"You're a Werewolf," Sirius bluntly stated to Remus. He even held up the book he had brought back from the library earlier that day, pointing to the picture on the open page, to an obscene picture of the monster tearing out a rabbits stomach. With every beat of Remus' heart, the picture moved, tearing again and turning to growl at the viewers.

His mouth dropped in surprise and his eyes bulged; the wolf could think of no witty remark or a quick cover-up. Not that Sirius would take it, though. It really did sound like he knew for sure.

"Wha- How did you know?" Remus really was shocked. He had kept it secret, that was for sure, and the nurses definitely better not have said anything. Sweat was dripping out of all the pours on his face as he waited for Sirius reply. Surely he should be running away, screaming or swearing or something besides sitting there calmly. For a moment there was a tense silence.

"Hey, what you boys doin' here?" James had snuck up on them. The common room fire crackled happily behind him. He acted like he didn't know anything, but Remus couldn't be too sure, as James was an excellent liar.

"Nothing, really... Sirius slowly set the book onto the table, trying to hide it from his best friend. He held up his Charms chart. "Just a little homework, Jamesie-boy. You should try it sometime." And he flashed his winning smile.

"Sounds suspicious to me..." James replied, lifting an eyebrow. He grabbed the parchment sharply and looked across the writing with a critical eye. "You wrote this?" he accused, pointing at Sirius. The long haired boy took a moment to steal a glace at his new werewolf sitting across the table from him.

"Well, they weren't entirely my ideas, but I did write them down."

James scoffed at him, throwing the paper back to the table.

"You have to help me with mine later, too!" he demanded, pointing at Lupin. Finally he turned to walk away, back to his 'girlfriend' sitting on the couch.

Remus, whose mouth had been slightly open for most of the conversation, turned back to Sirius. He began gapping again, and he could almost feel tears forming in his eyes. The doom that this knowledge held began to fall upon him, and he really, really wanted to be dead, or lost in Bavaria.

"'Sick Aunt?', 'dead pet?', 'Mum's birthday?'" Sirius sighed, "I'm not stupid you know." Remus knew that these had been stupid, even lame, excuses to use, but it seemed the school nurse could come up with nothing better, and now he would lose all his friends and be expelled because of it.

He took in a wracking breath and tried not to sniff. The tears were welling up at the bottom of his eye-lids, and he couldn't stop them. Remus stood up, knocking his chair backward, and turned, rushing for his dorm room. Sirius was quick to follow.

After rushing up the stairs and into their shared room, the crying boy slammed the door as Sirius reached the landing. He tried to lock it, but these doors were immune to such simple spells, and so he threw all his weight against the door as Sirius tried to push against him.

"Remus! Don't! Please! Talk to me! I didn't know that you would be so upset or I wouldn't have said anything... Open the door, Remus. Please?" Sirius stuck his head as close to the door as possible and tried to keep his voice low, knowing that Remus could hear him fine.

"How... can you even still... look at me... knowing?" Remus pressed against the door harder, silent tears running down his face. On the other side of the oak, realization dawned on the slow-witted Sirius.

"Oh god, Remus. No. Please, no. I-"he started, but then paused, thinking of something to say to comfort his friend. "I'm not going to tell anyone. Not even James, okay? I think he will probably find out for himself, though, if you don't tell him that is." Sirius closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against the rough grain of the wood. "Remus... I could never do that to you. Please, open the door and let's talk." Sirius could see some people from the common room below staring at him from the bottom of the stairs, but he stood frozen, waiting for his room-mate. Remus stood against the door for another second before rushing to his bed, and throwing the curtains shut around him.

Slowly, Sirius opened the door. He padded over to the occupied bed and slipped the drapes open enough to look at his disturbed friend.

"Remus?" he asked cautiously. His reply was a sob.

Sirius climbed onto the bed and pulled his friend up, forcing him to look at him. Remus struggled for a second before simply staring into Sirius' eyes.

"First off, I don't, and could never in a thousand years, hate you. I won't tell. And I am here to help you. Let me." Sirius said in a solid, commanding tone. His hands were still on Remus' face, keeping him from slipping away from their steady gaze.

He could feel the wolf's arms resting on his shoulders now, and he wasn't sure how they got there. And he wasn't sure when they had started kissing either.

Sirius was surprised for an instant, from the werewolf's bold move, and then was surprised again when he realized his FRIEND was kissing him. Like what he did with girls every Friday.

Suddenly Remus pulled away again, Sirius' hands still on his face, and stared at the other man. He licked his lips, covered in the saltine tears that were still running down his face. Sirius still felt shocked as Remus threw his head into his friend's chest and began sobbing even louder.

James found them an hour later: Sirius staring at the wall with a dumb look on his face, and Remus asleep in his arms.