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Fanning The Flames

Chapter One


I took one last drag off my cigarette before dropping it and using the toe of my black stilettos to mush it into the ground. If it wasn't for the stupid rules, I'd be able to smoke indoors. This would be nice because January wasn't exactly known for its warm weather.

I went inside what looked like a small apartment building from the outside. Top floor had three rooms, in which the five of us slept, the second floor was where the five of us worked, and the ground floor was much like a reception area with waiting chairs and a guy playing receptionist.

Ignoring the people who were waiting, I got on the single elevator and waited to reach the top floor. Work was about to begin and every night, I found myself dreading it.

Truly, if I had just stayed in school and been a good kid, life would have been so much easier. I'd be out by now and then I could have just moved away. But oh no, not me, not Kaze Kagura, she doesn't wait for fucking anybody to set her free. Well Kaze Kagura is fucking stupid.

My parents fought constantly, both rabid alcoholics who would drink themselves angry. Then they fought, horrible raging violent arguments that I learned at a small age to stay the hell away from. And then they started fighting with me about everything. Telling me I must be stupid if I couldn't get better than a C in math. I got sick of it. I took my savings, which was a whole $50 and got the hell out of there one night when my dad was hitting my mom.

I felt free.

That's when reality to set in.

Fifty dollars isn't a lot of money when you have to pay for somewhere to stay and food. In fact, my lack of foresight had me on the street, wandering, able to buy myself food for only so long. After a week, I was shit out of luck.

Then I passed this guy on the street. He stopped me and I thought that he was trying to proposition me (something that had happened several times before) so I told him to fuck off. It turned out that he was not trying to proposition me. He told me in this wonderfully kind voice that I looked cold and hungry. I admitted to this. Then he pointed at a little soup and salad place, telling me that he was on his way there and if I would like to join him for lunch, it would be his treat.

He had one of those nice silky voices that seemed to get everything out of you. I told him everything, so happy to tell someone, especially someone like him who seemed to really care about this street urchin he had just picked up. He patted my hand and told me that it sounded as though I had a very hard life indeed.

Then, he went on to tell me that he needed workers and that if I wanted, he would give me a job and a place to stay. I was so excited; I never thought that this great guy could ever be bad. So I went with him and followed him here, to this building. He introduced me to his receptionist, Goshinki, who I wasn't exactly fond of. Goshinki was practically drooling when I shook his hand and was a very ugly man.

My instincts kicked in and suddenly I did not like where I was at all. I grew exceedingly nervous as I got to the third floor of the building and he put me in a room. Then he explained exactly what my job was.

"In order to live here and be reasonably comfortable, you have to make at least five hundred dollars on the second floor each night." He told me.

The second floor. Three completely bare rooms except for two beds in each room.


My life has been somewhat of a hell ever since. I walked into my bedroom and was trying to decide what to wear for tonight when my door opened. I sighed and turned. Only one person just came into my room like that. Even Goshinki knocked.

Naraku was standing there, looking somewhat bored and slightly irritated. He stepped into the room and tugged a small white-haired girl behind him. She was a pretty little girl with white hair that came down to her waist and inky black eyes.

"Your new roommate." Naraku announced. I arched my eyebrows.

"I knew you liked them young…" I trailed off, feeling somewhat disgusted with Naraku, more so then ever. "But what is she, like ten?"

"Thirteen." Naraku corrected as though this was a respectable age.

"You can't be fucking serious." I looked at the little girl who was looking down at the floor. "She's thirteen, she's a little kid."

"Kanna is fully aware of what it's like being with a man." Naraku gave me a leering smile that told me exactly who made her aware. "She accepted my gracious offer—"

"Slavery." I muttered.

"And you will make sure that she earns her keep." Naraku told me. "Unless of course you want to earn her keep for her…?" I flinched and Naraku's smile widened. "I didn't think so. Have a nice day Kagura."

And now I was stuck with a kid. A little kid who was still standing in the exact same spot, staring at the exact same part of the floor. I felt like vomiting at the thought that we were roommates. Not only did that mean she slept in this room but she also had to share the room with me on the second floor. Meaning, I was going to have to listen to a thirteen year old who had been tricked into prostitution by some means have sex with customers.

"Too fucking young." I murmured and then decided that I didn't have much choice in the manner. "Hey, Kanna, right?" The girl lifted her head and just stared at me. "I'm Kaze Kagura." I offered a hand towards her. Kanna didn't make any moves to shake it though. I wasn't offended however. "And we're about to go to work."

After ruffling through my clothes and putting on some completely slutty outfit, to broadcast the fact I have sex with men for money I suppose, and then tried to find something for Kanna to wear. Nothing that I owned would fit her; she was a completely different build then me. I was a curvy sort of girl and Kanna looked like she had barely hit puberty. She was a mere slip of a girl.

"Dammit." I cursed. I didn't even want to do this but I knew better then to go against what Naraku said.

Naraku had a way of making your life hell. Fitting name, isn't it?

