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When you bond with someone, you will remember them for the rest of your life, as they you. When they are in danger, you help them and they would do the same for you. But if the two separate from each other…they cease to exist.

Chapter 13: Heaven Or Hell Battle Royal

There was a dull sound, never ending. It sounded like wind blowing through a vent. There was a coldness embracing him, yet it had some sort of feeling of warmth at the same time. As his teal eyes opened slowly, a dark room shifted into focus. There were several people standing against the wall, all covered by the darkness and only their outlines caught his vision.

"Good evening, Locke," said a feminine voice directly behind himself.

The boy turned his head the best he could, only to see the metallic woman from before still constricting him. "…ahh…"

"Oh shut up, brat," said a cold, harsh voice.

Angelglory emerged from the shadows, his left wing hanging limply at his side while his right wing was folded against his back. His right hand wrapped around Locke's mouth, clamping down.

"You're lucky Lord Kyen wants you alive, or else I'd rip your jaw right from your skull," commented the angel.

Tears ran from the frightened child's eyes. He trembled under the combined grip of Angelglory and the metal woman. The enraged angel took his hand from Locke's mouth and then smacked him across the face.

Angelglory scowled. "You're pathetic. I can't see why Lord Kyen wants you anyway. I'm not surprised the Kei pirates don't care if you're alive or not."

The assassin turned on his heel and walked for the door, leaving abruptly. The woman clinging to Locke looked to the other three shadows. "You all should get ready… They'll be here soon. I'll keep my eye on the prize," she said, looking down at Locke as she finished.

One of the figures, a very wiry person, spoke up with a cackle, "Myeh heh heh heh heh. This is going to be quite the party."

The three shadows exited through the door, all snickering to themselves. The room became eerily quiet, as only the woman and Locke were left. The child was still trembling and weeping softly. He was scared, scared like when he first woke up at Starwind and Hawking. ((reference to chapter 3))

"There's no need to be afraid, I won't hurt you. I can have much more fun than hurting you, little one," said the iron maiden.

Locke whimpered and closed his eyes, swallowed by fear. "…ahh…"


"What the hell is wrong with you, Aisha?" Gene shouted. "Locke's gone 'cause of what you did!"

"We were attacked, damn it! I wasn't planning on handing him over!" Aisha snapped back.

That's basically all that was happening at Starwind and Hawking. The red-haired outlaw and the Ctarl Ctarl continued to argue, until suddenly the front door flew open. There stood a beaten and bruised teen, breathing heavily. He glared at everyone as he slowly walked in.

"Adam! Where've you been?" Aisha asked, turning to the beaten champion.

Adam scoffed. "Where have I been? Where have I been! You left me in that alley, that's where I've been!" He shouted, furiously. As abruptly as he entered, he turned to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?" Aisha asked.

"I'm going to the hospital, at least I won't be forgotten there," the blonde retorted.

Before he left he turned and tossed a small metal box on the floor. "Give that to Jim…" The teen then slammed the door shut and left in search of medical attention.

Gene approached the box, picking it up. He looked it over inquisitively. "That's why we went out last night. Adam told me that he had something that could help Jim, but then we got attacked," the Ctarl Ctarl claimed.

Gene didn't say anything as he turned around and started walking towards Jim's room; his eyes fixated on the box. As he left, there was a light knock on the door. Melfina approached the door and opened it slightly. There was no one there.

BOING! "Greetings, Outlaws!" A voice called.

Melfina looked down to see a jack-in-the-box sitting in front of her. Confused, she opened the door all the way. The box continued its speech.

"Congratulations! You have been invited to a wonderful party, courtesy of the infamous Tri-Fiesta! Compete in contests and win all sorts of prizes! Such as your friend Locke!" said a male voice

"Aww, he's so cute!" Commented a female voice

"Shut up! I'm still recording!" said the first voice. "Ahem, if you don't want to come, then just remember…"

"…That nobody likes party poopers!" shouted another male voice.

"No, dimwit! If you don't come, Locke's just gonna die!" yelled the first voice.

The box suddenly sprang open and out popped a picture stuck to a ball. It showed three people striking ridiculous poses. The words, "Love from, Jecko, Spade and Roulette of the mighty and wonderful Tri-Fiesta!" were written on the picture.

"Meet us at Monkoku Hill in thirty minutes!" said the female voice.

It took a moment for this valuable information to process, but once it did Melfina had to tell Gene. They had to save Locke, no matter what…((I got a little lazy around this part…oh well))


The wind blew with an ominous howl. It kicked up loose dirt and tossed it around carelessly. A red-haired outlaw stepped onto the dead gravel of Monkoku Hill. The giant broken down satellite dish cast a shadow over the entire playing field. The heroes arrived, with the villains waiting for them. Even Jim and Melfina came, Gene wasn't going to risk them getting kidnapped too.

