Chapter Five

Phoebe half opened her eyes, and then quickly lost the energy to keep them open. Where was she?

Something in her memory stirred. A feeling of no inhibition , like endless energy streaming out of every inch of her body; through her fingers, even from the ends of every strand of hair on her head...laughter ringing in her ears, though whether it was hers she did not know...a kind of slow song that was oddly familiar...

She was in a bed. Her bed. The sheets were so incredibly comfortable...she slightly shifted her weight and let out a sound that was between a groan of tiredness and a contented sigh.

Suddenly, she heard a voice. "She's awake," it whispered. Phoebe cracked open an eye, then both as the person sitting on the edge of her bed came into focus. The person smiled. "Hey, Phoebe. Feels good, doesn't it?"

Phoebe didn't need to ask what Paige was talking about. "Like you couldn't image," she moaned. "I don't think I've ever appreciated a bed more in my life." She tried getting up and immediately felt like she was just whacked over the head with a heavy piece of furniture.

Paige offered her a piece of white chocolate. Even as she reeled from the pain, Phoebe managed to cast a doubtful glance at her sister's way. "It helps," Paige insisted. "Piper had Leo orb up to the Elders to ask for a remedy. You should be so lucky; I had to wait like ten freaking minutes before Leo can back with an answer."

Phoebe acquiesced and took a bite. In seconds, she could feel the pain alleviate and die out. "If only other pain relievers could work as fast," she said as she took in another bite for good measure. She then leaned against her pillows, her eyes closed.

"So, sweetie, you feeling better now?" asked a different voice. Phoebe looked to see Piper and Leo standing in the doorway. Leo, for some strange reason, looked a little embarrassed when he smiled at her, but mostly retained his normal behavior. Phoebe shook her head. "I don't know, Piper, I'm really not sure what—" she stopped as she noticed a figure sitting in the armchair. He was looking at her, smiling softly, his hands folded across his knee.

Phoebe let out a groan, sank down in her bed, and buried her head in her covers, wanting to fade directly into the mattress. Her voice, muffled, sounded. "This is so embarrassing."

Paige and Piper looked at each other and grinned. They seem to have bonded over this particular experience, not in the least because these were the first demons they had vanquished as just the two of them. It was as easy as a vanquish went; as soon as Phoebe started screaming, Piper froze the rest of the club of its innocents as Cole broke away from the blonde and ran up to catch Phoebe as she seemed to topple over the stage. As Leo healed Phoebe, Piper stood there blowing up demons as they ran rather stupidly towards her. In fact, the four demons that were present seemed to have no kind of active powers, except for the bartender Jacob, who could throw energy balls. Just as Jacob was throwing one at Piper before she had time to react, Paige pushed her out of the way, then promptly orbed in place as the energy ball passed through empty air. Piper blew up Jacob, then turned and blew up the energy ball.

Phoebe's head had resurfaced above her comforter, though she was burning red in the face and was obviously avoiding the gaze of the man in the armchair. "Let me guess," she said, her eyes fixated on Paige's. "Demonic? Something to do with the drinks that Jacob and Duane gave us."

Paige nodded, surprised. "How did you know?"

Phoebe shrugged, now looking out the window. "I had a premonition when I went to get my third drink—but by then, of course, I was so doped up I couldn't even think straight. Now, everything makes sense." She laughed a bit. "So, were you just as affected as me?" she asked Paige.

The youngest Halliwell grinned. "You bet. I didn't exactly conduct a striptease—" Phoebe grimaced "—but I did try to fly. By jumping off a building." Phoebe's mouth opened slightly. "But it was OK, they all stopped me before I actually did anything." The two smiled at each other. It was a kind of bonding experience for them both as well, if only by means of a demonic high and hangover.

The room was amicably silent for a while, until Paige suddenly got up from the bed. "I sense and Phoebe and Cole moment," she announced. Piper and Leo grinned and filed out of the room after her, Piper giving Phoebe a wink just before the door closed.

Phoebe still did not look at her boyfriend. "Don't be so lonely, join me," she said without any real conviction. "Unless you don't want to," she added, the guilt evident in her voice.

Cole smiled and climbed in bed with her. "I'm sorry," he said, touching her cheek for a second.

She looked at him, surprised. "For what?"

"For being so overprotective."

"Oh, please," Phoebe said, chuckling unhappily. "I'm the one who should be apologizing. I feel terrible."

"Don't," Cole answered softly, drawing Phoebe's body closer to his. "I know you had some things to sort out. About you, about us."

Phoebe shook her head. "No, it really was never directly about you. Just more about me and my own—self." Phoebe looked into Cole's eyes. Her misgivings about herself seemed to fly out the window when she looked at him. She let out a sudden giggle. "Stripteasing really helped." And it did, in a way. Even though the demonic drink had blown her desires way out of proportion, it was her original wish to express herself and to exert her own independence that let the drink alter her in that way. Now, she realized that to have her independence was all good and well, but to have the man that she loved—that was even better. Oh, sure, she will still be and always be the free spirit, but that didn't keep her from loving Cole, and vice versa.

Cole's deep voice shook her out of her thoughts. "That was absolutely amazing, by the way," he said, his eyes twinkling, telling her that all was forgiven. "I don't think Leo's ever going to be the same."

Phoebe made the connection between her Whitelighter's uneasiness and her dancing immediately. She cringed. "That's uncomfortable."

Cole just smiled and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back with a sudden lust.

"Hm, it doesn't seem likes it's all gone away," said Cole, his eyebrows raised.

"But it doesn't matter now, does it?"

"Actually, it's rather convenient. You did some really serious things, Phoebe. I'm going to have to take some disciplinary actions." He slowly took out a can of whipped cream. "Starting with..."

Phoebe laughed, eyes sparkling, ready to spend some quality time with the love of her life.

The End

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