War of the Worlds, Chapter 12
By Lucky_Ladybug

"A poltergeist?" Amanda repeated slowly.

Jack nodded and looked at Amanda ruefully. "You don't believe me, do you?"

"Jack, I honestly don't know what to believe any more," Amanda replied, throwing up her hands. "It just dawned on me that one of the medical students who brought Mr. Montel in looked like the hooded phantom at Winfield's place."

"Oh really?" Jack said, his eyes gleaming. "Amanda, I don't think we should delay in revisiting that place any longer. Let's go find Mark and get out of here!"


Mr. Smith, watched them go, unseen by them. "More unanswered questions," he complained.

Suddenly he looked and found himself staring at his evil twin. "Oh, great. Isaac," he muttered. "Did you knock Jack out?"

Isaac shrugged. "Maybe. Maybe not." He glanced at the clock. "Sorry to run in and run out, but I've gotta be somewhere!" And with that, he was gone.

Mr. Smith waved away the now-familiar blue smoke that followed Isaac everywhere and sighed. What was that guy planning now? "Uh oh," Mr. Smith said softly. He'd better find out---fast.


As he passed by the deserted cafeteria, he noticed its sole occupant---one Norman Briggs.

"Mr. Briggs!" Mr. Smith called.

Norman turned around from the sandwich case he was staring at. "Yes? Oh. Mr. Smith. Is there something wrong?" He looked highly embarrassed.

Mr. Smith tried hard not to laugh as he realized that Norman had been trying to get the ham sandwich to talk. "Um, well . . . I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You weren't in your office, and, uh, Jack had a strange experience when he went to look for you."

Norman tried to hide the ham sandwich. "Oh, uh, really? I'd better go find him." Quickly Norman fled out of the cafeteria.

Mr. Smith looked at the sandwich in the case, then back at the retreating Norman.

Suddenly he heard Norman's angry voice from the hall. "So, we finally meet, face-to-face! I don't know who let you clowns in here, but now I am asking you nicely to get out. Do you have any idea what your stunts have done to this hospital?"

Mr. Smith went to the doorway and looked out. Norman was confronting two little aliens, both holding threatening ray guns. "Uh, Norman, I think you'd better be careful," Mr. Smith warned.

"I certainly do," Norman replied. "I have to be more careful about the kind of people we allow to roam around in the hospital!"

"Earthling, you will come with us," one of the aliens spoke up.

"I most certainly will not!" Norman replied, outraged.

Without warning, the aliens aimed their ray guns. Norman quickly ducked out of the way. "Security!" he screamed. "Security!"

"Mr. Briggs, I'm afraid the security guards won't be much help in a case like this," Mr. Smith warned.

While Norman was involved screaming for security, the aliens managed to zap him with their ray guns. Norman instantly froze.

"Hey! What did you do to him?" Mr. Smith demanded.

"Immobilization," one of them replied. "Now we are taking him back to our planet!"

They started to cart Norman off. Mr. Smith chased after them. "Hey! I can't let you guys take him away like this!"


He followed them up to the roof, where they loaded Norman onto their spaceship.

"Prepare for takeoff!" the alien pilot called.

The door slammed shut and they started to ascend.

"Here goes everything," Mr. Smith muttered, concentrating very hard.

Suddenly he was inside the spaceship. The aliens looked at him in shock.

"How did he do that?" one exclaimed.

"Now we will have to take him, too!" another complained. "And something tells me that he is going to give us a lot of trouble!"

"I won't do anything right now if you just release Mr. Briggs," Mr. Smith replied.

"Now, why would we want to do that?" The one who seemed to be the leader raised his ray gun at Mr. Smith and pulled the trigger.

"Hey, where did he go?" another said in amazement.

Mr. Smith had vanished.

"You missed me!"

They all whirled around. Mr. Smith was standing over by the control panel.

"Quick! Get him!" the leader screamed.

Two other aliens rushed forward, ray guns held high . . . and Mr. Smith disappeared again.

He laughed to himself as he played the disappearing games with the aliens. He knew that he had to get Norman off the ship immediately. It was rising higher by the second.

Suddenly the door of the spaceship began to open. The aliens gasped. Mr. Smith grabbed Norman and jumped out. "I'll be seeing you guys," he called.

The aliens rushed forward to look out . . . and saw nothing.

"Where did he go?"

They all turned to look at each other. The leader looked especially miffed. "We will not take this lightly," he growled. "The one with the powers must be watched carefully. He is one of the biggest hindrances to our plan and he must be done away with!"


Mr. Smith and Norman had landed safely in a tree in a large field. Mr. Smith looked over at the hospital administrator, still in a trance-like state.

Suddenly Norman snapped out of it. He looked around blankly. "Good heavens, what am I doing in this tree?" he exclaimed.

"Uh, well, Mr. Briggs, we just had a harrowing escape from an alien spaceship," Mr. Smith replied.

"What!" Norman burst out. "They're taking these stunts much too far!"

"It's actually no stunt, Mr. Briggs . . ." Mr. Smith stoped abruptly, staring at a familiar figure down in the field. Isaac!

The fallen angel glared up at Mr. Smith and then suddenly vanished.

Norman coughed as the cloud of blue smoke rose up. "What's happening? A fire?"

"Not exactly," Mr. Smith replied, staring at the place where his evil double had just been.