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Chapter Three: Scared?

A few days later…

After the "Chinese Food" incident, Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin, decided not to ask for explanations for obvious reasons. The biggest one was Raven. After all those years of knowing her they knew better than to bother her with questions. No one ever knew what she truly felt for each of the Titans, but one thing was for sure: she cared for them enough not to let anyone hurt her friends. As for Beast Boy, he had never been the same after Terra "left", so they never knew what to expect anymore. One day he would be joking around and trying to make Raven laugh (although it usually got him hurt afterwards), and the next he would be very serious and mature.

With their silence, it was acknowledged that the point should not be discussed between them and they just continued with their usual daily activities. One afternoon, as they were all bored, Beast Boy suggested to watch a movie. "So what shall we watch?" asked Starfire. "I just got the latest horror movie. It is supposed to be so scary, that the people who watch it won't be able to sleep for weeks!" he answered gleefully. "So…do you guys wanna see it?" he asked rather pleadingly. "Sure, I don't mind" said Robin. "Whatever" said Raven. "Wait a moment" interrupted Cyborg "Raven, are you sure you want to watch this? Cause last time we watched a horror movie like this…" but he was cut short by Starfire who already knew what was coming "Please, friends, shall we just watch the movie?" and with that, they all took the usual seats on the couch in front of the huge TV.

As predicted by Beast Boy, the movie was in fact very scary. At least, for Starfire it was. She had been hugging her knees on the couch, partially hiding her face the whole time. As the movie continued, it got gorier and scarier. At some point the movie got very quiet and just as Starfire thought it was over, a loud scream was heard. At this time, Starfire had had her eyes closed just in case. The sudden noise made her jump and her arms released her legs in order stop her from falling off the couch.

Fortunately the lights had been turned off for Starfire was blushing as bright as the color of all the blood in the movie. One of her hands hadn't fallen on the couch, instead it had landed on top of Robin's hand. Star was too busy trying to suppress the weird feeling in her stomach that she had been getting quite often lately, especially whenever Robin was in the same room as her. She didn't notice that her hand was still on top of Robin's, who seeing her worried face, assumed that the movie was probably too much for her. "It's OK," he whispered in her ear "it's just a movie" at this, chills started running up and down her spine. To top it off, he grabbed her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

This was probably too much for Star because she completely forgot about the movie. Instead she started thinking about Robin. She stared at him in the dark while everyone else was too submerged in the movie. She didn't understand what those feelings that she had been having were, but she liked them. Probably she could ask Raven later, she thought that Raven might giver some good advice and tell her what was really going on. Robin hadn't let her hand go, but it didn't bother her at all, on the contrary, she liked it so she just let him hold it until the movie was over, the red never leaving her face.

Once the movie was over, it was about three o'clock in the morning, so everyone was too tired to say anything. Everyone went to bed, they didn't even notice that Star and Robin hadn't stood, nor that the were holding hands, or actually, that Robin was holding Starfire's hand. A few seconds after they left, Robin was still holding Star's hand. Both realizing what they were doing let go and blushed even deeper, if that was possible. "Uh… Good night Starfire" Robin broke the silence. "Good night Robin, I hope your dreams are pleasant" responded a very shy Starfire. Even though they had both already said goodnight, neither moved for a while. "I think we should better get going" finally said an uneasy Robin while standing up. "Yes, we should" and with that, they both left in direction to their rooms.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the hallway…

Beast Boy waited until Cyborg went inside his room. He knew all too well that Raven usually went to the kitchen right after changing to drink a cup of tea before going to bed. Ever since the incident he hadn't had the chance to be alone with Raven and thank her. Well, actually he had had one too many chances, but he just couldn't bring himself up to talk to her about it, and by the time he was ready, someone would pop out of nowhere and interrupt or else he would say something stupid, in the end all chances ended up being messed up.

Tonight he was decided to go up to her and thank her. He had never seen that side of Raven before, she had always been so indifferent to everyone and everything, but that night she had actually been a good friend. She had listened to him and told him encouraging things, something that under normal circumstances, she would have never done. Just as Beast Boy was thinking of how different Raven had acted that night, he saw her returning to her room from the kitchen. He stood in the middle of the hallway, as if not to give her any other choice but to listen to what he had to say in order to get to her room and get some rest.

She stood in front of him, not showing any emotion, as always. She waited until he spoke up. "…ummm…Raven, I-I kinda wanted to talk t-to you ab-about the other night" he managed to say. "Yea…what?" she said in her usual tone. There was a long silence. Raven just stared at Beast Boy, waiting for him to say something, but he didn't say anything, so she started to make her way to her room. Just as she started to move past him, he reacted. "Raven, wait" he held her arm, but then realized it was probably a very bad idea. She just gave him one of her death looks and he flinched. "Thank you" he said and really fast, then he kissed her cheek. Then he ran for his dear life back to his room. It took Raven quite a while to process the information of what had just happened and then she growled in anger, but it was soon replaced by a subtle blush. She brought her hand up to her cheek and placed it where Beast Boys lips had been. Suddenly, all the lights on the hallway started turning on and off several times. Raven cursed under her breath as put on her hood, then she went to her room to meditate. She wasn't going to get much sleep this night. Who would think that after so many years of hard meditation to finally gain complete control of her powers, a simple kiss on the cheek would make all of that go down the toilet.

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