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Title: My Dearest Christopher

Christopher Halliwell had just gotten back to his time sence he had saved his brother, he was back in his attic, but something didn't seem right. It wasn't a musem any more, it was just the attic. Chris went downstairs to his room, everything was how it was befor the 'event'. Chris sat on his bed and looked around, he saw a shoe box on the other side of his room. Curiosity got the better of him and he walked over picked it up and sat back on his bed. When he openned the box it was a box of letters. He picked one and began to read it.

My Dearest Christopher,
As I walked over to your cribe I hopped you wouldn't wake any one else up, but then I got there to you. You were so cute, reaching up for me. Softly I picked you up and carried you downstairs. I loved feeding you in the middle of the night, it was our special time, the time I got to be with you with out your aunts or any one getting in the way. You always looked so much like your mom, but at least you have my eyes. I love how you would reach for my nose when ever you were feed. After you finished I burped you and we sat on the sofa. This no one ever knew about, it was our time, 2:30 am and we'd watch tv. Well, I just put you into to your bed, and watched you as I wrote this letter.
Forever Yours,

Then he grabbed another, were they all from his Dad?

Dearest Chris,
Today was the scariest day of my life, we went to the park, your only 2 so you can understand that when I turned back around and you weren't at my feet I began to panic. I ran everywhere, I could sense you but I had no idea where you were on the playground. Thats when I saw it, you were on the the tallest tower of the play fort. You have no idea how much I feared you would fall, I began to shout for you but you wouldn't come. I got to you and held on to you for dear life. You'll never understand how much I love you, or how releaved I was when you were back in my arms. I promise you Chris, I'm never letting you go every again, I'll be like that crazy dad from Finding Nemo. Love,

Chris sat on his bed stunned, these letters were so much better then the ones he remembered getting all his life. These were just accounts of his dad's love for him, the letters painted a much better past for Chris then the one he started with. He must have been very lost in thought because Leo walked in Chris's room.

"Oh, there you are. I've been looking everywhere for you. What are you reading?" Leo walked over to his youngest son, and saw the letters. "Oh, I was wondering when you would discover that old box." Chris gave his father a puzzling look, "I finally put it in here a few days ago, thought it was time for you to have them."

Chris couldn't think of any thing he just fell into his father's arms, Leo seemed slightly confused then remembered 23 yeras ago when he had first met Chris, "Oh did you get home?" he said softly. Chris nodded, "I see, its ok. Well I guess if you want me to stay I'll stay if not then I'll go."

"I think I just want some time to myself." he said, Leo nodded and left him to read over the letters.

Dear Chris,
Its your first birthday, congradulations. Tonights party was interesting. I'm so sorry you couldn't have it with out a demon attack, but you were so brave and didn't cry one bit. That is untill you realized that the demon had broken a few of your presents. I tried to calm you down but you wouldn't hear of it, you just kept yelling. It was so cute and sad at the same time. You only stopped when I promised to buy you new presents to replace them. Well, you don't know about this one, but I snook you another present, its a little stuffed puppy, I put it in your bed and now your snuggling with it in your cribe.

Chris was stunned life wasn't what it used to be. Maybe Like would be prefect this time?