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Chapter 9

Ami sighed as she walked behind Rei and Minako as they made their way to Mamoru's house. She didn't see the need to have them all go see him and would much rather be reading the newest book on Space Flight Mechanics. Ami looked to her left to see Makoto writing another new recipe into her note book, making comments on what ingredients to use and their prices. Ami wondered if anyone would notice if she just went home now...After all Rei and Minako were both arguing again on who Mamoru liked more and who would tell him that Usagi was with other boys and not good enough for him. Makoto looked back once she noticed that Ami stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't really see why all of us have to go." Ami responded.

"Hm...me either. Want to go to my house and I'll cook us some late lunch, early dinner while you read more of your new book." Makoto suggested. "Lets leave these two to fight over Mamoru." Ami agreed and they both walked off without Minako or Rei noticing.

"Hey Ami if we stop in here for a moment then I can pick up what we need for lunch today."

"Sure, I'll just wait out here by the door. That way you can surprise me with what you make." Ami said sitting down on the bench that was conveniently place next to the doors of the market. Makoto went inside to grab the ingredients for her newest recipe that she was going to had Ami try while Ami started the third chapter of her Space flight mechanics Book. 10 minutes later Makoto came out and the two of them went back to Makoto's apartment.

As Ami sat down on the couch facing the kitchenette Makoto started bringing out pans, cutting boards and various utensils. She first cut up a daikon radish into cylinders, started hard boiling a couple of eggs, sliced thin pieces of beef, cut up leeks, cabbage, and tofu. Set a big pot on the stove full of water, added some soyu sauce and got that to start boiling. Makoto cut up some more cabbage in to very thin slices and piled those onto the side of two plates. She cut up thin slices of carrot and daikon to go on top. While the water was almost boiling she ground some ginger and cut thin pieces of leek. Once boiling she put the tofu, leeks, cabbage, daikon, meet into the pot. At that point the eggs were almost done so she took them out and de-shelled them and set them aside. When things were almost done cooking she added the eggs into the large pot with everything else to do some last minute cooking. In small saucers she place the ginger and thinly cut leeks, then she poured soyu and tempura sauce over top. Taking everything out of the pot she divided it between the two plates, that already had the cabbage, and placed it all on the island in front on the seating.

"Alright Ami, think you can pull yourself away from your book to eat?" Ami giggled as she put a place marker in the book and came to eat.

"Smells and looks delicious Makoto!" both girls dung into and enjoyed the meal. While eating the two girls discussed what they saw at the park with Usagi. Eventually both agreed that she looked happier then ever and if those boys were the reason then they wouldn't do anything to stop her from being happy. Even if it ment stopping Mamoru from being with her.

(Back with Rei and Minako)

Rei ran up the steps of the apartment complex faster then Minako and got to Mamoru's door first. She rang the bell just as Minako stopped next to her.

"I wonder what's taking him so long? He never takes this long when he doesn't know whose coming." Minako said looking at the door after waiting for three minutes. She rang the bell for a second time. "Maybe he's taking a afternoon nap?" She continued to speculate. Rei began looking around them to see if anyone was in the area that might be watching them. Not seeing anyone she knelt down in front of the door and and started searching for a second key.

"Can you pick the lock Minako?" Rei asked after not finding another key.

"I can try." Minako knelt down in front of the door knob and pulled out two of her hair pins and started wiggling them in the door. After a minute or two both girls heard the click of the lock being undone. Minako stood back up quickly and both looked around for anyone who might be watching them again. Seeing no one they entered Mamoru's apartment and started looking around for him.

"Maybe he's at work." Minako suggested.

"No...I think he went and tried to get Usagi..."

"Why's that?"

"There's a note from her father to him about her not being home for months. There's also things on his computer that show he was looking up information."

"You know his password?" Minako yelled running over to Rei at the computer.

"Told you he liked me more." Rei couldn't help but boast. This set of another fight between the two on who he liked most and who he was going to date when they got him away from Usagi. Neither girl noticed the police cars pulling up to the apartment complex or the camera in the hallway that saw them breaking in. It wasn't until the police officers where pulling them apart and out of the apartment that they even noticed that they were there.

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