Keitaro and Motoko: A Love Hina Story

By: Daimyo Shi

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina, no how much I would like to. Or what I give to trade place with Keitaro.


'internal talking from a person's evil side'

Change of place

Motoko and Keitaro eat lunch quietly beside each other as the rest of Hinata Sou partakes in Shinobu's fine lunch. Naru takes occasional glances at Keitaro. Naru's face has become filled with a certain level of sadness.

(I never though I lose him to Motoko, Mutsumi maybe but not Motoko. I can't believe she won. I never even got to fight. Kitsune was right. I should have told him something, anything.) Thinks Naru. Naru finishes her lunch and gets up. Motoko sees out of the corner of her eye that a single tear is finding it way down Naru's left cheek.

(Huh? Why is she crying?) Thinks Motoko (Perhaps, this will be more complicated than I thought.)

The rest finish their lunch and Motoko turns to Keitaro and asks "Keitaro, will you go shopping with me?"

"Hai, of course Motoko-chan" replies Keitaro he grabs Motoko's hand as the two of them go out the door. As two new lovers leave, Shinobu picks up the dishes with Kitsune.

"Kitsune, why are Motoko-senpei and Urashima-senpai holding hands?" asks Shinobu.

"It seems that Motoko told Keitaro that she loved him. They have become a couple, it would seem." replies Kitsune.

Tears well up in Shinobu's eyes "Nani?" replies Shinobu as tears begin to stream down her face.

(Nani? What is with Shinobu?) Thinks Kitsune. Kitsune puts her arm around Shinobu in an effort to comfer her. "Shinobu, what is wrong?" asks Kitsune.

"I will never have senpei." sobs Shinobu.

"Huh? What do you mean Shinobu-chan?" asks a confused Kitsune.

" . . . I . . . I wanted to be . . . senpei's girlfriend." sobs Shinobu.

Kitsune looks totally shocked. Shinobu sobs into Kitsune shoulder as Kitsune tried to bring herself into some kind of coherent state. (Shinobu was attracted to Keitaro? I never saw it, it never even crossed my mind that is was possible. I knew Naru was attracted to him and Su sort of was because he looks like her brother, but both Shinobu and Motoko as well? Oh, and Mutsumi but I had her figured out. What wrong with me, what can they see that I missed?)

Kitsune feels Shinobu sobbing her shoulder which reminders her there are more pressing issues at hand.

"There, there Shinobu-chan, there are many more men out there. Whatever qualities Keitaro has take comfort that you are not alone. I guess, Keitaro would have been the man of who ever came forward first and told him that they love him."

With a tear stained face, Shinobu looks at Kitsune "You were in love with him too?" sobs Shinobu.

"No, of course not! Still others were. However it worked out in the end, someone was going to be heart broken." replies Kitsune. "Few people get there first love."

"Have you been in love?" asks Shinobu.

"Huh . . . Of course, it not like I am some kind of cold woman. Keitaro just not my type."

"You didn't get your first love? I would have though a woman like you would be able to get anyone you wanted." says Shinobu.

"Really? I kind of flattered. Shinobu, Love is a very perplexing thing sometime you love someone and they won't know it no matter how much you hint at it. They just don't understand. Sometimes they leave not realizing that they are breaking you heart." Kitsune stops looking a Shinobu and is now looking starring out the window. A single tear runs down her left cheek.

Shinobu notices this and gives Kitsune a big hug.

Kitsune turned to Shinobu can gave her a weak smile. "It funny what stays with you over the years. Some day, you get over Keitaro but trust me you never forget him. Just remember to forgive him."

"Ok, Kitsune." says Shinobu.

Motoko is in her room, just finishing putting on her Fuku. She had finished high school a few weeks ago, but she couldn't give up the only clothes that she had that truly fit the outside world.

She still couldn't wear the dresses that the other girls wore and she didn't have the money to buy a new wardrobe.

(I am sad, Here I am in my Fuku, all be cause I feel so uncomfortable in female clothes. Maybe I should look at buying some pants or something.) Motoko reaches for her katana. (Kuso, I can't take that. I don't know how this is going to work. I love Keitaro, but I really can't find any reason for him to love me. I beat him up, treated him with suspicion at all other times, I hate wearing anything feminine.) Motoko Blushes at her next though (How will be able to turn him on. I can't even think about it without turning as red as my favourite hakama.) Motoko grabs her wallet and then leaves her room.

Keitaro is in his room just finishing putting on a pair of black jeans. He looks in the mirror and at least see a sort of attractive man. (Honestly Motoko is the last girl, I would have though would be in love with me. I wonder what she likes about me? Kuso, It not like I can ask, heck the least she thinks about it the better for me. There is nothing in Keitaro to love for a girl like her.)

'I really glad that your height is not determined by self doubt, otherwise you would not even be as tall as Shinobu.' a 30 cm version of Keitaro hovering in midair. This version of Keitaro was dressed in a black leather jacket, a blue T-shirt with text 'Female Body Inspector' on it, black jeans and black cowboy boots.

"What are you bothering me about, I about to go out with Motoko. I hardly need you to follow me around and making me look crazy." says Keitaro

Evil Keitaro smirks 'Like you need my help for that. Hey, I want the same thing as you do, some action certainly Motoko is build to for action. She all firm in all the right places. Besides, I am not here to make you feel bad, you do a fine job by yourself. I am actually here to cheer you up so you don't fuck up. Come on, Motoko likely thinks you just the right kind of guy; kind, sensitive guy that can make here happy. I mean maybe, Motoko is just as insecure as you are.'

"What? You have lost it! Why would she be insecure? She is a capable, independent, resourceful woman."

