Author's Note: This is my first fanfic and i got the idea from an episode of MASH. This will be a Naruto X Hinata pairing. I'm not sure how long this story will be either, I may choose to write a sequal if i manage to finish this story.

I do not now, nor will I ever own Naruto

Out of Sight, Center of Mind

Chapter.1 - Encounter

During a class C mission, Team seven were assigned to locate and rescue a villager who had been captured by a band of criminals, because of team seven's growth in the past few months their jounin sensei, Kakashi decided to let Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura handle it on their own, Naruto suspected that he did this just to get some alone time with his precious books. After about a week, Sakura managed to piece together where the villager was being held and with a rather simple "Grab 'n Run" strategy they rescued the villiger and headed back to Konoha, but on the way back they bumped into the criminals they originaly beat, but this time however, the group had hired a couple of ninja class mercinarys.(Like the ones Gatoh had)

"Dobe, you better try to do everything yourself again" Sasuke growled to Naruto

"Shut up Sasuke, I could take that dimwit duo by myself" Naruto responded in his 'Dont underestimate me voice'

Meanwhile Sakura just sighs, while inner Sakura is Screaming "Cant you two get along for just one minute"

All of a sudden the Dimwit Duo burst out laughing at Naruto, "You got beaten by these punks, Man you guys are weak" the first mercinary says back to the group that hired them. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?" Screamed Naruto "I'M UZUMAKI NARUTO, THE ONE WHO WILL BECOME THE GREATEST HOKAGE EVER" In a blind rage Naruto drew his kunai and charged at the two ninjas, but one of the ninjas merely raised his fist so it was horizontal and Naruto ran face first into it, completely leveling him. While the two ninja's were questioning the standards of ninjas Konoha were training, Sasuke used the time to throw a barrage of shuriken as well as charging at the ninjas with his own kunai, but a little less blindedly than Naruto. Unfortunaltly these ninjas were better than Sasuke first thought, he assumed that since they didn't have forehead protecters, they weren't trained as real ninjas, but faster than Sasuke could blink they both turned around and drew katana's sheathed to their backs, and deflected every last one of the shuriken, forcing Sasuke to jump back and re-evaluate his opponants, in that short time Naruto regained his breath and slapped an exploding tag to one of them, he delebratly placed it on an armor plate he had on his back so he would just injure him but not kill him, the tag exploded causing him to fly into a tree while the other jumped out the way at the last second, with one ninja down and the other a bit surprised at the explosion, Sasuke realised that it would take more than hand-to-hand combat skill's to take down the last ninja, so Sasuke ran through the required hand seals, "Katon: Ryukka no jutsu" Said Sasuke while maintaining his unique level of calm

As the dragon of fire errupted from Sasuke, the second ninja knew that it was over. the flames just glanced his side knocking him unconsious

while Naruto turned to look at what just happened the flames were in harms distance of Naruto's face. Outwardly Naruto screamed and inwardly he cursed Sasuke for both hurting him and beating the second ninja. Naruto then fell backward and passed out.

The original group of criminals picked their moment and ran like the wind, while Sasuke and Sakura tended to Naruto.

Sakura cleaned up the burn and put a field dressing on it, While Sasuke put together a stretcher together to carry Naruto back to Konoha.

Sakura knew she should scold Sasuke for being so careless but she couldn't bring herself to raise her voice to her love so she just kept her eye on Naruto's injury, while the rescued villager helped Sasuke carry Naruto's stretcher. Although Sasuke looked calm on the outside he was feeling a slight bit remorcfull for hitting Naruto with such a high class fire techniqe especially on his face, he knew what kind of damage he may have caused to his team mate, He only hoped that Tsunade could heal him.