"just follow me!"

surprisingly outside sat a beautiful black convertible.

Tamao and Pirika just literally awed.

"well then! What are we waiting for lets go clubbing!!" Jun exclaimed getting in the drivers seat.

"Jun-san when did you get this?" Asked Tamao sitting too carefully as if the car was too beautiful to ride on.

"well....i am a Tao" Jun said dismissively

"yeah...well ANNA-SAN hurry!" screamed Pirika.

Anna was still inside hurriedly writing something on a piece of paper she had figured, that if the guys came back and found no one they were so stupid they would probably instantly panic. And so since they had written them a note , she left a simple note pasted to the entrance that simply read :

"gone clubbing, don't wait up, Anna"

After doing so she left hurriedly getting in the car and getting ready to go party !!!!

And as the car sped away a group of shamans had just barely been making their way into Tokyo by train. In exactly one hour they would reach the house expecting it to find the girls wrong they were.

back in the car.

The girls neared a building with big huge neon lights that read "Cyberia "(original huh?)

It seemed to be accumulating people already. There was a huge line at the entrance.

"ohh no!!" exclaimed Tamao

"Pirika I told you to hurry up!" said Anna scoldingly!

"girls, girls! What am I here for???" Jun asked

before the other three could blink, she was making her way to the bouncer.


they approached the green haired girl who was at the entrance already making conversation with the bouncer.

But by the time they got there he just opened the railing for them and let them pass without any adue.

"Jun-san how'd you...?" Tamao was about to ask but she forgot all of that when she entered into an environment filled with people , flashy lights and loud banging techno music. It was her first time at a club. And she looked somewhat ....out of place.

"come on Tamao" said Anna pulling her by the arm.

On the way in, the group of girls got a lot of stares and bumped into many guys who gave them indirects....but ignored them.

After all according to Jun giving a guy attention straight off when u get to a club .

Jun led them to a rounded couch thingy table and they all sat down.

"so this is what a club looks like from the inside!" said Tamao still amazed

"yes Tamao-chan and your not only supposed to sit and stare you know!" Jun exclaimed calling for a waiter.

"may I take your order?" The waiter was a typical chique barman type of guy.

"Vodka tonic" said Jun

"I'll have .....two shots of tequila and a beer" said Anna.

Leaving the two other girls google eyed. The waiter then looked to Pirika.

"hmm...I'll have a Margarita"she said looking at the menu

"and you Tamao-chan?" she said looking to Tamao who looked like she didn't know where to start

"I'll have a Cuba libre and then a beer please" Anna sweatdropped.

She noticed from Tamao's hopeless drinking that the pink-haired prophetess knew her drinks...somehow.

"very well ladies" said the waiter leaving the table.

Then there was just silence Anna looked like she was spacing out...while Pirika looked like she was in deep thought , Jun was playing with her cel-phone and Tamao was still looking all around her. A few minutes later the waiter brought the drinks leaving the girls to entertain themselves with that.

Anna just had her Tequila shots straight up and then her cheeks slightly flushed signaling to the fact that the Tequila already started to give in to it's effect. Pirika continued to thoughtfully sip her margarita looking into oblivion... and Jun just drank her Vodka all in one gulp º0º.

Tamao who was the only one still awed from the inner appearance of the club , without thinking twice gulped down her cuba libra (coke and rum) in one gulp slightly faster than Jun (if possible) and then the effect settled in on her....making her ease up a bit...The silence reigned , not because the girls had nothing to say but because rather they were thinking about something and scanning the area.

Eventually a hot blonde guy with green eyes who looked very decent came to the table and escorted Pirika to the dance floor. Same happened with Jun and an older guy... And soon Anna and Tamao were left alone on the table.

"uuh I think im gonna go sit nearer to the drinks" said Anna (Already woozy)removing her jacket and making her way to the bar. Making a bunch males oogle her on the way...

Tamao was gonna be left alone so she decided to get up and go to the bath-room (A/N: well basically the most woozy people are Tamao and Anna) she had a hard time making her way there but then she bumped into a guy who was rather...cute and asked her to dance she just obliged...she didn't know this boy in fact right now she was sort of dizzy and enjoying the feeling so she allowed the guy to pull her into the crowded dance-floor take her in his arms.

Meanwhile with the guys...

The group of shamans weren't tired...they weren't tired at all actually...they had only had to walk 15 minutes and had slowed their pace once getting to the house thinking that the worst awaited them.

"well, were here." Said Yoh in defeat

"might as well walk in before were dragged in" said Horo also slouching and making his way inside the gates.