'Do I have to remind you about the time Tama-chan seemed to be in love with Motoko and the problem with the clothes, everyone tried to get her to wear? If she was secure, I don't think there would have been any problems, if she was just like how you think she is?'

"Are you trying to say Motoko is weak?" asks Keitaro.

'No of course not, but neither are you. I am just trying to show you that you and Motoko are not necessary so different as you pretend.'

"Maybe . . Maybe." says Keitaro as he leaves his room. at the main room he sees Motoko dressed in her fuku. A uncharacteristic smile on her near perfect lips.

She beautiful when she smiles, perhaps this will be what should be.

"Ready to go, Motoko?" asks Keitaro.

"Hai, Keitaro-kun." replies Motoko.

Motoko and Keitaro leave the Hinata Sou. At the end of the stairs Motoko grabs Keitaro's hand. Keitaro blushes slightly as they walk towards the Street car stop.

Nearly two hours later, Keitaro and Motoko have done some shopping. Keitaro had managed to get a Kenshin plushie in only five tries at a crane machine.

(I can't believe, he spent so much just to get this little Plushie for me. Keitaro will quickly spoil me at this rate.) Thinks Motoko with a big cheerful smile.

Keitaro looks at Motoko and thinks (Well she seems to be have a great time.)

Motoko finds a very disturbing sight entering her vision. It is the form of Ishii Yujo.

He quickly approaches. "Motoko, who is this weak fool." says Yujo with a evil smirk.

"He is my boyfriend, not that it any of you business, Yujo." snarls Motoko.

"Boyfriend? Motoko I seriously though you have better taste than this. I mean even a gaijin would be better than this mewing kitten." Says Yujo.

Keitaro's evil half appears now dressed in a Black kimono and Hakama, his sunglasses have the kanji for death in then 'Punch him Keitaro, He just affronted Motoko's Honour. Kill Him!'

Keitaro found his right hand forming a fist. Keitaro was not prone to violence but this man was pressing all the right buttons.

"Keitaro is more of a man that you are. He has the heart of a Dragon and has matched wills with strong people than you and won." snaps back Motoko.

"Hah, this cream puff." says Yujo as he gives Keitaro a little push.

Keitaro stubbles back a bit but manages to catch himself from falling. Keitaro feels the total flush of rage, his right hand makes a fist and the strongest punch that Keitaro has ever thrown is headed for Yujo's face, except he blocks it and sends a hard punch to Keitaro chest knocking to the ground and out of breath. Motoko lashes out, her shopping bag hits the grounds as she hits Yujo with a knife edge strike, from her left hand, to his right shoulder. He slaps her in response. Motoko claws at his face with her left hand. Yujo shoves her away and she lands in a combat crouch. By this time Keitaro has recovered enough to manage a defensive stance as well. As Yujo is ready to continue his attack he feels someone grab the back of his shirt. He turns around to see a Policeman dressed in a standard Tokyo police uniform. He also had white gloves on, some what out of place in the modern force.

"While I have to admit this would seem to be a matter of questionable need for my interference I believe, young man that I will stop it. You will come with me that way everyone involved will have some time to think about things, Ahou." The policeman took Yujo with him across the street.

"Kuso." says Keitaro as he gets up. "That hurt."

"Yujo, you time will come." says Motoko.

"Who was that, Motoko he seemed to know you."

"That was Yujo, he is the Second student in my kendo class, he is the man that you will defeat."

"Uh, really?" says Keitaro.

"I have faith in you, Keitaro. You do have the heart of a Dragon."

"Uh thank you Motoko-chan." says Keitaro. "Say, didn't that Police officers name tag say Saitou?"

"Nani, did it really? . . . Come to think of it, it even sort of looked like him. Nah, Hajime is an anime character." says Motoko.

The rest of the way home Keitaro and Motoko hold hands, in a strange kind of silence. They enter Hinata Sou and find no one in the main room.

"Well I guess I should get cleaned up after that tussle with Yujo." says Motoko.

"Ok, see you at supper then, Motoko-chan."

"Of course, Keitaro-kun."

Keitaro begins to walk to his room.

"Keitaro-kun?" says Motoko.

"Hai?" replies Keitaro.

"I just wanted to tell you it was really sweet of you to punch, Yujo. I know you are not much of a fighter. I just wanted you to know that I understood, don't feel bad about it. I still love you." says Motoko with a smile.

"Hai, Motoko-chan, thank you for coming to my defence." says Keitaro with a bow.

The both continue on their way. Keitaro found himself in his room. beside him appears his evil side.

'Next time the bastard dies!' says his evil side.

"Kuso, he did nothing that deserves death. I shouldn't have let my anger cloud my mind." says Keitaro.

'Bah, it showed him you are no push over. After all he insulted not just you but you girlfriend. He dishonoured her with his vile talk. Aku Soku Zan. Besides, Motoko understood, she might even have liked it.' says Keitaro's evil side.

"Well I think 'liked it' is a strong take on it. However it was nice that she understood it." says Keitaro.

'Still, perhaps there is something in common in this matter, ne?'

"Perhaps." says Keitaro as he strips to change into some clean clothes.


Japanese terms:

kuso: something along the lines of shit as an expressive.

chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too.

kun, Sort of a male version of Chan but more masculine often used between friends and older people to boys that they know. Kei-kun is a favourite of Mutsumi for Keitaro.

San is Mister or Miss, a polite way to address an inferior or an equal. Note that both this and sama are used with a family name which in Japan come first

kabuki is a style of theatre in Japan. It very lively and dynamic. Often actors faces are painted with make up.

Onii-chan big brother

Aku Soku Zan: According to Rorunin Kenshin this is the motto of the Shinsengumi. Saitou normally says it before killing some one.

Ne: Japanese expression sort of like eh? In Canada