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Chapter 1: It's just Thunder


Friends, that's what we have always been, ever since the beginning, but our relationship is much more complicated than that because even though we are friends, we often don't act like it. We have never acted like the usual definition of friends. We are just there for each other without asking questions, though that is harder to do nowadays. See, over the years we have given each other some distance, though I think that at one point we both just took it without explaining it to each other. We slowly got more caught up in our own lives. I have school, other friends, and a boyfriend to think of and he, well, I think he just decided that being friends with me wasn't necessary anymore, though, in a way, we still are friends because we still see each other frequently, we talk about books, and we're there for each other, always.

But the weird thing is that now that there's even more space between us than before, I miss him. I miss meeting him at the bridge just to read and I miss those times where he would just pick me up from school without ever giving me a reason. I miss being the only girl in his life and having all of his attention which I now have to share with all of those girls he brings into the diner and makes out with in the center of town. I even feel a little disappointed when I see him with someone else, almost jealous.

Lately, I have even wondered about what I look like through his eyes. I'm wondering about it right now, about what he sees when he looks at me. But then again, does he ever look at me? Why would he when there's no reason for him to? I'm too normal, too plain and simply too small, although my dreams are too big for this world to hold. I don't want to be seen as a small town girl forever, not that I'm ashamed of Stars Hollow, but I would just like to be noticed, in a bigger place in this world one day. Maybe then, he would notice me because I would be a little more like him, though not too much, for he often seems too intimidating to be around.

His eyes are always so cold and free from every human emotion, except for his usual recklessness, as if he doesn't have a single care in the world. He hardly ever smiles or expresses satisfaction of any kind and nowadays, he barely utters a word when I try to talk to him - try to reach him and pull him out of his thoughts which he surely keeps locked up in the deepest and darkest basement of his mind, a place suiting for thoughts and memories that might be just as dark. That would explain his constant coldness. I think that there might be more to him than meets the eye. There always is to a person, although my observations could be wrong.

I watch him read often, in the diner, when he thinks no one is paying any attention, but I always do. I can't help not to; I'm drawn to him in a way. Every time I look at him, I hope that he will notice my eyes on him, but he never does and I should be thankful for that because I don't know what I'll do the day he does notice. I'm afraid I'll run away and miss my chance... Luckily, I know that that will never happen. I don't think that I'm the kind of girl he usually takes the time to notice. And when I see him with a girl, I know that I'm not the kind he would notice.

I shouldn't even be bothering with these thoughts. I should get over this little crush of mine instead because that's all it can be since I already have a boyfriend - a perfect boyfriend or as perfect as one can be, anyway. There are no flaws to detect...which is perfect because he seems to be madly in love with me...and I like him, too.

I still can't stop these thoughts from slipping into my mind. How can I not think of him when I see him every day at the diner, standing at the counter and reading a book, a different one every day, just like me. We both know that we have a lot in common, otherwise we would have never become as good of friends as we are. Good friends, even though, lately, we have only talked about books. I know that he'll be there for me when I need him and I think I might need him right now...

He's driving me crazy.


As lightning struck and the lights flickered, all movement in town stopped dead in its tracks for a few seconds, as did the pen which Rory Gilmore held in her hand. She had stopped writing the second she had seen the intimidating flash of light out of the corner of her eye, causing for the sound of pen scratching against paper to fade quickly and suddenly as she listened to the silence that seemed to creep by as she sat in anticipation of the thunder that was sure to follow. Her eyes flicked over to the window just as the expected thunder roared through the raven colored sky, making her shiver with a non-existent chill. The thunder rolled off into the distance within the following seconds, leaving the air crackling with oncoming lightning.

Not wanting to witness the next bolt of lightning that would lit up all of its surroundings for a split second, Rory lowered her eyes down to the thick book in front of her, its pages outlined with gold, the once blank piece of paper now covered with her neat handwriting, though the top of every single letter had a tendency to curve to the right. Some would call this book a diary, but in her eyes, a diary was something you would write in as frequently as you could and where you would write down the events of every day that seemed special to you and those were two things she didn't do. If anyone would get the chance to flip through the pages, they would also notice that there were no dates present. They were all stored in Rory's mind and dates weren't important to her because in this book, she wrote nothing but thoughts and feelings and all of those were alike, especially lately.

She trailed her eyes to the top of the page, colliding with a large blue cup, the untouched coffee now cold. She had been so caught up in getting everything that she was currently feeling and thinking out on paper that she hadn't even taken the time to drink her coffee. The coffee that Luke always made extra strong for her, essentially when she needed to study and was up late. Now that she was thinking about it, she did feel tired and her fingers hurt from holding her pen as tightly as she did. With a soft thud, she let the pen drop on the table, doing nothing as it rolled towards the edge and clattered to the floor. The sound was almost inaudible as the pen came in contact with the floor, though it made the other two look up and glance in her direction. The older one glanced at the clock while the younger one, the one with the dark hair and dark eyes just observed the girl as she stretched her arms to reach for the piece of equipment.

Rory wrapped her fingers around the ball point and snatched it from the floor, pulling it up with her as she straightened her back and brought up her head in the process. Her eyes almost instantly fell on the hands in front of her, its fingers hooked in the pockets of a pair of blue jeans. The hands were familiar to her, though they weren't the ones she daily observed as they flipped through pages, poured coffee and so casually rested in the back pockets of his pants as he scanned the pages with his eyes. They were a close match, though.

''Rory,'' said the voice that belonged to the owner of this diner. She listened to his voice, the tone, the depth and noticed how once again it was familiar, but slightly different, deeper. She looked up at Luke, showing him that she was listening. ''Are you almost done?''

