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When You Smile

"Beast Boy, will you please me alone? I just want to read my book."

"But you haven't heard the punch line! You'll really like it! I bet I can make you smile!"

"I said leave me alone."

"But, Raven!"

"I'm going to my room."

"…Fine. Be that way."

"Dude, why do you keep trying to make her smile? It's obvious that she doesn't find you funny."

"Shut up Cyborg… I'm going to my room."

"Geez, how sulky are you?"

"…I wonder why I do keep trying… maybe I should… yeah…uh huh… that sounds good. Hmm… maybe if I… yeah! Perfect! Wow, took me longer than I thought. What shall I do with it now? Maybe I should give it to… nah, she wouldn't want it. Well… I guess I could just slide it under her door. That wouldn't hurt. Where's an envelope? Ah, here's one. Just need to write her name on the front and… done! OK, now that I'm outside her door it doesn't seem like such a good idea. Ah, what the heck, I'm already here. There… hmm… wonder if Cyborg wants to play Street fighter 2000."

"What's this? Urgh, Beast Boy again. It's probably the punch line to that terrible joke. Let's see…"

When You Smile

By Beast Boy

It's like a project

It must be worked hard at

Must not be given up on

It's like a miracle

Many don't believe in them

But they do happen

It's like a diamond

Shining on a black velvet cushion

It's so rare and perfect

It's like the first snowflake

Falling from the grey sky

It's so beautiful and special

It's like an old movie

With the happy ending

It makes you feel good inside

It's like a sunset over the sea

You can see it everyday

And still want more

It's like washing away the dirt

To reveal the beauty underneath

It's always there

It's like a precious jewel

Buried under rocks

Just waiting to be discovered

It's like a cure for a disease

It can save so many people

If you only want it to

It's like my life's ambition

Something I keep striving for


It's like my life isn't so bad

Everything feels so much better

When you smile

"… Did he really write this? It's so… well, it's beautiful. Hardly Shakespeare quality, but still… he wrote this for me? So this is why he keeps trying."

"I wonder if she read it yet. I can't believe the others went for pizza without us! They are SO mean… hey; a piece of paper just came under the door to the main room. It's from… Raven? What does it say?"

You don't need jokes to make me smile.

(A/N: OK, spur of the moment thing. it was originally just a poem, but I thought it would be better with the talking around it. What do you think?)