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Just to assure you, I have not given up on Shinji Almighty-I'm reassessing where the plot will go and I've been gestating this idea for a while. So, without further ado...

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

Father Knows Best


The doors to the massive office open as the fingers tap quickly and furiously at the single desk's computer keyboard. Walking in swift strides, the aging man stops in front of the desk of his commanding officer, knowing better than to interrupt him in these situations.


"We've engaged it," Kozou Fuyutsuki, Sub-Commander of NERV says, "It has been conclusively identified as the Third Angel. We'll be needed in Central Dogma shortly."

"Understood. What forces do we have ready?"

"Unit 00 is still being repaired. Rei is injured, but she can pilot. We can engage with Unit 01, but we still don't think either of them can pilot it until the Third Child arrives."

"And he is enroute?"

"He is."

"Give me his file."

Fuyutsuki produces a manila folder from behind his back and places it, open, on the desk. There is a pause as the Commander pushes his glasses back up on his nose.

"Ah, Hell. What about..."

"Already on standby. She needed no prodding. She's adapted well to the role, if I may say."

"You may. Give them the okay. And contact NERV-3 in Germany. Tell them to start the shipment. I want them both here as soon as possible."


Fuyutsuki pulls a hand-held communicator from his breast pocket, clicking it on.

"This is Fuyutsuki. We are authorized to deploy. Instruct the JSSDF that this is now a NERV engagement."

He looks again to his commander. The Commander nods.

"Launch the Evangelion."


A blue Alpine Renault speeds through the streets of Tokyo-3. While easy enough with the streets empty, it doesn't make it any safer as the passenger holds onto the arm-rest with whitening knuckles.

He is only fourteen years old, with short, unruly black hair, blue eyes, and in a ruffled white buttoned shirt and black slacks. While usually not one to have really wild bouts of emotion, this situation is enough to give him a look of stark terror.

And it just got worse. He just got a look at what they're running from.

"What the Hell is that!?"

Towering over the Tokyo-3 skyline, is a creature nearly 200 feet tall. Olive green, whether it is armor or skin, with bony ridges covering its shoulders, wrists, and its chest, every footstep is seismic. The red core at its chest is surrounded by bony protrusions that resemble ribs, and its face, or what passes for it, is a skull with a beak-like nose pointing downwards.

It takes him a moment to realize it's heading their way.

"Ah, crap."

The driver, a purple-haired woman who drives with the grace and subtlety more suited for a fighter pilot, punches the accelerator to a gear he didn't know the car possessed, and flattens the half-turned teenager against the seat.

"By the way," she says, "My name's Misato Katsuragi. Sorry I didn't introduce myself before I yanked you into my car, but we're running late as is."

She turns to him, which does nothing to reassure him because it means she isn't looking at the road.

"You're Shinji, right?"

He nods, blood draining from his face.

"Good. And don't worry, I've done this before. Just tell me if the Angel's getting any closer."


"That's the monster."

He turns. A giant three-toed green foot smashes into the pavement one city block behind them.


Misato fumbles around the seat behind her, muttering about her phone, until Shinji grabs it and hands it to her. She smiles in response, punching up a number without looking at the screen and hitting the send button.

"Hi there," she says, "This is Major Katsuragi. I have the Third Child, and, you might want to know, the ANGEL IS RIGHT BEHIND US! So if you DON'T want it to...wait. You're WHAT?!"

Sirens begin blaring and the ground begins shaking.

"Hold on tight," she says, "And thing happy thoughts."

She sharply turns the wheel, Shinji screaming as the car turns right on two wheels, nearly flipping over and it heads down the intersection...

And a giant red foot slams into the ground.

"Do I need to remind you," Misato shouts into the phone, "That I am OPS Commander?! Who gave the authorization to launch Unit 02?!"

She blanches.

"Oh. Well. Okay, then. We're en route."

She ends the call and tosses the phone into the backseat.

"Oh, you're just going to love the Commander when you meet him," she growls, "Say...Shinji Ikari, right? You wouldn't happen to be related to Gendo Ikari, would you?"

Shinji turns to Misato, and slowly, as he tries his best to stop trembling, nods.

"He...he's my father."

Misato tries, as best as she can, to place that idea. And is still trying as she veers the car into the tunnel leading underground.


Much to his credit, Shinji is still walking. It's not that he would have been injured, it's just that any normal person who was in a car chase involving a 200' tall monster and a giant robot would have locked himself in the car until someone explained to him exactly what the Hell just happened.

Partly it was because Shinji was half expecting to wake up in his bed in Okayama by now and find out this was all a fever dream or an adolescent fantasy. That would be a way of explaining Misato's dress, but he's been pinching the back of his hand since they started walking and nothing's happened.

"It's about damn time!"

He stops as he sees someone walking to him. A blonde woman in a wetsuit. More evidence that this is a dream. His teacher has books on these things, so he should read through them when he wakes up.

"Ritsuko," Misato says through gritted teeth, "What the Hell are you thinking launching an Evangelion like that! We don't have all of Unit 02's defenses up yet, remember?!"

"It was the Commander's orders," the woman responds, "And it was a stopgap. We needed the Angel slowed down so you could get the Third Child to the base. And she volunteered."

"She would."

"Don't let the Commander hear you say that."

"The Commander can-"

"The Commander is waiting."

Both women stop at the sound of the voice. They both turn to the end of the hallway to where the new arrival is waiting. Tall, dark hair and a dark beard framing his face, with tinted glasses and a labcoat over his gray uniform.

His gaze wanders over to Shinji, and he pauses only to push his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

"Father," Shinji stammers.

"Good. You've come," Doctor Gendo Ikari says, "The Commander is waiting."

He turns and walks through the open doors, exiting the antiseptic hallway. Shinji follows, needing no prodding from the two women, walking to the open-air elevator and standing a good distance from his father.


The descent was quiet, save for when Shinji turned and saw something descending beside them. As tall as the monster, but bright red and shaped like a human, with large jet strips coming from its shoulders that were cracked, red and yellow armor showing burn marks, and a humanoid head with four green eyes.

Shinji could only stare at it...and at one point, the giant turned to them, and Shinji just kept reassuring himself that this was a dream.

"Great idea," Misato mutters as they step off the elevator and onto a catwalk that appears to be over an indoor lake or pool, "Send out the incomplete Eva. Didn't it dawn on you that we could have used Unit 01?"

"Unit 01 does not accept the Second Child," Ikari responds, pushing up his glasses, "We tried. The First Child is a fall-back to pilot it, as well. We prefer to have all our options."

"Our main hope," the blonde says, "Is that the Third Child pilots Unit 01 and stops the Angel."

They stop midway across the bridge. Shinji looks down at the water. It looks cold. He's hoping that if he tosses himself into it, that will wake him up.

"So, you're the Third Child?"

He looks up at the voice. Standing, silhouetted from the light of an observation tunnel above them is a man in a black variant of his father's uniform, clear glasses on his nose, and reddish-brown hair framing his face. He is younger than his father, skin a little lighter to mark him as European descent, and standing considerably looser, as well.


The lights in the room flicker on, and Shinji sees that in the water there is what he can make out to be a large hand.

He turns, and comes face to face with the first sign that this is less a dream than a nightmare.

"What the Hell is that?!"

"That's Unit 01," the Commander responds, "And you have been chosen as it's pilot."

He smirks, pushing up his glasses slightly, as Fuyutsuki walks up beside him.

"Shinji Ikari," he says, "I am Supreme Commander Pieter Sohryu. Welcome to NERV. Get ready to save the world."