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After the game of Quidditch

Ginny looked over to the far end of the table, her brown eyes lay on the scruffy haired boy of Harry Potter, he was gagging on a piece of toast in his hurry to eat his breakfast, Fred and George were also seated at the table but more closer to Ginny, they were experimenting with their porridge to find out if they could drink it rather than eat it. Hermione had come over to the Burrow as well as Harry and was scowling at Ron who sat beside her, spilling Pumpkin juice all over himself … the idiot.

The scrubby wooden table in the tiny kitchen of the Burrow was failing to not get increasingly worn away, but it still seated all the Weasley family and could afford to seat guests, though old and poor, it was tough, just like the Weasley family.

The reason for all of the speed breakfast eating, was because all of the seated except Hermione were about to have a game of Quidditch in the orchard, and as everyone was looking forward to it, except Hermione who insisted on not involving herself, they were really keen on playing the game as soon as possible.

But even though Ginny too was excited about the Quidditch game they were about to have, she still took her time looking at Harry, he didn't seem to notice and neither did any one else for that matter, but Ginny reminded herself that she shouldn't be doing this, she tore away her eyes from his posture and fixed them instead on her breakfast which was half eaten, she waffled down the rest and informed everyone that she'll meet them outside when they had finished their breakfast.

'Bloody stupid I am' she murmured to herself when she was sure she was out of hearing range, how could she think that she could fall back into liking Harry again, she had disciplined herself and knocked herself into practicality and reality, it was blatantly obvious that Harry did not like her, and she was not going to try and do any thing…at all. She mounted a splintered old broom from the broom shed and mounted it, kicking off from the ground and soaring into the sky like a bird, she truly loved flying she adored it with al her heart, it was a very good therapeutic method to calming herself down.

She wasn't that good at flying, she was okay, nothing out of the ordinary, but nothing at all compared to Harry, Harry was a really good flyer. You could see it dancing around in his entrancing green eyes, how everything would just stay back on the firm ground and he would just plainly enjoy himself. But he had this other thing in his eye, something peaceful, something tranquil, something that was so…Harry. There wasn't a name she could use for this look he gets; she loves it when he gets that look…huh? What am I doing? How did I end up here? Oh I bloody hate it when this happens.

She was flying higher and higher with every second and she ended up on one of the tree tops on a hill that is close to the Burrow, Ginny often performed this blunder when she was in deep thought, most of these thoughts, about Harry. She got down and touched the green grass just before the rest of the squad burst through the kitchen door and entered the grass as well. Harry included.

'Why've you got twigs in your hair li'l sis?' asked George with his usual laid back voice.

'Hum? Oh I climbed a tree' Ginny lied.

'Well let's get into teams, I haven't played Quidditch in ages' said Fred with an edge of highly controlled eagerness in his voice.

'Yeah' said Ron distractedly, looking over to the bench where Hermione was moving towards, he looked rather disgruntled.

'Well there are five of us, so we'll have to have a team with one more player than the other' said Harry, with a tone of hunger.

'No, there will be too little of us' pointed out Ginny.

'Not unless Hermione plays with us' said Ron.

'But she already said that she won't play with us Ron' said Harry.

'Well why don't we have one keeper, one beater and the rest do penalties with the Quaffel.' Said Fred

'Sounds alright' Ginny said,

'Shall I be the keeper then?' asked Ron.

'Alright, who wants to be the beater' said Fred directly to George.

'I will', shouted George in Fred's face, and it probably was the excitement in Fred that didn't lead to an argument over who would be the beater.

'Then lets get up into the air'

They all mounted their broom and kicked off into the air, Ginny watched Harry closely and saw that he got that look back into his eyes again. She was about to stare at him forever if she did not look away soon, but it was so difficult to look away now, not when the wind was rumpling his hair like that making him look…

Ginny turned away, knowing that she was going way over board. Someone had stuffed the Quaffel in her hands and someone had shouted 'Your turn Ginny!' she was brought back to her senses when a thought just walked randomly into her mind.

'He will never notice you'

And through this she was able to dodge George's heavy bludger which was actually a really rough big stone, and throw the quaffel that was in her arms through the top hoop that Ron was not guarding and scored.

'Yes' she yelled through fury more than happiness, she was angry with herself for the train of thought which seemed to always rattle through her head. 'Good one!' yelled some one in return, and she noticed that it was Harry. She inclined her head to show her thanks.

The game carried on for half an hour until they were all bored with the game and just decided to play tag on broomsticks, Fred was the leader in this game, there was a sort of manic gleam in his eyes. Harry proposed the game which no one, except for Hermione seemed to know about, as it was a muggle game. It was a lot of fun, Quidditch was obviously preferred but this tag thing wasn't that bad. It was quite fun being chased by her brothers but being chased around by Harry was strange. Even stranger when she herself had to chase Harry, and his broom was very fast considering it was a firebolt he was riding, but she thought that he sort of slowed down a bit, she didn't like this so she went to get George, but she tagged Harry in the end, rather by stealth that anything else, she had creeped up from behind him and tagged him while he was looking the other way.

Hermione went inside to get a book after half an hour and she returned outside absorbed by the yellow pages of it. Ron seemed even more disgruntled than ever. At about two o'clock the crew stopped playing, admitting to themselves that they were tired and needed a rest from all the flying. Ginny offered to take the brooms back to the broom shed, and they all gave her their brooms, when Harry gave his broom to Ginny their hands contacted for the slightest moment of a second, she determinedly did not look up but she could feel Harry's stare at the top of her head. Why was he doing this? Panic rose up inside herself.