''Done?'' Rory asked.

''Yeah, done studying because it's starting to get late.''

''Oh, right.'' Rory looked back down at the schoolbooks that lay scattered across the table, though she hadn't looked in them this past hour. ''Yeah, I'm done. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. I just needed a place to study since mom's out with Sookie and I don't like thunder,'' she rambled while closing her books and grabbing them so she could put them in the backpack she had brought.

''You don't have to go,'' Luke offered as he watched her zip up her backpack and reaching for the only book that still lay in front of her. He was always more gentle towards her than he was to other people because he cared for her, something that could be perceived easily if someone would notice the little things, like the soft smiles he often threw in her direction and how he would randomly start a conversation with her. He made more effort to know her than the other one.

''No, it's okay, I should get home.'' Rory grabbed her chronicle of thoughts and feelings and got up, gripping the book firmly.

As she started to head for the door, Luke stopped her, causing her to smile before turning around to face him.

''Rory, did you bring your car?''

She shook her head. ''No.''

''So, you're going to walk all the way home?'' he asked while peering out the window at the rain that was still pouring and the lighting that would appear every now and then.

Rory nodded. ''Yeah, it's not that far, Luke.''

''How about a coat, did you bring one?''

Rory chuckled as she shook her head again. ''No, but it's just water, I think I'll make it home alive.''

''You'll get sick. Jess will drive you, right Jess?'' Luke asked, knowing that his nephew had been listening.

Jess shrugged and closed his book. ''I'm still a minor so I kind of have to do anything you tell me to.''

Rory looked over at him, not knowing what to think of his answer. It hadn't sounded like a convincing yes, but he hadn't declined, either. When Jess returned her look, she looked away, wondering how awkward it would be to be alone in a car with him.

''Luke, no, I'm fine. I can walk.''

''Yeah, her legs seem to be working just fine,'' Jess commented.

Luke glared at Jess. ''You are driving her and that's final.'' He looked back at Rory. ''And you are just as stubborn as your mother.''

Rory smiled at his words and patiently waited as Jess grabbed the keys to Luke's truck and threw on his leather jacket which gave Rory the urge to write again. He passed her without saying a word and opened the door, holding it open while looking at her.

''Come on.''

''Be careful,'' Luke said.

''I'll try not to crash, uncle Luke.'' Jess followed Rory outside with a smirk.

They ran over to Luke's truck, though they were both soaked before they even reached it. To Rory's surprise, Jess unlocked the door on the passenger's side first, waiting for her to get in before closing it and getting in himself. He pulled himself up on the seat and closed the door before putting the key in the ignition, glancing over at Rory while he did this. He was amused to see her sitting next to him chilled to the bone, her teeth clattering and her arms wrapped around herself. He didn't say anything as he drove off in the direction of her house.

''Th...thanks for dr...driving me,'' she said as she tried to stop her teeth from clattering.

''Luke's orders; besides, letting you walk home would have been a little cruel.'' He looked at her, knowing that she always had a cell phone with her. ''Why didn't you call Dean to pick you up?''

''He's probably already asleep and I didn't want to bother him with something this small.''

''School starts early tomorrow so I can see why he would want to get his ten hours of sleep in.''

Rory didn't respond to his comment, but just grabbed her backpack as he pulled up on her driveway.

''You were right, you could have walked home.''

''Yeah...see you, Jess.''

Rory got out of the car and hurried for the porch after she had closed the door, not giving him the opportunity to say anything else. She dug her fingers into the pocket of her jeans to get her key. She saw another flash of light out of the corner of her eyes and silently counted the seconds as she struggled to get the key in the lock. Just as she unlocked the door, she could feel something brush against her shoulder and she screamed, though no one could hear her over the thunder. She turned around quickly and came face to face with Jess.

''Jess,'' she breathed, ''don't ever do that again.'' She gave him a gentle shove as she tried to stop her heart from beating as fast as it was.

''I won't ever sneak up behind you in a thunderstorm again.'' Jess smirked at her and Rory couldn't help but smile herself, thinking how they used to do this all the time, joke and fool around.

Jess cleared his throat to drag her out of her thoughts and pulled something out of his back pocket. He held it out to her. ''Here.''

Rory lowered her gaze and stifled a gasp when she saw what he was holding in his hands, her diary.

''You left it in the car,'' Jess explained.

Rory nodded and took it from him. ''Thanks.''

''It doesn't look like a schoolbook,'' he pointed out, noticing the golden shimmer of the pages.

''It's not.''

Jess nodded. ''I should get back to the diner.''

''Yeah, thanks for driving me and returning this,'' Rory said as she held up the journal.

''Yeah, so...I'll see you tomorrow? I mean, you'll come in tomorrow for coffee?''

''I'm there.''

''Okay, see you then,'' Jess said before turning around and heading back to the truck.

Rory quickly slipped into the house, locking the door behind her before disappearing into her room. She threw her backpack and diary on her bed while pulling open her closet, desperately wanting to change into something dry and comfortable, but a noise stopped her and it wasn't the sound of the rain as it hit against her window. It was the sound of Luke's truck as the ignition was turned on again.

Not able to help herself, she walked over to the window and pulled her curtains to the side so she could look outside, finding the truck immediately. She watched as the truck started to back up and just before it reached the street, he lifted his head and looked directly at her. Once their eyes had locked, he smiled at her. Rory quickly stepped away from the window and let the curtain fall back to its former place. Even though it had been just a smile, she couldn't stop her heart from speeding up, its beats becoming as fast and chilling as the rain.

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