There was a knock at the door and I called out to the person. Unfortunately it was Goshinki who had his arms full of clothes and was leering at me in a way that made me feel like I needed ten showers. Then he turned his gaze to Kanna and I made a face at him.

"This is for Kanna." Goshinki informed me while looking me up and down. I gave him a cool look. I didn't let Goshinki push me around. "Naraku said you two better hurry up, your shift is about to start."

"Fucking swell." I glared at him. "Can you leave so Kanna can change?"

"What's the difference?" Goshinki grinned at me and I thought about slapping him across the face. "She's a whore." Then he ran a hand through Kanna's hair. Kanna made no move to stop him, no move at all. It was like she couldn't feel it at all. "She's real pretty too, aren't you?" Goshinki kneeled next to her.

"Hey, Naraku may be able to get away with his pedophilia for free," I snatched Kanna away from him. "But you have to pay for that sort of thing." And I shoved him out the door and slammed it shut.

He didn't come back in and I think it was because me shoving him was the most action he had ever gotten from a female. I rolled my eyes. Then I turned back towards Kanna.

"Look, I don't like this at all." I explained to her. "But you have to do this." Kanna looked up at me for a few moments. "Come over here." Kanna obeyed immediately. I found that in fact it was little girl clothing. This bothered me even more.

Naraku is just so…nasty.

Yuck, and Goshinki needs to keep his hands to himself.

I grimaced and then helped her into a plaid skirt and a small white shirt that showed her belly button. It was like some warped sense of innocence. She put on knee socks and mary-janes as they were the only footwear available to her. Then I made to leave but she was still standing there.

"Hey…come on." I beckoned, she didn't move. She began to shake. I closed my eyes, remembering myself, not so long ago, unable to move at all because I knew what was coming. Of course, Naraku had a 'sample the goods before sale' tradition that had not helped me one bit. And this poor little girl…this sweet, once completely innocent girl was going to have to go downstairs with me and try and make money.

I took hold of her hand and squeezed it comfortingly. She looked up at me.

"You can hold my hand the whole down there. And just remember, your big sister Kagura is here to help so you don't have to worry." I smiled at her. Kanna looked at me in a sort of wonder.

This is so unfair.

Naraku is such a bastard.

She held my hand all the way to our other room. At the elevator, waiting outside the door was the bouncer Juuroumaru standing there. Juuroumaru wasn't like Goshinki and didn't sit there and ogle. He just gave me a curt sort of nod and turned his attention back to the elevator. I passed by the two other rooms where I heard ample amounts of noise being made. She held tighter. Then we went into the room.

Kanna sat on one of the beds, crossing her ankles like a good little girl should do and sat there quietly. I leaned against the open door in a very sexy fashion.

They sent someone up for me. Now, after you get used to it, you get this sort of detached, emotionless sort of state about sex. I would pretend to be in to it for the customer and hope that he tipped me. This was a lot harder with Kanna watching. Well, she wasn't watching but just sitting there and staring at something that was almost in my direction and it was unnerving.

However, the guy seemed pretty satisfied and I was slipped a ten. He had to pay his fee at the door before they would even let him up. If they had special orders, they had to get them through Goshinki who would have to call up Juuroumaru and then Juuroumaru would pick one of us to follow through with them.

Naraku liked to offer any thing that the men wanted but there was now a rule. When I first started having sex with customers, I constantly feared about STD's. So, one day, I slipped a note to Goshinki (I had to flirt with him but it was worth it) saying that Naraku should really make all the customers wear condoms. After all, a place that had clean prostitutes was probably going to have more business then a place that had STD ridden ones.

Strangely, he had agreed. I guess even he could understand that.

So no matter how much the customers offered to pay, I got to insist they wore a condom.

I went to the door and Juuroumaru was there, informing me that someone had asked for whoever was youngest. Up until today, it would have been Ayame. I let the next guy pass right by me and into the room. I wanted to shut my eyes and scream and run away but I stood there at the door, smiling sexily for the next guy who came up.

And even though I was entertaining a customer, all I could hear was Kanna who hadn't made a sound until the customer had started in on her. I heard whimpers and small cries.

Lesson number one in this business, they don't care if you cry.

This went on for most of the night, customers coming in and out (excuse the pun) and me trying not to listen to Kanna's obvious pain. Before too long, it was one in the morning.

"Get dressed Kanna, its break time." I encouraged her. She dutifully got dressed. I noticed as we walked along that she had a developed a definite limp.

It's going to be like that…but eventually…it doesn't hurt so much. You'll see Kanna.

"What are we at?" I asked Juuroumaru right before the elevator. He picked up the phone and rang Goshinki downstairs. After hanging up, he informed me that I was almost done for the night, same with Kanna.

I got into the elevator and tried to think of something good to say to the little girl. Something that might cheer her up. "Hear that? Not too much more and then we can go to bed."

Not a word came out of her. In fact, she didn't give many signs that she could even understand me.

Goshinki gave us the usual look and licked his lips. I flipped him off. He'd probably complain to Naraku that I was rude to him but see if I gave a flying fuck.

"You tired?" I asked. Kanna nodded. "Then how about some coffee? It helps. I know this good place and it shouldn't have too many people in it at this hour."

