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And so at the club.....(imagine the background music "How can I Live" from Ill nino)

Things were really starting to liven up in the club as it just filled up more and more.With the music louder and louder.

and so Jun had just taken a break from the arduous dancing she had been doing and was sitting back at the table. When she got there she noticed all the other four girls were out and couldn't help but smile at the fact that they were all actually enjoying themselves.

So now , Pirika was still on the dance-floor dancing wildly and enjoying the moment to the max. At first the guy looked sort of scared then he also began to comply with her wild dancing movements and soon there was a competition going on as to who would get to the dance next with the azure-haired beauty.

Anna had gained a colony of guys , Anna was by now considerably drunk....and the guys seemed terribly interested in her conversation, except all she was doing was blabbering on about pointless things and ordering straight rounds of different drinks.....

And Tamao continued with the same stranger. But by now she had also had a couple beers and seemed to be quite woozy. The "pit-boy" wasn't stupid and took the opportunity that was just given him. His hands stupidly roaming down her back . Just as he thought he would reach his destination her hands stopped his.

"nee, what do u think ur doing????...... I think I had enough of dancing I think I'll go to the ladies room."

Saying this she trudged off as quick as she had mumbled the words. Leaving the naughty guy in the middle of the dance-floor...unsatisfied and wanting more...


Ren was loosing his patience, Ryu had delayed them by quite a bit....because he couldn't decide on his hair....but he finally came down the stairs.

"So how do I look??"

"the same as always or maybe worse" said Ren

Ryu began to cry , but Lyserg comforted him (poor Ryu he's such a reject)

"So should we go??" said chocolove who was looking quite smug.

Yoh was wearing a black button up shirt and dark green pants that were more formal like with shoes...and no headphones

Horo was also looking quite smug without his bandanna and a dark grey button up shirt with black jeans.

Ren was looking very chique/hot/drool....with a dark yellow button up shirt that was unbuttoned the three first buttons and navy blue pants with a blazer.

Lyserg was wearing his usual outfit except without the huge green cape. Looking like a hot English gentlemen.

Chocolove was wearing a white button shirt and brown casual pants.

All the guys looked great (except the obvious exceptions...XD)

And the amount of cologne witch had been wasted that night would never be recovered economically.....but whatever.

"So how are we getting to this "club"!?!?!" asked Horo who seemed rather anxious.

"yeah yeah calm down ainu no baka , first let me call my sister. "

he took his cel-phone out of one pocket and then some car keys and tossed them to Ryu.

" start the car" Ryu with stars in his eyes snatched the keys and ran off like a freak.

Ren dialed a number and then waited for the person on the other side to answer.

"Jun???" He could hear a considerable amount of noise in the background.

"Oh HI Ren seems someone finally decided to call...." Jun said from the other side of the phone. She seemed to be talking very loud because there was really loud music playing.

"Okey can you please explain wat the hell is going on?"

"aren't we a little curious?" She said with a playful tone , knowing that the reaction she was receiving from her brother was probably general over there ....

Ren was loosing his patience

"can u just say it please???"

Jun giggled from the other end

"well, let me see...." While saying this she started to scan the area.

"What's she saying???" asked Yoh , seemingly interested.

"she's looking for them" said Ren irritated getting back to his sister who started to speak

"Okey ummm....Anna has a colony of guys with her at the bar, Pirika is being hounded by a group of couters...and Tamao just disappeared....hmm I wonder if she's ok...but anyways Ren I gotta hang up now ok??? See ya"

She hung up in his face. Leaving the Chinese shaman to squeeze the phone with all his might and simply say...


"what did she say???" was the general question in the room.

Ren just closed his eyes and counted to ten in his mind so not to scream ...

"Yoh, your fiancée has a colony of males with her at the bar, Ainu no Baka's sister is being attacked on the dance-floor and Tamao-san is out of sight..."

When he was finished he noticed all of the guys had left him standing there and quickly caught up with them shoving Ryu out of the drivers seat and stepping on the pedal.

"so Anna-chan what is your hobby!?"

asked one of the various guys surrounding Anna at the bar.

"ummm...uuhhh.... Let me hobby is torturing my fiancée "

"you have a fiancée???" all of the guys looked stunned , some disappointed.

Anna's expression became that of an annoyed girl

"yes , but he never pays any attention to me and just three days ago he ran off and left me all alone...."

"I would never neglect you Anna-chan" said one of the suitors huskily .

"awww that's the sweetest thing any male has ever said to me!" she said pouncing on the boy who didn't mind it at all.

The other suitors looked pissed but jut before the "attacked suitor" could say something Jun appeared making the rest of the males awe......

"Hello boys I'm afraid Anna-chan's got to go cool down a little then I'm sure she'd be glad to talk to you! "

Jun knew Ren well , and she didn't even have to ask , she knew that he would come over to see what was cooking. And she didn't want any of the girls to look stupid , but Anna was a little drunk maybe after a few glasses of water she would behave....sober.

