If You Love Them, Let Them Go

Authors Note: I wrote this a while ago, but only now typing it up. I kept forgetting about it you could say.

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The wind gently blew across the bridge, causing the white haired boy leaning on the railing to shiver. The air was think with a threat of rain and was already moist because of the huge river below. Waves crushed against the shore causing another spray of mist.

Ryou stood there staring out into the depth of the river. The gentle wind blew again, causing his hair and green t-shirt that wasn't stuck on only a few places on his body, to sway slightly. His jeans already clung to his legs because of the water that kept spraying.

He glanced down at the ring in his hands. The small light that had seemed to radiate from it was gone. That light had disappeared just a couple weeks ago, along with Bakura.

Bakura was gone.

He had committed suicide two weeks ago today. No one knows why.

Ryou had kept all of Bakura's things. All the knifes and guns and things he had stolen. But the thing that Ryou kept most dear was the Millennium Ring.

Though that now, he has to get rid of.

Yami came to him last week saying that Bakura was not able to go to the after life. For some reason because Ryou still held the Millennium Ring, it blocked him from going.

The one thing that Bakura wanted he still couldn't reach, even in death.

Ryou was keeping Bakura from happiness.

Yuugi had visited Ryou a couple days ago. He hasn't been to school since Bakura died.

"If you truly love him Ryou, then let him go." Yuugi said, sadness shinning deep in his eyes.

Ryou closed his eyes, tears falling.

He brought the ring to his lips and kissed the eye in the middle of the pyramid.

More tears fell from his eyes as he held the ring over the railing, as if showing the world his treasure.

His treasure and love he can't keep.

He opened his eyes and slowly let go. He watched as the ring fell through the air.

"If you truly love him," Yuugi's voice echoed through is head.

The ring made a small splash and Ryou watched as the ring sank to the bottom of the river, the dark depths swallowing it whole.

". . .then let him go."