Grocery Shopping

Blue: Hello ok this is my very first try at a Dragonball Z fic so please be gentle. I started this fic in an airport actually, you see I went to Mexico recently to visit my aunt and well I had nothing to do so I started writing. I was very proud of myself ok not really because I was going to start writing on the way there but I did start writing till I was coming back but hey.

Bill: At least you wrote something.

Blue: Exactly, I mean I was stuck in the stupid airport for like five hours.

Bill: Dang

Blue: I know but got this idea of the saiyajins going grocery shopping, and I've wanted to write a DBZ story for sometime now. So on with the story. Disclaimer do what you do.

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Blue: But what about my regular disclaimer?

Disclaimer: Yeah what about me?

Bill: Fire him?

Blue: But...But...ok

Disclaimer: What!?

Blue: You're fired, go Bill.

Bill: YAY! Blue or Poketr doesn't own Dragonball Z

It was a very quiet day at the little house on top of Mt. Paozo without the sound of ki blasts near by because after a lot of thinking and of Goku pleading Chi-Chi finally let him go grocery shopping without her, but with the watchful eyes of Gohan of course though she didn't know how much he would help being demi-saiyajin.

"At least I can clean the house peacefully." Chi-Chi said to herself swiping the hall while

humming to herself.

"CHI-CHI!" Chi-Chi let out a scream after Goku yelled running inside with a slam and

running to pick up his wife and started to swiping her around.

"Goku-sa what?"

"Chi-chan you have to see this come on." he said putting her down and pulling her outside.

'Now what'

When she stepped out she found her son with a big grin, Bulma with one to match and Vegeta with well his usual scowl on his face and to her surprise there were two brand new convertible hover cars one red and one white full of grocery bags in the back.

"Goku-sa the first time I let you go by yourself you brought home practically the entire store and now you brought a car?"

"Ahh but that was a long time ago Gohan wasn't even born yet, beside Chi-chan I didn't buy it"

"Don't tell me the Ouji over there stole it."

"You wish onna." Said Vegeta with a grunt.

"Really kaasan we didn't buy it or steal it."

"Then what happened?"

"They gave it to us Chi-Chi."


"Yeah the people gave it to us, well to Vegeta really?"

"Vegeta? Now I have to know what happened." Said Chi-Chi with a bit of interest

"Ok it's a really funny story Chi-Chan." Getting excited about being able to tell the tale.

"Kakarrotto don't you dare tell the onna what happened."

"Come on Vegeta."


"Tell it Goku." Said Bulma speaking for the first time.


"Yes..." she said with an evil smirk and would make Vegeta proud except that it was being used against him and not someone else he could make fun of.

"You don't want me to tell the story vegeta?"

"NO!" said Vegeta getting frustrated

"OK, but I'm going to tell it anyways."


"It all started when we were walking to the store...



The two saiyanjins along with the demi-saiyanjin are walking down a sidewalk on their way to the store. Gohan and Goku seemed to enjoy themselves but Vegeta looked like he was going to bust with boredom.

"Tell me Kakarot why would I going to the blasted food market with you?"

"Because Chi-Chi let me go without her because she was spring cleaning but I forgot to ask her where it was because I forgot from the last time and I didn't want to go back and ask her because then she would say never mind and not let me go so I went to Capsule Corp. to ask Bulma and when I told her where I was going she made you come too."



"That was a rhetorical question."

"A what?"

"Never mind anyways why is he here?" said the little saiyajin pointing to Gohan.

"Because he's my son."

"The onna didn't let you go without her if he didn't come to watch you huh?" he said with a smirk.

"He" said Goku quietly while Gohan smiled at him.

"So Gohan what are you going to get?" said Goku changing the subject.

"I'm not sure toussan what about you?"

"Hmm...lets see"

"Oh no don't get the baka started." Said the Ouji with an irritated voice.

"He he yeah I can't name everything."

"But dad didn't kaasan give you a shopping list?"

"Oh yeah I almost forgot." Said Goku reaching into this belt and pulling out a the list

"Found it!" he said happily with Gohan and Vegeta sweatdropping

"Baka" whispered Vegeta to myself. "I still don't know why the damn onna couldn't come to the stupid market herself."

"Because she had a meeti- "Shut up I heard."

"Geez ok are we almost there Gohan?"

"Almost dad just a bit more to go."


"Where is this going?"

"It's all part of the story Chi-Chi."

"Fine go on." she said with a sigh

"Okay where was I... oh yeah so we were walking when all of a sudden..."


"Help somebody help me that theft stole my purse!" Yelled a lady a few feet away from them to the right. Running in front of her trying to get away was a man with her purse in his hands running towards the saiyajins.

"Dad that lady needs help."

"Yeah lets help."

"Stupid humans can't do crap by themselves." Said the saiyajin prince.

Just then the theft was going to run pass them with Vegeta stuck out her arm and punched him in the face and took the purse out of his hands before the man got a chance to collapse leaving the two remaining saiyajin with their eyes about to pop out of their heads and mouths hanging, speechless.

"What are you looking at?" said Vegeta after noticing that the expression on their faces.

"Oh thank you, thank you, sir. How can I ever find a way to thank you?" Said the frantic lady when coming up to the little gang of warriors.

"Just get away from me." He replied giving the lady her purse back.

"Oh no I have to find a way please."

All that was heard from him was a growl from within his chest until he just turned and started walking. The two remained saiyajins simply stood still confused of what to do.

"What are you waiting for?" Yelled the prince looking over his shoulder as he continued walking.

The father and son duo merely shrugged their shoulders and followed the moody Saiyajin no Ouji.


"So is this when you get it?"

"Wait Chi-Chi don't go ahead in the story."

"Yeah onna don't go ahead in the story."

"What are you arguing about, you didn't even want him to tell the story?"


"Thought so, go on Goku"

"Okay, Well then...



"I didn't know you even had patience Veg"

There was the saiyajins still on their way to the grocery store but it appeared as if Vegeta was really to blow a fuse.

"We're almost there Mr. Vegeta and if you want to know that lady you helped earlier is following you." Said Gohan cautiously.

"WHAT!" Yelled the Saiyajin prince turning and just like the half saiyajin said there she was. When she noticed that he was looking she quickly jumped in back of someone to hide.

"What is that baka still doing there?"

"Maybe she still wants to say thank you Vegeta."

" And I told her that she can say thank you by LEAVING ME ALONE!"

"We're here."

"WHAT I mean what?"

"The store we made it." Repeated Gohan

All of them were standing in front of the grocery store with a huge sigh that read Grocery City on it.

"Then what are we wait for." Said Vegeta before barging into the store.

Blue: I want going to make this a one shot but I changed my mind and I making it a chapter story. Do you know what that means Bill?

Bill: Umm...yeah...ok no

Blue: Well it means that this isn't only my first DBZ fic it's also my first chapter fic.

Bill: Oh

Blue: Be happy.

Bill: Ok

Blue: I said BE HAPPY!

Bill: Okay ok YAY YOU!

Blue: Thank you.