Through her panic, she turned away sharply, still not looking at him, She walked briskly towards Ron to take his Broom from him, willing herself not to brood on what had just happened, she had to keep reminding herself that Harry doesn't like her, and that nothing will ever happen, but why? Said a very miniscule voice in her head, being so small it wasn't that difficult to shut the voice out, she walked subconsciously over to the broom shed, still in her own world, trying to block out the thoughts that where dying to exploded around her head by ridiculous thoughts like rainbows and coloured ink, but just as all the rebellious thoughts were slowly dissolving away into nothingness a hand wrapped itself gently around her wrist, it was masculine, very masculine, it had that rough edgy texture to it, as though it was owned by a laborer but it was incredibly well over acceptable to the touch, it had strong knuckles and slightly rectangular features, who on earth was this?

Once again, panic coursed through her, her senses were alert and her eyes wide. Ginny slowly turned around her hand half way to her wand when she realised it was Harry…Oh my God!

'Oh bloody God!' she shouted out of shock, she thought she was alone, she thought he went back into the house, she didn't think that he was standing right in front of her grasping her hand like it was the last think in the world that had any meaning to it.

'I didn't mean to give you a shock, but I did try calling you' said Harry earnestly, sounding truly apologetic. Ginny couldn't speak.

What on earth was he doing here?

'I don't think you heard me when I tried calling you' he said quietly.

Why on earth is he here?

'I uh… came to uh… help you' he stammered, seeming to read her mind, blushing a little while he said this.

What do I do?

'Erm… want some help?' he asked quickly.

Where the hell is my voice!

'N… no, I can manage' she said once she had found her voice, which cracked slightly while she said this, sounding slightly hoarse. Harry seemed to wilt with disappointment.

'Right…okay… I'll go then'

Yes go… go, you stir too much trouble. This is not supposed to be happening!

'Alright then, bye' he said sadly when she did nothing.

'Bye' replied Ginny, as her fifth word she articulated for that conversation. She still had five brooms in her arm and realized that she must look completely stupid.

He walked five steps, Ginny was staring at the broom shed in absolute horror. What just happened?

'Listen I need to tell you something' said a desperate voice from behind her. Ginny twirled around and a second shock coursed through her, Harry was standing right in front of her again, a desperation beyond anything in his eyes. Oh bloody God.

'Yes?' said Ginny her voice cracking again, and to her horror she could feel a blush creeping up her face. It was now Harry's turn to blush but he performed it heavily, he was now looking at the floor and back up again at Ginny.

'I…I… um… sort of… uh… like you' he said while his voice cracked 'a lot' he added as an after thought. Ginny was utterly shocked, her eyes widened even further and her mouth was tense. He was a foot away from her, she couldn't find her voice, but what should she say even if she did find it? What does she really feel? What is the truth? She might…no, she did like him, definitely, she more than liked him for a very long time, but surely this couldn't be happening.

'Sorry…I understand if you don't feel the same way' said Harry in a small voice. No this is going the wrong way.

'Alright then, see you around' he said sadly. He started to turn and Ginny still couldn't find her voice so she did the only thing she could do, she acted, this time she held his hand, Harry stopped, a glimmer of hope in his eyes, the air tensed between them she looked up into his entrancing, brilliant green eyes, she forgot herself for a moment, then with all the courage she possessed she pushed away any sign of awkwardness, tilted her head upwards and made contact with her lips on his. It was the softest caress she had ever had, she was kissing him gently, almost teasingly. Harry placed his hand in the small of her back, his other hand holding subtly the back of her neck, and kissing her back.

The kiss was as quick as it had started, they parted away, and Ginny found her voice, it was very weak but still there, she needed to tell him, she needed to finally let him know.

'I like you a lot too' she said softly, and she smiled at him. Happy, for what? She didn't know, but then Harry leaned down again, and this time their kiss was more passionate now that the walls were broken, they kissed for a little and Ginny could feel his tongue licking her lips begging for entrance, she, now feeling totally free, obliged and opened her mouth.

It was so heavenly, like they were both sharing some ultimate power, like they had become one person, connected by an invisible bond, something beautiful that cannot be classified, something strange and unknown, something mythical and majestic, that's what they had become.

Harry's hand that used to be holding he neck was now crawling up her head and knotted with her hair, Ginny's hand was also exploring his wonderfully untidy hair as well, she was still kissing him with every ounce of energy, feeling as though she found something that she had waited anxiously for a very long time and she was trying to absorb it as quickly as possible.

They broke apart, Harry's breathing was ragged and he seemed to be panting slightly, but so was Ginny, she looked up into his face then realized what she had done, she felt shocked with herself, she had just snogged Harry Potter! He smiled down at her, his face lighting up, they said nothing, still standing in their embrace, not wanting to let go, they stood like that for a while, content with each other and their surroundings, until Ginny came to her senses.

'We'd better go back to the house' she said quietly, her head on Harry's chest.

'Yeah, guess so' he replied, but neither moved. Until Ginny very reluctantly moved away, Harry looked crestfallen, but lightened up a little when she held his hand.

'Lets go' she said quietly, and without further ado they walked up to the house, their hands were still connected by the time they reached it.

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