Star Wars: The Alternate Saga

by Cy Skywalker

based on the movies by George Lucas and not in any way entirely owned by said Cy.

Chapter 1: Far, Far Away

4 standard years after the founding of the Jedi academy at Yavin 4

Over the multicolored sphere of Corellia, its silver and brown moons like baubles in an abstract floating sculpture, a simple starship engaged its blazing blue drives in acceleration toward the planet.

he four tube-shaped engines made a barely noticeable rumble under the feet of the occupants of the ship; a yellow-green skinned Twi'lek, his lekku tattooed with a flame-like pattern of branching spikes from their tips to his forehead, wearing a black and teal flightsuit, and a relaxing female Pho Ph'eahian. She was lean, dressed in a one-piece tan coverall, her long navy blue hair tied back, two arms crossed, the third twined in the strands of hair near her fanlike ear, and the fourth in her lap. She was the captain of this ship the Twi'lek had employed to Corellia, making part of the agreement the strict order of ask no questions.

The Twi'lek, his back to the captain though he knew she was half watching him, slightly shifted so that the holoprojector before him was totally out of her sight as a burly human male appeared on its static-filled projection surface. The contact had black hair and beard and wore gray and red, and his formal clothing was overlaid with a bandoleer over one shoulder and a leather bag strap over the other. The Imperial crest showed in white on his shoulders and bag.

"Chakra." He spoke in a rasping, old voice, older than his face.

"You have it?"Chakra the Twi'lek asked curtly. .

The human nodded vigorously. " Sure I've got it. Can you pay?"

"Ten thousand."

"Ten thousand."

"And you're sure it's the real thing?" This was said with menace.

"It is the real thing, Chakra. The only real thing. The deal is set. You know where to meet me."

Chakra flicked off the holoprojector impatiently. Indeed the deal had been set, with this unpleasant human go-between, and as soon as this particular item was out of the hands of the Imperial Remnant Chakra would put as much distance between them and himself as he could for a while. He didn't even know what this item was, something from a private collection that whatever warlord was in control of the Remnant now wanted because the Empire had had it back in the day when they could hold on to their equipment. And as an information and artifacts broker for whatever hidden organization, bounty hunter or Hutt would pay him, Chakra was not on very good terms with either the Empire or the Republic, just with himself. And with the credits from this steal he maybe could buy his own ship back from that sleemo of a murishani, that made such a odds-poor deal and cheated...

The Pho Ph'eahian leaned back in her seat and mentally estimated that she had five, ten minutes before needing to get to the cockpit for entrance into Corellian airspace. She was just being paid by this Twi'lek, but she knew all she needed for the mission...everything about him.