Now moving on to Pirika, Jun thought there was no need to intervene unless the situation got violent so she just left the ainu-girl dancing with the group of googly-eyed guys and went to look for Tamao who was nowhere to be found.

Screaming would be no she just looked for "pink" and saw none. But she didn't think of looking in the bathroom.....

"oooh I think I need to pee again!" it had been 15 minutes in which Tamao had been repeating the same action in the cubicle XD.....

but she finally finished and went out... since some of the alcohol had left her system she felt a little lighter....but she was still ditsy!

On her way out of the bathroom though there was the usual legion of guys waiting outside to snatch girls and poor lil'Tamao was all alone and drunk ,so a big strong one got in her way and began to talk to her.

"hey pinky! How bout some real lovin??" asked the big ugly muscle packed guy.

"hmmm....okey! where's the real lover???" she asked confused

The big macho man obviously got offended and simply Hmphhed walking away.

"heyyyyyyy where the real loveerrrr??" apparently Tamao had just figured out how to blow off a guy without getting in to trouble ..while she was drunk...quite an accomplishment!

"guess I'll just go back to the table!" she said making her way through the crowd. But the drunk girl hadn't gone unnoticed by a lot of males.

Once she arrived to the table she saw that Anna sat sipping on a margarita that Pirika had left half of, and that her colony had followed her and crowded around her on the table.

"don't wanna butt in!" she said.

Meanwhile at the table

"hmmm I wanna anotha margarita!" said Anna ignoring the drooling boys and walking past them to the bar.

Of course.... they all followed.

Pirika was now sort of in trouble....

"hey back off punk I was here first!"

"What makes you think she'd wanna dance with something like you?"

"Well why don't we just ask her???"

Two guys (who were very cute ,one blond and one brunette) were fighting over who would get the next dance with Pirika.

"Yes Pirika-chan who do you choose??"

Pirika looked absolutely alienated and there were question marks all over her head.

"ano.....ara......ummmmm I don't know?"

"choose one!"

but just before the situation could get any worse Jun came to the rescue, and informed the guys to come back to their table for a drink and a nice game while Pirika just sweat-dropped and followed.

Meanwhile not to far from there Tamao had just made her way in to the dance floor, but due to her half drunken state she stumbled over the platform that led onto the dance floor but two strong arms caught her.

"Hey didn't even say bye to me on the dance-floor!"

It was the same guy from before , Tamao actually bothered to look up at him this time and noticed that he was a very charming and handsome teenager only 2 or three years older then her with dark green hair (long spiked anime style) and emerald green eyes. He was HOT! So she decided to go along with the game , even though in her head something kept on tugging at her heart.

"ano? Why say bye when the night just began??"

He took this as a yes and offered his hand taking her onto the dance floor.

They both began to groove to "Got to get it" from Sisqo

Tamao began to dance very....daringly and having fun with the guy who simply enjoying the sight in front of him.

Just then......

The guys had entered the club , Ren had no trouble at all bribing the bouncer.... So the guys got in almost as soon as they got there because as usual chocolove tried to joke with the bouncer and almost got beat up....but besides that it was relatively easy getting in. and once they did they immediately looked over the balcony (witch had staircases on both ends leading to the dance-floor, tables, bar ect....)

"Loook master Yoh Anna-sama and Pirika-chan are quite popular!!"

said Ryu pointing happily to a table way on the left hand side of the club.

Everyone looked and saw the blond and azure-haired girls chatting happily to a bunch of drooling guys.

"kisama!" said Ren unconsciously making a fist and turning to go down the stairs.

"Pirika's gonna get it!" Horo-Horo mumbled to himself.

Yoh just had one of those butt faces you never see in him...Lyserg had a stern look but they all made their way through the crowd towards the table.

They were nearing the table when someone stepped in front of them.

"So u decided to show up!!!!!"

they all sweat-dropped.

"Jun?" asked Ren , looking his sister who now looked a little wore out from the dancing....

"Exactly that's me!!!!!!!!!" she answered happily waving.

"Jun-san you look beauuutiiiiiful!" said Ryu with hearts in his eyes. But he was quickly bonked out of the picture.

"So now I wont ask....but what did you all come do here???" she asked crossing her arms

none of the guys answered with faint blushes spreading over their faces.

"I thought so....but anyways welcome! How was the trip??"

The guys groaned knowing this interrogation was going to take awhile. And they just groaned even more seeing more and more males going over to the table.

But Horo was distracted from the "interrogation/scolding" they were receiving from Jun.

"hhahahaa not so low Kentaro!"

That voice was extremely familiar. His head turned and the first thing that flashed through his eyes was a haze of pink.


He left the group as Jun's voice became more distant and groaned when he noticed the guys hands trying to roam the girls back while the girl was trying to get him to stop.

By the way she was dancing very strangely , as if she was about to fall over any minute ....she was most probably just a little...DRUNK.