"At least I hope my sister didn't call my dad " Ren winced....

"ahhh Anna-okami, Tamao-chan, Pirika-kun, JUN-SAN! Were HOOOOMEEEEE" screamed Ryu running ahead and walking in.

But once he was inside there was no answer. Ryu once again called out

"Helooooooo anyone home!??!?!" when he noticed a slip of paper in the entrance.

The other guys were still dragging ass when they heard a


thinking the worse they all ran in to find Ryu on the ground weeping.

"nandes-ka Ryu ?" asked Yoh bending over

"their gone , leaving only this!" said Ryu holding up the note.

"huh?" said Ren grabbing the note and reading out loud

"gone...clubbing ...don't wait up, Anna????????!!! "

Everyone fell over.

"What they went to a club all alone???" Horo suddenly looked very alive from his previous slouchy state

"seems they left without even worrying about us!"

said Ren crumpling the paper.

"well, pardon but if you think about it...were the ones who set the example" said Lyserg as a matter of factly.

There was silence for a minute, no one knew what to say until Yoh spoke up.

"He's right, if we hadn't deserted them maybe they would be waiting for us now"

"But still....maybe we should find where they went and go too , you never know whats going on...they cant protect themselves." Said Ren blushing

"oh please what could possibly happen?" said Chocolove waving it off. All the other guys looked at him with a look that said "are you stupid?" until someone finally said it.

"are you stupid??? Four beautiful girls downtown alone with no chaperone surrounded by men with raging hormones and alcohol in a dark loud place where nobody will hear you scream!?" said Ryu pouncing on Chocolove and secretly reading the others minds....well sort of.

"maybe it's all a joke and their just hiding somewhere to make us feel guilty and see what our reaction will be!" revived Chocolove

"I don't think so" said Amidamaru popping up with and pointing up the stairs.

The guys all cautiously went up expecting to find something peculiar only to see Anna's and Tamao's rooms completely open with clothes and makeup all over the floor.

Their jaws all dropped except Ren's witch was used to seeing this in his apartment with Jun.

"This is definitely pre-clubbing behavior " said Ren analyzing the area.



and so Horo-Horo and Ren began to argue while some of the others were just in still in awe but Lyserg noticed a banging noise coming from the closet were the guys had hidden to plan their escape.

Lyserg opened it and out stumbled Ponchi and Konchi.

"thank god you got us out of there!i thought I was going claustrophobic!" said Ponchi

"You couldn't be you idiot! Your not even a breathing organism you dumbass! " said Konchi floating about.

"you two!" Ren said in a severe tone

"Oh it's the Major-hotties brother" said Ponchi dismissively picking his nose.

"yup so what's up? How was your get away time?"

"who locked you in there?" asked Yoh who seemed to be in a pacific state.

"well, first we got beat up by Anna for spying on her changing clothes , then by Pirika for trying to look up her skirt and then Tamao-chan looked us in here when we went around taking pictures of them and eaves-dropping"

the fox spirit answered honestly.

"KISAMA!" said Ren and Horo beating up the spirits

"wait wait! If they eaves-dropped we might learn something!"

Yoh said.

"Spill it out" said Horo who was now mad for some reason.

"well all we know is they got sick of waiting on you people so first they were drinking in the living room from a sake bottle cuz they felt hopeless , until Anna made this revolution speech thingy and they all decided to go out and party..." said Konchi

"And then we heard them say the club was called Cyberia and then after that they got beautiful locked us in here and left!" finished Ponchi.

"cyberia?" Asked Horo

"I know it, it's a popular dance-bar downtown, Jun and I have gone. I could get us there easily"

"well then what are we waiting for?" said Yoh scratching the back of his head.

"oohhh this is quite nice!"

Everyone turned around to the last comment and saw Ryu and the two perverted spirits looking at a digital camera.

But before anyone could say anything Ren snatched it from them and the other guys gathered around him.

The first picture was of Jun and she actually looked like she had posed for it ready to go out.

The second of Anna and Tamao in front of the mirror .

Ren kept on flicking and the fourth one was of Pirika throwing something at the camera but covering her upper half. To which Ren profusely blushed.

"ahhhh they do look very lovely!" said Ryu who had composed himself again.

A strange aura seemed to have come over the guys. Yoh blew in a lot of breath and then screamed.


"quite the revealing " stated no one except Konchi.

For all the guys had run either to the shower or room to get ready.

"this is going to be interesting..." said Konchi


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