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"Caleb?" called Livvie as she opened her eyes and reached for an empty side of the bed.

"I'm right here," he called behind her, buttoning up his shirt and getting ready for the day. He walked over and leaned in to give her a kiss, "I'm going to go bring breakfast up from Delia—I'll be back in a few."

Livvie sighed as she relaxed back into the pillows but a second later got up, threw on her robe, and went down the hall to Tara's room. She got to the door and saw it was cracked open—Caleb must have decided to tell her now instead of waiting until after breakfast. She smiled as she opened the door the rest of the way, but it fell when she saw the covers were rumpled at the end of the bed and the room was empty, "Tara? Caleb? Caleb!" she screamed as she went running out and onto the landing.

"What is it?" he said as he went running into the foyer.

"She's not here."

"That's impossible," he said as he came up the stairs and into her room.

"Do you think Rafe took her to the Springs now? I mean what if she's not strong enough?"

"No, he didn't—he went home to Alison last night, but said he'd be back this morning. He knew what I was going to do—he knew I was ok with it last night," he said as he looked around and saw a note on the table.


I decided I had to take my destiny into my own hands—I'll let you know when I find a safe place to stay afterwards. Tell Kate I'm sorry I yelled at her yesterday. I love you, Alex, and Miranda.


"Oh God, Caleb—we have to get to her," she said as the front door opened and she went to see Rafe standing in the foyer.

"You stay here," he said as he ran down the steps and to Rafe. "Watch Olivia—don't let her out of your sight."

"You want me to come with you?" he asked.

"No—this is my daughter and I'll take care of it, Slayer," he said as he grabbed a jacket and went running out towards the kitchen and then to the stables to saddle a horse up.

Jasmine rubbed her face as she walked into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She poured her coffee and noticed the red light from the answering machine was blinking and pressed the play button,

You have 4 new messages.

Jasmine—it's Cassandra, call me

Jazz—where are you? This is important—call me.

Why aren't you picking up?

The forth was a hang up, though Jasmine was sure it was from her sister also. She dialed the phone quickly and prayed Myra wouldn't answer, "Hello?"

"Cassandra—what's the problem?" asked Jasmine, her mind now wandering through all the possibilities that her sister would call her four times last night.

"I don't know—it started last night—I keep getting this loud humming in my ears and then I close my eyes and I see this white light coming towards me and then."

"And then what?" she snapped. "Sorry—then what?"

"Nothing—it's like there's nothing after the light."

"What do you mean by nothing?"

"That's not possible," she said as she went and sat down at the kitchen table. "Ok, close your eyes, Cass—what do you see?"

"I see that white light."

"No, before that—where is the location? Can you see anything?"

"I see—Caleb," she sighed as she finally saw something else.

"Good—is there anyone with him?"

"Uhm—it's either Tara or Livvie," she said as she concentrated harder. "It's Tara—he's trying to talk her out of something—I can't tell what it is though. And then—the light starts. This is big Jasmine—and it's going to change all our lives."

"I know," she said as she began feeling that whatever it was had already started.

Caleb whipped the reins again as he got closer to the springs and saw a second horse munching on the grass around the entrance. He jumped off his horse and went inside to see her staring at the edge and looking in, "Tara."

She turned to look at him—her hazel eyes reminding him of her mother's when she was on the brink of doing something foolish and possibly deadly to others, "Don't—don't stop me."

"I don't want to stop you—I want you to be human again, whatever you want sweetheart, but you aren't strong enough for there yet."

"How do you know? You know nothing about me," she said as she inched closer.

"Please Tara, please listen to me."

"I want a normal life, Dad."

"And I'll give you one—I promise, whatever you want in the world, but let's just go home first and let you gain more energy."

"No," she said and shook her head. "You'll never let me go in there, it's now or never," she said and jumped in.

"Tara!" he screamed and went to the water's edge and waited for her to come back out, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up and out of the water—he felt her grab the ring and slip it off his finger before he could react.

