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Night Time Torture

The Fight

"What do you mean, it'll take two day to fix?!?!"

"I mean what I say, Your Greatness, the hyperdrive will be fixed in two days!"

Captain Han Solo, of the Millennium Falcon and Princess Leia Organa of the late Alderaan, were fighting again. After a completely successful mission to Anobis, the hyperdrive of the Falcon had broken.

The pair had been sent on quick mission with Leia acting as co-pilot, and were due to return to the Rebel Base that night, however, the hyperdrive was going to take a couple of days to repair and until then the Princess and the Pirate were going to be stuck in close quarters.

Needless to say, neither was very happy about it.

At the moment, they were flying through the place where Alderaan had been situated until just over a month prior to this incident. Leia hadn't recovered from her ordeal aboard the Death Star, and hadn't fully agreed with their course, but, for the sake of the rebellion, it had been necessary.

After about half an hour of constant arguing, both people on board the ship were trying to hurt each other, just to make the shouting stop. Hence why the words spoken soon got out of hand.

"It's always the rebellion this and the rebellion that with you, isn't it! You don't care about anything or anyone else anymore! If you ever did to begin with!" Han yelled at the small female who was facing him. She countered the verbal attack without hesitation.

"Well you're one to talk! All you care about is money and yourself! And your stupid ship, of course! You're nothing but a mercenary! You know why I don't want to be here! You know this isn't about the rebellion! I told you that this piece of scrap wouldn't hold for the entire trip!"

Han was too angry to remember that Alderaan's destruction was a sore subject with the Princess.

"It's not my fault that you let your planet get blown into pieces, so don't take it out on me!"

There was no reply. Han realised all too late what he had said wrong.

"Leia, I'm sor-"

"Don't tell me you're sorry. Don't say you didn't mean it." Leia's eyes were filling with tears and her voice was bitter with hatred, but she wouldn't let Solo know she just wanted to break down and cry. "You know you meant what you said!"

With that, she turned on her heal and ran towards the spare room on the Falcon.

Han heard the door slam shut and the lock click in place. He retreated to the cockpit and slumped down into his seat. He had done it now. She would never forgive him for accusing her of Alderaan's destruction.

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