"Myeh heh heh heh heh! Welcome, Gene Starwind! I'm so glad you could come to the party!" One of the villains shouted.

This one was very skinny. All bones, no meat, so to say. He wore a black jumpsuit with various white belts wrapped around his body in various places. His white hair stood straight up and reached for the sky. "I am the mighty Jecko! The greatest man ever to live!"

"Hi there! My name's Spade," said another man.

He was a bulkier man, cyborg really, with a mechanical midsection. A purple Mohawk lined the top of his tan skinned head.

"I'm Roulette! No one can stand against my might!" shouted the woman.

She was a Ctarl Ctarl, obliviously a renegade of the Ctarl Ctarl Empire. Her wild blue hair was wrapped in pigtails. A short green turtleneck clung to her body, revealing some of her smooth stomach. Beige shorts fit tightly around her hips and matched the color of her boots.

"And together we…" began Jecko. "TRI-FIESTA!" The three of them all struck various and ridiculous poses.

"Are these guys for real?" Jim asked, looking to his comrades for some kind of answer.

"Alright, you bozos, where's Locke?" Gene questioned the trio, drawing his Caster.

Jecko waved a bony finger at the outlaw. "Uh uh uh, not so fast!" he taunted. "If you want him back you'll have to break through us first!"

"Yeah!" shouted Spade and Roulette in unison.

"Fine," Gene began, "You wanna play games," he loaded a #7 into the Caster, "Then let's play!"

A large blast of emerald and sapphire light leapt from the gun's barrel and spiraled towards Tri-Fiesta.

"Cylinder Formation!" shouted Jecko, as Spade and Roulette began to spin around.

Jecko began spinning as well, as the three of them merged into one big rotating pillar. The blast of energy collided with the triad, but just seemed to bounce off. Tri-Fiesta soon halted their rotating and all laughed triumphantly.

"Myeh heh heh heh heh! That was quite the show Starwind! But that squirt gun won't help you here!" cackled Jecko.

"Damn it!" Gene growled.

"Okay! It's time for Aisha to get to work!" shouted Aisha, as she began charging for Roulette.

Gene loaded another #7 into his Caster as he turned back to Jim and Mel. "You two stay back, this'll probably get ugly. Watch my back, Jim."

Jim nodded and gave Gene a thumbs-up. "Got it!"

"Please be careful, Gene," Melfina pleaded.

The redhead winked back to Melfina. "I'll be sure too," he replied, turning back around and charging into battle.

Meanwhile, Suzuka was confronting Spade. The large man towered over the beautiful assassin. He laughed at his own size. "Hey, I'm a lot taller than you! This'll be easy!"

Suzuka prompt her sword for attack. "We shall see, won't we?"

"Okay! Here I go!" Spade raised his huge fists over his head and quickly slammed them down at Suzuka. But it was too late. She was standing behind him, strike already thrown.

"Huh? Hey, where'd she go?" The cyborg looked around, confused. Suddenly, the man's upper body fell from the rest of him. He had been sliced apart at his midsection.

"I'm here," Suzuka replied, as she walked away. Locke was nearby…


Aisha and Roulette were facing each other, measuring each other's power. Neither of them spoke, but their minds clashed.

Aisha finally spoke up, "You should ashamed to call yourself a Ctarl Ctarl. Working with Kei pirates? That's pathetic."

Roulette chuckled. "I could care less about the Ctarl Ctarl pride. I just side with the strongest, and that's the Kei pirates."

"You're crazy!" Aisha shouted as she tossed a punch at the other Ctarl.

"Am I?" The blue haired beast blocked the attack. "If I'm not mistaken, we're the ones who have Locke. You lost him so you lose!"

Roulette threw a swift kick towards Aisha's head, but it was caught. Aisha grabbed a hold of Roulette's leg and hoisted her over her shoulder and slammed her into the ground.

"Don't underestimate me!" Aisha growled.

"Same goes for me!" Roulette quickly retaliated, kicking out Aisha's legs. She mounted the downed Ctarl Ctarl and began punching her in the face repeatedly. "It's a shame. We had to leave Locke with that Thrice. She's pretty sick, you know? She was giving him that look. The look when she wants someone. You know what I mean? I'm almost sorry for the poor kid."

Aisha suddenly blasted Roulette in the face with a hard right hook. "You pirates talk to much, you know that?"

