Grocery Shopping

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"Hurry up brat! They're going to get away!" Vegeta yelled at Gohan on their way to the next aisle to find the culprit of the weird noise. Though they quickly ran over, their attempt to make it on time was futile, the aisle was empty.

"Damn it brat, you and your Kakarot genes!"

"Vegeta! You can't blame me. You were in front of me and didn't get them either." Said Gohan in his defense.

"Meh, Whatever! Stupid onna and her 'no super speed in public' rule." Vegeta said crossing his arms in front of him with his usual frown looking at the empty aisle until he heard soft giggles coming from beside him.

"What are you giggling at, brat?" at this question Gohan's soft giggle turn into a full force laugh that caused the young saiyajin to have to hold his stomach from the pain caused laughing to too much.


"Ha...ha…sorry Vegeta. It's just you talking about Bulma's rule…and…actually following it...haha." Gohan managed to say in-between laughs. Clearing his throat, Gohan stopped laughing when seeing the glare on Vegeta's face that had 'Shut up! Before I blast you' plastered on it.

"Are you done?" asked Vegeta in a low threatening manner.

"Yes." Said the boy with a slight smile.

"Good…they couldn't have gone far, Come on." Vegeta then started walking speedily looking into each aisle looking for any suspicious characters. Gohan stood there giving one last giggle before taking off behind him.

"Hey Vegeta, who do you think it was?" Asked Gohan as they continued to walk and search.

"How should I know! If I didn't know any better I'd say that it was your idiotic father." Gohan was about to reply when he slammed into Vegeta's small back. Backing up to see what happened he saw that Vegeta had also slammed into someone walking, while not paying attention to what was in front of him. Pushing himself off the other larger man Vegeta shuddered when thinking about being that close to the idiot.

"Well, well, well. Speak of the baka."

"Huh?" asked Goku scratching his and tilting his head that held a confused look on his face, which was actually there a lot of the time. Gohan kept a close eye on Vegeta as he gritted his teeth and released a snarl.

"Are you finished?" he asked finally trying to restrain from punching the puzzled saiyajin.

"YUP! All done!" Said Goku removing his confused look for a happy smile.

"Good, let's forget about this stupid noise and just leave this blasted place. Who ever made it must not have been strong since there was no ki reading so it is not important. Probably just some baka human women trying to sneak a peek." smirked Vegeta causing Gohan to sigh and shake his head wondering why he had agreed on coming along.

"Um….yeah, that was probably it, Veggie…"Replied Goku feeling compelled to say something besides the fact that he had no idea what was being talked about. Vegeta realizing this lifted a brow and sarcastically said, "Yes…."

"Yeah! So I guess we could get going now." Goku said walking towards the check out lines until Gohan's voice stopped him.

"Um, dad. Where's the cart? Actually Vegeta you don't have your cart either." pointed out Gohan that neither of the shopping saiyajins had their items with them.

"Oh yeah…haha…I must have left it in the last aisle I was in. Cause when I felt you guys running over here I ran to meet you." He said rubbing his head.

"Blasted! I left it in the fruit drink section. Damn you Kakarot!"

"Huh? What did I do?" Asked Goku innocently.

"Well…you brought me here….yes…that'll work."


"Vegeta, I think you just like to say that." Bulma said interrupting the story.

"Hmm…yes…but most of the time he deserves it." He replied crossing his arms and nodding.

"Right…whatever you say Vegeta. Go on Goku."

"Okay, well, after that we decided that we were going to separated to get the carts and then meet in the same place again, but for some reason Gohan insisted on coming with me even though he could have stayed there…actually he was kinda holding on to my gi the entire way there and back…and would tug on it when I wasn't walking." He said with a finger to his mouth like in deep thought. "Hmm…Hey, Gohan, you think you have some sort of abandonment problem?"

A wide-eyed Gohan looked at his father before his face turned into a glare and hands into fists at his side. "Well, father, considering you do always leave, it wouldn't be much of a surprise now would it? But no, I assure you that was not the case."


"No dad! I don't have an abandonment problem, okay?" He answered losing his patients. Seeming as if he accepted the answer Goku turned away from Gohan but then quickly turned to Vegeta and whispered. "Yup, must be the hormones." and Vegeta simple nodded while Gohan growled softly.


"Whaa…Gohan Gohan calm down! Gohan! We're here you can stop now." Yelled Goku swaying his arms as Gohan dragged him back to the meeting point by his gi while he pushed the cart with his free hand.

"Sorry dad, but had to make sure you didn't leave now." Said Gohan with an almost scary grin.

"Ah, good. You managed to keep a hold of him this time." Smirked Vegeta as he walked back with his own shopping cart. "Now we can get out if this damn place."

"Aww Veggie, It can't be that bad. I mean come on; this is where all the food comes from." Smiled Goku patting a huge ham in the cart.

"Yes…." he responded with a cocked eyebrow walking towards the check out lines. "Let's just choose one and leave." He walked to the shortest lane that only had one other woman in front of them.

