War of the Worlds: Prologue
By Lucky_Ladybug

The aliens looked at the Southern California hospital through their secret camera.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the hospital," a mechanical voice intoned.

"What's the purpose of this?" one of the youngest aliens asked.

"Some of the most dangerous people to our mission are employed in that hospital," the mechanical voice replied. "They must be destroyed so they won't overpower us. We WILL rule the world!"

"Yes! Yes!" the aliens cried.

"Now," the mechanical voice went on, "watch out for Dr. Mark Sloan and his buddies. They'll be your strongest threat. Once you dispose of them, the rest should be easy. Oh, and of course, we have a couple of friends in the hospital, too. They will help us succeed!"

The aliens nodded, an evil glint in their eyes.


On another planet, more aliens watched the other aliens through their secret camera.

"They're at it again," the head alien said sadly.

"Ever since we banned from our planet for attempting a revolution, they've been looking at the planet Earth, hoping to rule it!" one of his counselors agreed.

"We have to warn the inhabitants of the planet Earth!" the head alien announced.

"We have our work cut out for us," another counselor said.


"Wow, Judge, a real alien revolution?" a young man with dark brown hair and sapphire-blue eyes asked an older man in judge's robes.

"Yes, Mr. Smith," the judge replied. "The people on Earth are in grave danger. The aliens' technology is far more advanced than theirs." He paused. "I've given you a new assignment. You are to work undercover in the hospital and try to prevent the aliens from taking over there."
"Really?" Mr Smith's eyes sparkled, eager at the thought of the adventure. "You mean you're taking me out of the Second Chance department?"

"Not exactly, Mr. Smith," the judge said mysteriously. "This assignment has a lot to do with second chances."

"It sounds great, Judge," Mr. Smith said. "But how will I be able to prevent an alien revolution in the hospital all by myself?"

"You won't be alone, Mr. Smith," the judge replied. "There will be others working in the hospital too, and of course you have the Lord on your side."

Mr. Smith nodded. "Who else will be working in the hospital?" he asked curiously.

"Mr. Jones, for one," the judge replied. "You will know the others when the time is right." He shook his head sadly. "It's going to take a lot to stop these aliens, Mr. Smith. You must be careful."

Mr. Smith looked at the hospital they were suddenly standing in front of, and it dawned on him that a real war between good and evil was going to occur inside those four walls.