Jasmine dialed quickly and tapped her nails as the phone rang.


"Livvie—is Rafe there?"

"Yeah, hold on," said Livvie as she handed the phone off. "It's Jasmine."

"Hey—is everything ok?"

"No, it's not. Cassandra is getting visions and now I'm starting to get them too—something big is about to happen Rafe and it's going to change our lives. I need you to get to Caleb—get to him and help him stop whatever is about to happen. Don't second guess me on this Rafe."

A pit fell in Rafe's gut as he heard the frantic pleading undertone of Jasmine's voice. "I'm not—I'm going now," he said as he handed Livvie back the phone and was out the door.

"What? What's going on? Where is Rafe going?" asked Livvie as she went into the hall and saw that Rafe was already gone.

"I don't know—I wish I did but I don't. I'll fix this Livvie—I promise with everything I have I will fix this."

Livvie felt calmness by the words Jasmine said to her, "I know you will. What can I do?"

"Hold Miranda tight and tell her you love her."

"I feel sorry for you Dad—you never are happy with what you have. You had the perfect life finally—two beautiful daughters, a son to follow in your footsteps, but that wasn't enough was it? Is it ever going to be enough for you?"

"No, Tara you don't understand—now please hand me the ring," he said as he took a step closer to her.

"This one?" she giggled—a sound that normally warmed her father's heart to hear her do, but this time he wasn't smiling at her. "Where did you go wrong, Dad? Was it when your father had you turned? Yeah—same as me. I guess we have something in common after all. I wish you were happy."

"I am—I'm so very happy with what I have Tara."

"Then you'll understand why I have to do this."

"What?" asked Caleb as he heard a noise behind him and saw Rafe stopping at the entrance.

"I wish."

"Tara," said Caleb as he heard Rafe take a step closer.

"I wish you were never."

"Stop. You don't know what you are doing," said Caleb, who didn't even know what was about to happen. He turned back to look at Rafe—who had a look of uncertainty on his face.

"I wish you could have found happiness before dad. I wish you could have had the life you originally dreamt of. I wish you had never become a vampire."

Suddenly everything around Tara went black and both her father and Rafe disappeared. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she could see a small light in the distance about the size of a pin. It was coming towards her and the closer it got she kept hearing her family and friends saying things from times gone by.

No Caleb—it can't be—Alison can't be pregnant with your child.


Do you have a fever?

I know what you need—muffins.

Are you sure we don't have a PTA meeting or something to go to?

And you could peel me like a ripe round succulent grape.


You guys have to watch out for me up there—you do realize I'm the last of the original interns.


I'll never work with a man like Joshua Temple ever again—at least not in this lifetime.


Oh, my dear Lucy. Don't be sad. I'm not. My life's work was healing people, and now I get to do it one more time. For you, Lucy.

Oh, Karen. You are my angel. My angel.

You're my girl Karen—you'll always be my girl.


I want to say one thing before you do that. Caleb, I just found my mother. And you took her from me. And you turned her into something that I don't even recognize. You tried to get in between what Rafe and I have. You tried to destroy our love for each other. And I never thought that I would ever say this, but I hope that you rot in hell.


Stop staying that, Livvie. I don't want to leave a message. Something is very wrong. You have to be careful. Answer me, Livvie, please.

I wanted to show you guys this bracelet. It's very special. It was Rafe's mother's. It's my something old.

Truth be told, there's a lot of love in this world, but it's rare when it all falls into place.


No, no, that can't be right. Please that would mean that you're there's that music.

Hello, Port Charles. I said hello, Port Charles!

Caleb Morley, you son of a bitch.

I'm Stephen Clay.

Mother, don't you know who you're sleeping with?


Don't play me. I haven't forgotten how I wound up in this loony bin in the first place. What was that stuff you injected me with, anyway? That's some powerful stuff, could make a guy crazy. Oh, wait it did.


