Student Project

Authors Note: Everyone is older in this story. Yuugi and Ryou are 23, thus making Yami and Bakura older as well.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. This is probably the only disclaimer you'll get out of me in this fanfiction.

Yuugi climbed out of the car, slinging his bag over his head letting it rest on his shoulder. He bent down to say his goodbye to the driver. "Thanks for the ride, Yami." He said and slammed the door shut. Yami leaned over and talked though the open passenger side window.

"Don't be. They wanted me in early this morning, so don't get used to it." He winked and drove off. Yami was a cashier at BestBuy, an electronic store. Surprisingly, you don't need to know a lot about electronics to get a job there. Shrugging, Yuugi turned and entered the school's front doors. Yuugi was one of two History teachers for the sophomores at Domino High and Ryou was the other. They both said that History intrigued them, but they both knew it all because of their Millennium Items that they were intrigued.

He climbed up to the second floor and unlocked the door to room 215. He glanced across the hallway to see that room 216's door was closed and the lights were still off.

'Guess Ryou's not here yet.' He sighed and entered his room turning on the lights. Placing his bag on his desk he walked to the chalkboard and erased the saved reminder for the up coming test he had written. He sat down in his chair and turned on the schools computer. He was startled by a voice, which made him almost drop his cup of coffee from yesterday.

"Good morning, Yuugi." Turning around, he saw Ryou standing in his doorway with an armful of papers. Yuugi smiled and leaned back in his chair.

"Just getting back from the copy room?"

Ryou laughed and walked towards Yuugi's desk, "How'd you guess?"

Right then, a girl with shoulder length red hair and blue eyes walked in dropping her backpack by her desk she turned to greet the two teachers.

"Good morning Mr. Motou and Mr. Bakura." She said, and sat on top of her desk. "Is the test going to be hard?"

Yuugi smiled, "Good morning Sarah and no, it shouldn't be too hard of you studied."

"Damn." Sarah muttered and sat in her seat, taking out her History book.

Ryou laughed. "You always drive your students don't you?"

"Of course." He said with a grin.

Shifting the papers he nodded towards the coffee cup in Yuugi's hands. "You want to come with me and get some fresh coffee after I drop off these papers on my desk?"

Yuugi blushed slightly but nodded. He stood and walked towards the door with Ryou, unaware of the blue eyes that followed them over the top of a History book.

Making conversation, Yuugi asked a question that had been bothering him. "Can you believe that Hot Topic hired Bakura?"

Authors Note: Ok, before we get too deep into this fic. Let me just say that I do not know how the system works exactly, so don't flame me about that.

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