Horokeu came nearer and just stood there for a second then tapped the girl on the shoulder.

Tamao's P.O.V.

There was some stuff I wasn't quite making out to well, the cute guy in front of me had told me his name was Kentaro.

I knew I was drunk because I am registering things a little slower than usual...and just about everything seems funny to me.

But wait a minute someone tapped my shoulder. Maybe it's one of the girls calling me to leave or something....but I got the feeling it's a little early to leave....

As I turn around the first thing that registered in my head was the mound of blue , then my eyes focused on a recently extremely familiar face to me. It was a guy , and he was rather handsome so to speak.

But his expression towards me was very weird , I had talked to him a million times before...after the tournament he sort of resided a lot in the onsen when he was in Tokyo with Pirika and he would live at the kitchen eating , while I would cook.

And so eventually we began to socialize and a friendship bloomed. Even though I cant deny that around that time I was getting over master Yoh he was sort of a cover up for him...all in all I had a deep dark secret about Horo...I had a crush on him. But no one could ever know...But back to his face....well...all that can describe it is that it was ....maybe shocked??? Or in awe??? I don't know but I decided to break the silence.


His expression instantly turned serious , maybe he might have noticed the fact that im a bit drunk....hehehe

"Tamao your drunk???"

I didn't know what to answer , but an arm snaked around my neck and I heard another voice.

"Do you know this guy Tamao-chan?"

asked Kentaro.

Horo's P.O.V.

Dammmm she looked good...what am I saying?? Wait a minute

WTF??? I know that Tamao didn't know this guy....she probablu

met him what?? 2 hours ago or something? And he's already taking those liberties?

Seriously I noticed that Tamao was drunk and that the guy was touchy, and I didn't like it , at all.

The only one who ever hugged her was me!

Literally, in all the long conversations we've had in the kitchen I discovered I was the only male who has ever gotten so physically close to her....and the fact that this stranger was doing that right now was pissing me off.

So I heard him say

"do you know this guy Tamao-chan??"

CHAN?? CHAN??? The only one who called her Tamao-chan was me!

I couldn't take it anymore so I answered .....

Genral P.O.V.

Horo-Horo looked extremely pissed at the guys last question apparently it offended him a bit....somehow .

"Don't call her Tamao-chan"

he said daringly.

Kentaro looked a bit taken aback.

"Is this your jealous boyfriend Tamao-CHAN" he said putting emphasis on the "chan".

Horo was loosing his patience, Tamao didn't answer , only blushing and lowering her head.


Horo didn't answer either but just stared at the guy with annoyance.

Then Kentaro continued.

"I guess not then" he said as he grabbed her by the shoulders an turned her towards him .

"a..ano Kentaro-kun what are you doing?"

I'm drunk but not drunk enough not to notice what's going on around me!"

He inched closer and closer towards her face making her blush profusely.

But just as his lips were about to touch hers , He was knocked over.

Tamao looked to her side and saw Horo massaging his fist. With a comically dazed kentaro on the floor.

She felt herself being grabbed by the forearm and being dragged away into the corner.

Then being put against the wall, she saw Horo in front of her with a very mad expression. He looked like he was about to interrogate her. He was literally "putting her against the wall"

"Tamao who was that?" he asked in a deep lowly voice.

Tamao's P.O.V.

Excuse me??? But who was the great "friend" who left me home alone and stole all the food from the fridge???

Why is he questioning me like that , why is he acting as if I did something wrong? Im not usually one to burst out or speak up , but...

"What do you care?? You've been gone for the last three days and then when I do something much less serious you reprimand me!"

His expression remained the same , and he inched closer to me.

Horo's P.O.V.

I didn't care about her reaction , I just wanted to know what was going on , all of a sudden I felt extremely possessive , the only time I felt like that was when Pirika had her little affairs with boys who wouldn't last for more than one week (for some reason).

"answer me Tamao"

back to GENERAL P.O.V.

"why should I answer you?? I don't owe you an answer , it's not as if were an item!"

she said trying to shove him away and get past him.

But he was like a rock. Next thing she knew she was against the wall again , and this time he had his arms propping themselves on each side of her against the wall and what he said next personally shocked her.

"Well, if your gonna have your first kiss taken away tonight I wont let it be by anyone else."

I had never told him that I had never been kissed .But judging by our friendship he probably was obvious

"wha...what do you..."

but before she could finish his lips were upon her own and they were pressed against each other , he couldn't help but surround her with his arms as if to keep her from running away.

meanwhile with the rest of the guys

"and so me and the girls decided that we can go out and get drunk too , so don't come barging in with any demands YOU GOT THAT?" Jun finished lecturing the boys with an accusing finger pointing at all of them.

They wee all sweat-dropping.

"okey , can we move on now?"

asked Chocolove dragging on.

"sure !" she said moving out of the way and revealing a quite shocking scene to the group!



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