I watched this little girl, wondering how she kept going on even after all that she had been subjected to today. I didn't even understand how I did it some days. No one cared about me, I didn't have family, I just had guys that fucked me and paid. I didn't know what it was like to have sex with someone that gave a shit about you. Would Kanna live that same life?

It wasn't fucking right. It wasn't fair. But like me, there probably wasn't a way that Kanna could get out of it. And even if she did, a thirteen year old runaway? She'd last ten seconds out there.

I hung my head, wishing there was something I could actually do. Two people passed us on the sidewalk and Kanna suddenly grabbed my hand.

Hey Kanna, you don't have to have my life…

'Cause I'll care for you.

As best I can.

In the coffeeshop, we got two mochas with my tips and sat down at a table that was right next to a table of young adults.

Kanna didn't offer anything in the way of company and I don't think she even wanted to talk so I was forced to just sit there and wonder what she was thinking about. Eventually, I began to listen to the conversation going on next to us.

"I'm glad we got Sango home okay." There was one female at the table and she was biting her bottom lip, looking pensive.

"Yeah, she got completely shit-faced because of her last loser fucking boyfriend cheating on her." There were also two boys at the table. The one who said this had long black hair and violet eyes that flashed angrily.

"When we found her in that room, getting dressed…I was kind of worried." The other boy who had black hair and intense blue eyes also looked worried with his furrowed brow.

"Me too, do you think…" The girl stirred her drink with her straw. "I mean that guy was there…"

"So she got drunk and fucked some guy?" The violet-eyed boy shrugged as though this was no big deal.

"Dude, you're so fucking insensitive." The blue-eyed boy punched him in the arm. The violet-eyed boy let out a string of curses.

"Yeah Inuyasha, what if she didn't use protection?" The girl asked sternly. "What if she gets pregnant?" I could sympathize; anybody in my business' worst fear was pregnancy. Naraku now made us get Depo shots after Ayame fucked up and got pregnant because she didn't remember to take her pill all the time. She had an abortion and was probably further in the hole then anyone.

This violet-eyed boy, Inuyasha just snorted contemptuously, "Pregnant, yeah fucking right."

The girl was looking around nervously at the coffeeshop. "Kouga…don't you think that this place is a little…I don't know, shady?"

"It totally isn't." The blue-eyed one, Kouga denied immediately.

"Dude, they were selling drugs outside." Inuyasha pointed out. I snickered a little.

"I come here all the time." Kouga told them as though this solved the whole argument.

"You live in a fucking dumpster." Inuyasha countered before getting slapped across the back of the head by the girl.

"He does not!" She jumped into the defense of Kouga.

"I have an apartment; it's cheaper on this side of town." Kouga countered. "I guess we can't all live off our rich brothers."

"Fuck you." Inuyasha spat at him. "Fucking shady as hell."

"Look, there are two girls over there. Now, do you think some chick is going to take her little sister to a coffee place in a bad part of town?" Kouga asked and I wondered to whom in the establishment he was referring to.

The girl murmured something that I didn't quite catch but apparently the Inuyasha guy did.

"They're HOOKERS?" His eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

"That's not what I said!" The girl turned red and looked around sheepishly.

"Whatever, that's what I fucking heard." Inuyasha looked pissed.

"Hey, hey you!" I realized that this Kouga was talking to me. I glanced over at Kanna who was drinking her mocha. He must think Kanna was actually my little sister. "Yeah, is this a shady part of town?"

"Yeah." I answered simply. Inuyasha started laughing.

"No, seriously." Kouga rolled his eyes, obviously thinking I was trying to make a joke.

"No, seriously." I arched my eyebrows.

"Maybe you should give it up Kouga?" The girl smiled pleasantly.

"Kouga lives in a fucking ghetto." Inuyasha looked triumphant at this.

"Thanks a lot lady." Kouga told me in a begrudging tone.

"You get what you pay for." I said sweetly.

"Oh holy shit!" Inuyasha's jaw dropped nearly to the floor. "You are a hooker!"

"Haven't you ever heard of a joke?!" The girl slapped the back of his head again. Kouga gave me a long up and down sort of look and smiled in a way that I only knew too well. I often wore that same smile when customers approached me.

"I've never seen you here before." Kouga's voice was a little deeper then before when he was joking around with his friends.

"Woo, good pick-up line there Mr. Slick." I gave him an annoyed look.

"Can we go…?" I thought that the girl who was still bitching out Inuyasha had said something but in fact, it was a completely different source. The person who had asked was Kanna.

She was looking at me, her mocha pushed away and I saw that she had drunk the whole thing.

"Oh yeah we can…" I trailed off hesitantly. "But we have to go back home." I waited for her reply but nothing came except her standing up. I took her hand and together we left the coffee place. I glanced back at the three at the table. It must be nice to have friends and not have to worry about getting back so your boss doesn't get pissed.

Must be nice.

I noticed those deep blue eyes were watching me leave.

Must be nice, to have that sort of freedom.

But I don't.


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