"Aww but Vegeta can I be first? Huh? Huh?" Goku pleaded with his hands folded in front of him.

"No, I'm first."

"Aww please Vegeta please! I really wanna be first! I haven't been shopping for a while please!" he begged again with big almost teary eyes.

"Arrg…Well it make you shut up?" asked the frustrated older saiyajin shaking his fist.

"Yes, Yes I promise." he answered slightly jumping up and down.

"Fine then get in front of me and shut up!" They switched places while Gohan simply stood there and looked at the two adults until Goku waved for him to join him in the line. Sighing once again Gohan squeezed by Vegeta to get in line with his father.

Goku stood there in line waiting as patiently as Goku can be. That not being very much Goku started looking around all over the store for something interesting while hopping slightly until a fuming Vegeta threatened to blow up the store if he did not stop. Not wanting the magnificent food store to be demolished Goku quickly stopped, yet continued with something that was equally as annoying, humming.

Vegeta was about to yell at the younger man again but was interrupted by the cashier telling Goku that he go ahead and load his items. Smiling widely Goku placed all the items on the counter at an incredible speed keeping the cashier with an opened mouth. Snapping out of it, the cashier rang out the first item that caused an extremely loud ringing.

"Huh? What's that? What's going on?" Asked Goku looking around trying to figure out where the noise was coming from as the others did the same.

"What's going on here worker boy?" asked Vegeta suspiciously since the cashier didn't seem worried at all, but was actually smiling.

"Well, you see sir; your friend here is the one millionth customer! WHOO!" he shouted as confetti, balloons started falling, and employees rushed to the scene. POP!

"Wah." Goku jumped up when an employee popped a party popper near his face. "Um…is…is that a good thing?" he asked confused.

"Is that a good thing you ask." came from the manager who was an older man walking towards him. "Well, of course it's a good thing young man. In fact it's a very good thing." he answered with a cheerful smile.

"WOW! Really? That's great!" shouted Goku not really understanding.

"Yes, for being our one millionth customer um…name?"


"Right, for being out one millionth customer Mr. Goku you will be receiving all your groceries for free and will also be winning a lovely new red hover car!" He said pointing to the grocery stores door where there was a new hover car driving up to it.

"Wow, really I win all of that just because I was the one millionth customer. Gosh that really great. Wait til Chi-Chi hears about this, she'll be so proud." Goku exclaimed happily. "Right, Gohan?" he asked turning to his son.

"Wrong!" answered Vegeta instead

"Huh? Why do you say that Vegeta?" Asked Goku confused about why Vegeta was against the idea.

"Because you idiot, I'm the one millionth customer."

"What? No, you're not Veggie. I'm in front of you so I was the one to get one millionth, since you're behind me that makes you one millionth and one." Goku answered with a grin because to himself he had just sounded really smart.

"Yes, but if you don't remember it was me who was first first." pointed out Vegeta. "You wouldn't keep your mouth closed about being before me, so I let you in front to shut you up. But the true one millionth customer is me" he continued leaving Goku dumbfounded.

"Uh…yeah but…um…uh…I don't know…" Goku said scratching his head. "What do you think Gohan?"

"I…I don't know either dad. I mean you are first but that was just because you're annoying…so, I mean I don't know. This is tricky dad."

"Hmm…What do you think Mr. Shopper store guy?" the tall saiyajin asked the manager who was just standing there listening to the conversation they were having.

"Well, we weren't anticipating this. Not that you can anticipate something like this to happen. Who knew that there was going to be someone who was in front of the line and then switch to the back because the person in back of them asked to be in front of the original first person, and it just so happens that the next person in the line was going to win a prize. This is something you cannot foresee! What ever are we going to do?" The manager said panicking about this certain outcome. From see the manager going into a frenzy an employee, a high spirited young lady, came to his side and held his shoulders.

"Calm down boss; we can fix this somehow." She said rubbing her chin and like a domino affect all store employee were in deep thought with hands at their chins. Wanting join along Goku also decided to go into the thinking process. While this was going on Vegeta and Gohan glanced at each other and merely shrugged their shoulders.

"I got it!" Cheered the girl lifting up her finger. "What if we split the prize? We can give the free groceries to one and the car to the other." Suddenly the store was filled with 'oohs' and 'ahhs' coming from the clapping staff members, all but one. This one happened to be Goku's cashier. Clearing his throat to get everyone's attention he continued.

"Yes, that is a good idea my fellow worker, but it does not seem fair. For you see the price of the groceries cannot compare to the price of the car. It would not be fair to give one such a luxurious prize while the other does not." Cleared up the teller.

"It seems fair to me." Pointed out Vegeta. "Since one of us deserves more then the other."

"Hmm…yes…But then it goes back to trying to figure out who that person happens to be. The person who was first in the beginning or the person who became the first person." He said beginning about another thought session.

"Well, the person who deserves more is obviously me." Vegeta said interrupting the workers from their thinking.