I was just everything! All of it! It's all come back to me. I remember you. I remember me. I remember us us together before before. I I remember everything. I remember!


What word don't you understand? I can't find my father! I can't find him! He's gone, Rafe!


I'm not going to let you fall. You're going to be safe. I'm not going to let anything happen to you, I promise you. Alison, I came back for you! Now you come back for me! Come back to me!


Lucy? It's me.

Doc? Oh, my oh, my God. Oh. Oh! Oh, my God, it is you. It's really you. You're home. You're home! You're you're you're home!


Two adults, one infant. Yeah, look at that. You got me a window seat. Always know I want to see where I'm going, don't you? I'm sorry. I was supposed to go with you to pick these up. Look how cold you are. That's a good thing we're going somewhere warm. Paradise, I think you called it. There you go. All right. Hey, you're so cold.

I can't fix this.


I love you. Sign me up for scuba lessons, would you?

I love you, Thornhart.


I came here an angel, blessed with an angel's powers. But I will leave here a man much more blessed by your love. People say, you know, that there's only angels in heaven, but i've been here and there and I know better. See, angels live in the hearts of those who dare to love. And how lucky am I to meet the most incredible angel of all. People spend forever searching and looking, on a journey to nowhere. And you know what? I guess that could've been me, except i found uou. And now I know that my journey began and is going to end with you. Alison Barrington, I promise that i will carry our love with me forever. We will be joined together as one for now and into eternity.

And I promise you, Rafe Kovich, to carry your love with me forever. My heart and soul now belongs to you from now through eternity.


I want you to promise me that you'll find someone who will love you as much as I do. Right now, you don't think that's possible, but I want you to promise me that you will search until you find happily ever after.

How can there be any happily ever after if you're not here in this world with me?

I love you, Chris. You will always be my prince.


Lucy, you taught me that life should be nothing less than a grand adventure, that there are always mountains to climb and mysteries to solve and new worlds to explore. And I cannot tell you how glad I am for that because you also taught me that opening my heart and listening to my soul is the key to being alive. And life with you is the grandest adventure of all.


So you're saying these couples, they have to be holding hands by the time the clock strikes midnight on Christmas eve or

Or they'll all lose their chance to have a future together. It's not going to come around again for them, son. It's now or never.


Evening, boys and girls. Ok. By show of hands, who missed me?


Oh my God, you are! I can see it in your eyes! I know what you are now withwith the light and the miracles and the whole bringing-people-back-to-life thing. I know what you are. You're an angel.


Hi. Oh, goodness, that was a loud noise, wasn't it? Oh, it's ok. Yeah. Oh, it's ok. Mommy's not going to let anything happen to you. No, she's not. No. It's ok. Shh. Mommy's always going to watch over you. Yeah. Just like the stars. Look, Danny. There's your star. There it is. And it's there for you to wish upon any time you feel alone or scared. It's going to be ok. And if you wish enough and dream enough, all your wishes can come true.


Together, Olivia. Bound to each other through the ages. To come of your own free will. Both our souls tied in eternity, above and beyond death itself. A pact of blood mingling the warm essence of our love. We are one, everlasting.

Always. And forever yours.


I find comfort and refuge in your love. Now, I may make some mistakes along the way because we both know I'm not perfect. But I can promise you all of me, for better, for worse. And I will be by your side through the good times and the bad times and everything in between. And I promise to cherish you. I love you, now and for always.

And I see a woman that has taught me not to give up on love. And now for the first time in my life for the first time I have found a peace and a calm that I didn't know existed. I found it in you. Now I promise you that I will be the best husband, best father, the best man that I could possibly be, and I promise that I will love you and honor you with everything that is me, for now and for always.


Who am I?

You heard me. Answer me.

I'm your future.


Yeah, it's a forest. Besides, I'm a little more afraid of the two-legged variety.

As the last words passed her the light over took her and everything she knew of her life was gone.