"Spike...what is that?"

"What, luv? I got new drapes?" Xander stared at Spike as though he had grown two heads, how could he possibly think Xander was thinking about the drapes? (Although they were nice.)

"No, I mean that...that...lizard thing. Is that a crocodile?!"

"No, it's not a crocodile."

Xander sighed with relief.

"It's an alligator and it's just a baby so be nice."

"What were you thinking, Spike! An alligator?! What could we possibly do with an alligator?! Is that even legal?"

Spike just rolled his eyes. "Are you quite done, Xander?" He walked over to the oversized tank now taking up residence in Xander's living room and picked up the nine inch alligator, cooing at it all the while.

"Xander's being a big meany, isn't he? Yes he is. Well don't worry, we're gonna fix that, aren't we?" Spike cooed, picking up the alligator gently. "Now lets go see daddy, yeah?"

"Spike! Keep that thing away from me!"

Spike looked hurt for a brief moment before the hurt was replaced with anger. "Fine, Xander! I was just trying to do something nice, ya know? You're always saying we could use a pet around here."

"I meant like a cat or dog or a goldfish, not...not that...thing."

"And what's wrong with him? And by the way that thing has a name. It's name is Neville."

"Neville? that's the name you came up with?" Xander said, not meaning to hurt Spike's feelings, but just musing out loud.

"Well, what would you have come up with?!"

Seeing the hurt in Spike's eyes Xander realized his mistake.

"Spike?" Xander sighed. "He's...not that bad I guess. I mean...he...Well...He's ummm cute? And...um...it's just...he's not very...practical."

"You wanna hold him?" Spike asked, happiness renewed even though he still knew he had some work before Xander completely accepted Neville.

Xander swallowed down his nervousness, he could hold Neville at least for a second, right? Xander sighed. "All right, hand him here."

At that moment the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Xander ran to the phone.

Xander came back with a scared look on his face.

"What's wrong, luv?" Spike asked, concerned.

"It's Dawn she...she wants to come visit," Xander loved the girl but every time she came over the apartment became a mess, after living in his parents basement for so long he couldn't help but be a neat freak in his own place.

Five minutes later the overly cafeinated teen bounced into the apartment.

"Hey Xander! Spike...oh my god what is that?!" Dawn pointed to the alligator. "You know what, Xander...um, I would love to hang out, but I'm supposed to meet some friends at the mall. Bye."

Xander and Spike could heard Dawn's 'ewws' all the way down the hall.

Xander surprised Spike by turning around and scooping up Neville.

"Welcome to the family, Neville."

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