"But, sir. How can you know that for sure?" the cashier spoke out. "If you let him go first then shouldn't he be treated like the first person since you allowed it?"

"Oh but my comrade, the reason the first person became first was because of the kindness of the original first person. So, shouldn't the new first person return the kindness by giving them the prize." suggested the girl employee who spoke before.

"Yes, that's true too." the cashier admitted while poking his chin with his finger.

"Well, this all seems quite troublesome." Said the manager finally speak out again. "Hmm….how about we just forget about this and go for the two millionth, eh?" He continued lifting his hands and looking around at his crew with a doubtful face.

"No! Let's not do that," said a mysterious display of talking paper napkins in the store.

"Well, do you have an idea…uh…napkins?" asked the confused manager

"Napkins?" Asked the display or rather the person hiding behind the display that had forgotten that could not be seen. "Silly me." They said stepping out from behind their hiding place.

"What! YOU?" Shouted Vegeta seeing the same lady who he had helped on there way to the grocery store. "You were the one making the damn noise weren't you?"

"Heh…heh…guilty…but listen please don't be mad. I have a way to solve this problem, I really do." She said pleading with her hand locked in front of her.

"If you do ma'am by all means please continue." Said the manager.

"Yes, I'm listening." Said Vegeta who was getting tired of waiting there for them to make a decision.

"Okay, well you see, earlier this lovely man." Said the woman pointing to Vegeta causing everyone to look over at him, while Gohan thought to himself 'Lovely? Vegeta?' . Receiving a grunt from Vegeta she got the sign to continue with the explanation.

"Yes, well, this man helped me out earlier today from some vandals with the intention of stealing my purse." She said lifting her hand to her face in a dreamily state. Vegeta also received stares from this and a couple of 'Oh my' and 'what a man' from several female employees.

"What exactly does this have anything to do with the problem we have now?" wondered Vegeta taking the woman out hey daydream.

"Oh, after that I really wanted to find a way to thank you. I knew if I didn't follow you, I would never see you again, so that's why I did. But because of that is why I would be happy to pay for your groceries and even get you a car, that way it will all be equal." She finished with a smile and a slight hop.

"Wow, that's great! Don't you think Veggie? This way we're both winners." Said Goku and from being around the peppy store employees for too long he started to clap which was followed by everyone else clapping but the two other saiyajins.

"Excuse me, miss?" Gohan asked the women timidly.

"Yes?" she asked when the clapping died down.

"You really don't mind paying for all of this food." He said pointing at Vegeta's full cart. "It's a lot, and then the car that's a little too much isn't it? Are you really okay with this, just because he saved your bag?"

"Of course I am. It might have been just a bag to you but to me it was a bag that held very important things to me, so the groceries don't bother me. And as for the car, that doesn't bother me either, since well hehe I make them." she said with an ear-to-ear grin.


"After that we all went to her shop and Vegeta here pick out a car and we went to Capsule Corp. After Bulma saw every thing she insisted on coming over here with everything to surprise you before listening to the story herself." Said Goku finishing the story of their amazing Grocery shopping adventure. "So, did we surprise you, Chi-Chi, huh? Did we?"

"Wow, Goku. Yes, I can see you surprised me very much when you got here, and after hearing that story I can say I'm even more surprised." Said Chi-Chi with a smirk looking up towards Vegeta, from seeing this Vegeta gave her a confused looked with a lifted brow. "I can't believe the great saiyajin prince did a good deed and got a thanks in return, don't you think its weird mister saiyajin?"

"…Shut up, onna." was all he managed to say to the persistent earth woman, while she gave a small giggle.

"Well, I guess we should get these groceries in don't you, goku?" she said grabbing a bag.

"Hehehe Yup. Can't let it go to waste now can we." answered Goku grabbing a few dozen bags and headed to the house along with Chi-Chi and Bulma who followed leaving the other two saiyajins behind.

"Well, Vegeta. I think we can both say that this was a very interesting day. Don't you think?" Gohan asked looking up at the older saiyajin only receiving a grunt as the answer. "And you learned something too." Said Gohan looking up with a smile before he started walking.

"Oh?" asked a curious Vegeta. Gohan stopped and looked back at him.

"You learned that earth humans aren't all bad." This time Gohan received nothing as a response but smiled anyways and continued inside leaving Vegeta outside for a few seconds before he decided to follow.

Blue: YAY! It's done. I think me not writing for those few months was actually a good thing…I think my writing style got a lot better, but that's just me. This is my favorite chapter, I don't know if it's because I like how I wrote, because it the last one, or the lesson in it, hehe. I didn't realize I made a little Gohan and Vegeta relationship until the end, but now that I know, I really like it. Oh and I like my employees, I bet you wish employees where really that nice and helpful. That whole "who should get the prize" question really got to me. I think that the original first person should get it, but I've actually asking people this, now I ask you…so, what do you think? And before I leave, I want to thank everyone who actually read this. Thank you all very much. You too Bill

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