Prologue -

'How quickly things change.' Leo thought, as he brought his katana up to block a strike.

A short jaunt to the surface had led them to a group of men… boys, really… that were attempting to break into a store. What appeared to be a quick and easy take down quickly escalated into something more, as it turned out that it was a gang initiation, the rest of the gang soon appearing to help their fellow members.

They had been taken off guard, and for that, Leo chastised himself heavily. He took down the man who had been attacking him, and looked across the street to see if he could find his brothers. He spied a flash of red in the alley…

Raph grimaced. Stopping the robbery had at first seemed like a good way to let off some steam. But it was quickly grating his nerves. Every time one of these guys fell, another took it's place. He hit one in the head, knocking him out, and another ran at him.

He grinned grimly. 'Y'think they'd learn…' He thought to himself, preparing himself for the attack. He glanced over and saw Leo knock another man out, then looked towards his own adversary. He couldn't see his other two brothers, but with trained ears, he could hear them fighting, not far off.

Michaelangelo whooped as he flipped backwards, the pipe that had been aimed towards his head making a 'whooshing' sound as it passed a safe distance above him. Next to him, Don grinned at his brother's antics.

Going low, and into a spin, Don knocked a few men over with his bo. He hated to really fight against these guys. They were just… misguided. They didn't really deserve the full wrath of their skills. These weren't the Foot they were fighting against. Just… people.

Another group surrounded the area where Mike and Don were, and Don looked towards the street. They were on the side of the building, and he had no visibility of his other brothers.

He sighed audibly as the new group of men descended on them.

Leo breathed a sigh of relief as he knocked out the last of his attackers. He let his arms relax slightly, but then tensed again as he sensed movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned in time to see a few more men run around the building.

He jumped as a shot suddenly rang through the darkness. Suddenly, everything was in slow motion. The men scattered, running frantically.

Leo's heart stopped. He ran towards where the shot came from. He stopped dead in his tracks when he reached his destination.

"Oh God…"

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Author's Notes - Okay, here's a fair warning for you all… this story is angsty! I've been sitting on this fic for awhile now, and only recently could fill in the rougher spots to my suiting.

And, y'all know me… there'll be a lot more to this story, don't worry. ;)

Chapter One will be Coming Soon.