Roulette got to her feet and charged at her opponent. "Rarrgh!" She screamed.

Aisha clasped Roulette's head and bashed heads with her, making a loud sound of impact. Roulette stumbled backwards, clutching her now bleeding skull. "OW! Bitch!"

"Roulette! Heeeeeelp!" cried a voice.

The Ctarl Ctarl turned her attention to the voice behind her. There, crawling over to her, was Spade's torso. "It huuuuurts!" he bellowed.

"Oh no, not again, Spade," Roulette complained.


Locke was weak, he knew that. But he was becoming drained from struggling to escape this woman's hold. He was scared and vulnerable. Just moving hurt, but he couldn't help himself. He didn't want to be near this scary woman. The pain made him whimper and cry. Oh, how he wanted to escape.


"Now now, calm down. You'll wear yourself out before the fun begins," claimed Thrice.

She loosened her grip on the brunette, taking a more relaxed hold on him. She knew he was too weak to escape…or resist. She slowly ran her cold hands across the boy's chest and down his waist. Locke shivered from the cold feeling; he wasn't strong enough to fight back anymore. He whimpered, tears running down his cheek.

"You're such a handsome boy. It's a pity I can't keep you for myself. We would have so much fun; I know you'd be grateful. But at least we can have fun now that we're alone,"

"You will do no such thing," claimed a voice.

Slash. The door suddenly spilt in two and fell onto the floor; the lamp overhead shook back and forth from the reverberations. In walked Suzuka, sword by her side. She raised her bokudo and pointed it at the metal woman. "Your time is over."

"Only Master Angelglory has the right to decide that," retorted Thrice.

Beep beep. "Thrice…pull out for now. I'll handle them myself." Angelglory's voice came from Thrice's communicator, hanging on her hip.

Thrice looked to her communicator, then back to Suzuka. "Humph, fine. You keep him…for now. I'll be back for my boy soon, though."

With that, the metal woman vanished in a gray light, leaving Locke bewildered on the chair.

"We should go back to Gene and the others," Suzuka said to the boy.

The brunette climbed down from the chair and nodded slightly. "…"


"Get 'em boys!" Jecko shouted, as he called forth a horde of pirate lackeys.

Gene was outnumbered eleven to one, including Jecko. "Well, isn't this great…" The outlaw drew his other two guns and raised them up. "Alright, you dirt-bags, show me what you got!"

A few lackeys charged at Gene, arms flailing, hoping to rip him apart. The outlaw shot the first pirate right between the eyes, then spun around and kicked another in the stomach as it tried to grab him from behind.

A third came down from above, claws outstretched. Gene aimed both guns at it and opened fire, blasting the lackey to bits. The other seven pirate peons lunged at Gene, attempting to overwhelm him. It worked.

"Gene, watch out!" Jim shouted.

BANG! Two pirates were suddenly ripped apart. The other lackeys watched their comrades bodies fall to the ground. A blonde teen rushed about the pack of goons, knocking them away from Gene.

"Hey, Gene. Sorry, I'm late," the blonde shouted as he punched a fist through the skull of one pirate.

Gene was confused. "Adam, what the hell? I thought you went to the hospital," he claimed, as he shot apart another pirate.

"Nah, I just needed to cool off. Get over my anger," Adam replied as he kicked another adversary in the chin.

"Tch." Gene shot the last pirate right between the eyes, killing it instantly. "Heh, now that wasn't so hard."

Jecko was in pure shock. "How could he do that so easily? He's really good. I've never seen anyone move that." "Well well well, this is quite the party! But…" Roulette appeared next to Jecko, holding Spade's torso. The Ctarl whispered something to her companion. "…We'll be taking our leave. So long, Gene Starwind!"

With that, Tri-Fiesta turned tail and began their retreat.

"Gene, they still have Locke!" Jim claimed.

"Damn it! After 'em!" Gene said, as he gave chase after the retreating pirates.

"They won't get away from me!" Adam remarked as he ran ahead of Gene.


Tri-Fiesta continued on their getaway back to their ship. Escape seemed imminent until…

"HOLD IT! Hold it right there!" shouted Adam as he caught up.

Jecko stopped his jogging and turned to the teen. "Myeh heh heh heh heh! Now for the fun part!"

The white haired man pulled out a small mirror from his back pocket. He put it out in front of him, so that Adam's reflection as in it. Jecko began chanting incoherently to himself.

"What the hell are you doing, freak? I'm not in the mood for any parlor tricks!" Adam shouted, cracking his knuckles.

Then rim of the mirror began to glow in a dark light. Jecko began chuckling again. "Myeh heh heh heh heh! Gaze upon my mirror! Tell me what you see! Shatter the glass mirror! Shroud it with deceit!"

