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This Feeling I Don't Get

Prologue: Happy

By DarkSoul Nemi

"Titans, go!" commanded the masked leader as the five Titans faced yet another ugly monster. It had been almost two years since the Titans had finally defeated Slade, but for some odd reason monsters kept on appearing every once in a while.

All around the city loud crashing noises could be heard and there was the occasional rumble of the ground every time either one of the Titans or the monster fell down. These fights would usually last merely a few minutes, but this time the monster seemed to be especially strong and could even survive the green fireblasts that came from the Tamaranian girl. In almost no time, all five Titans found themselves on the ground, crashed by the monster's powerful attacks. There was only one thing left to do...

"Robin, I've got the sonic if you still have the boom" yelled the half-human half-robot Titan.

"Let's do it!" answered the Boy Wonder.

With help from the great green dinosaur and the silent hooded girl, the Titans managed to finally destroy the evil creature. Finally, when the thing was gone, everyone sat on the ground too tired to even speak. All the Titans, except for one.

"My friends, we have been victorious once again!" the Tamaranian girl said as she hugged Beast Boy and then moved on to Raven, who just gave her one of her infamous cold stares, but the happy girl just ignored it and still gave her a hug. After hugging Cyborg, she flew to hug their leader, Robin. But as she was partially hugging him, something got into her and she suddenly felt awkward and embarrassed. She blushed furiously and tore away from the friendly hug.

"I...-there is something I must do back at the Tower. Please do excuse me." and with that Star Fire flew desperately back home.

"What is wrong with her?" asked Robin. A confused look on his face.

"Huh?" Said Cyborg and BB at the same time, while Raven remained silent, as usual. Fortunately for Star Fire, none of the other Titans noticed her strange reaction.

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