Suddenly, the mirror shattered into tiny glass pieces and fell to the dead earth. Silence crept up on them.

Adam just cocked an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Was that it? Breaking a mirror? Man, I'm SO sca…"

A white line appeared on Adam's face. It looked like a crack in a window. The lines suddenly spread out all over his body, along with excruciating pain. The teen fell to his knees, gasping for air that would not come.

Meanwhile Gene and Aisha arrived just in time to see this horrifying spectacle. Jecko burst into mad laughter. "Myeh heh heh heh heh! What a fool! His own arrogance was his downfall!"

"Adam!" Aisha shouted, as she could only watch her friend breaking apart in front of her.

"Ai-Aisha…I'm…I'm sorry! AHHHH!" Adam screamed in pure pain as he finally broke to pieces just like the mirror did a moment before. A blinding light spread outward and blinded everyone's sight.

The light dimmed…

…nothing of Adam was left.

The angel of death was watching from atop the satellite dish. "Everyone of you will meet his fate."

Angelglory dropped down from the sky and landed where Adam's ashes would be, if there were any. He turned to Tri-Fiesta and nodded, calling them off. "Go."

The trio of pirates turned tail again and ran off, leaving Angelglory alone with his foes. "It's a pity...I was really hoping I could kill the punk myself," he said, a sick grin painted on his face.

"You bastard! You'll pay for that!" Gene yelled, pulling out his Caster and aiming at the angel.

The fallen just laughed sadistically. "A Caster? Ha, that can't do shit to me!" he exclaimed.

"Try me!" Gene retorted, as his fingered pressed down on the trigger.

But before the gun could fire, a hard fist collided with Gene's ribs. A few of them broke right away, while others just cracked. Angelglory stood still, his fist still touching the outlaw's chest. Gene gasped and stumbled backward, falling to the ground.

Aisha suddenly swung at Angelglory, causing him to jump back several feet. "Not so fast, beast!" cried the angel.

Gene struggled to get to his feet, his chest pounding in agony. Melfina and Jim showed and went to Gene's side. "Gene! Gene, are you alright?" Melfina asked, fearing for her outlaw's health.

The redhead gasped for air, all the while staring a hole through Angelglory. "It's Leilong all over again…"

"This is amusing…Shimi had you finished, but his own foolish tools got him killed. I'll pick up where that old man left off," Angelglory exclaimed.

"I seriously doubt that…" Some distance away, there was Suzuka and Locke walking towards the battlefield. "You're skills are nothing compared to his.

"You're gonna pay for all the trouble you've caused!" Aisha snarled, flexing her claws.

Jim pulled a gun out at the fallen. "That's right!"

Angelglory just laughed madly. "I beg to differ, fools."

"Bastard!" Jim yelled, firing at Angelglory.

A bullet whizzed past the man's face, causing him to snap. The angel charged at the child, his scythe appearing in his hands.

Slash. "Ahhh!" Jim was struck down, a sickening thud echoed as he fell.

"JIM!" Aisha charged furiously at Angelglory, readying to rip him to shreds.

Angelglory just laughed and sprinted at the Ctarl Ctarl. He grabbed her by her skull and squeezed. He quickly mumbled something of an incantation then threw her into the air.

"HA!" yelled the angel as an explosion engulfed Aisha. "Weak, you'll all WEAK!"

"Don't be so sure." Suzuka appeared behind the fallen.

She slashed him with her bokudo. But he caught it with his hands. Blood rushed out of his hands and onto the ground. Angelglory brought his scythe up and cut Suzuka across the chest. And she was down as well.

Angelglory stalked over to Gene and Melfina, his weapon dragging on the ground. The angel of death stopped in front of them and raised his blade over his head, intent on showering it with Gene's blood.

"NO!" cried Melfina. She stood in between Gene and Angelglory. "Please don't! Please!" she pleaded.

"I stopped caring about pleas a long time ago!" the angel raised his scythe higher, ready to bring it down and did…until…

Gshhh. He stopped dead, the blade directly above Melfina's raven black hair. The fallen stumbled back. Behind him stood Locke, his hand imbedded into Angelglory's back.

"Locke…" Melfina mumbled in disbelief.

Angelglory fell to the side, a permanent look of shock on his face. Locke took his hand from the fallen's back and looked at his hand in shock. What had he done? He dropped to his knees; his body covered in cuts, all now bleeding. He fell forward, face first into the dirt.

He had taken it all…all of the pain that his friends had experienced. They would be all right.

All of it…All of the pain…was now his…


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