Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story except Elainor.

It was a bright morning as Elainor awoke in her dark chamber. It was her favorite room in the tower. It was hers. Those filthy animals her father bred never dared to enter that room, for fear of her wrath. Which was a good thing, they were afraid of something.

She could recall her father being good. He loved her mother Tiniwiviel, he loved her very much. Her mother was a Lothlorien elf. Yes, she remembered her nananeth.

Suddenly a cold shout came from somewhere outside her door. "Get up! Get up, elainor, do you plan on sleeping all day, we have plans to finish, and you have your last day of training ahead of you little princess." Saruman called from outside her door. "Coming ada..." she grumbled. Why? Why must he be so cold? Elainor just wished he'd return to normal, but ever since discovery of the ring of power he was restless. Everyday it was train for this train for that. Today was her final day of training. She honestly did not know what her ada had planned for her, and she was not worried. She was well practiced in the black arts of wizardry, in archery, and in swordsmanship. She was not worried in the least. Instead she thought of this man, Elessar, that she had trained so hard for two years to kill. As far as she knew he was the only person standing between her beloved ada ruling Middle Earth.

She slipped her leggings on, and then put her bright green tunic on, slipped on her boots and opened the door and flew to the training fields. Instantly a group of orcs and a troll ran at her. She had the advantage of a few good shots with her bow, but pretty soon her arrows ran low and she was surrounded by menacing uruk. She took out her twin eleven draggers and began to slash her enemies, soon she fought them off long enough to do a quick spell and launch her enemies into the air. She was done, she had passed the test. Saruman stepped out of the trees near by and spoke, with a serious look on his face, "You will never amount to anything if you can't finish you're foes off faster child." He gave a sinister grin, "But... you are now ready. You will search for Elessar, and kill him, a halfling carries the ring, kill him and bring the ring to me, then we will rule Middle Earth together. Oh, yes, take this, Sauron sends his regards..." he handed her a long sword. She unsheathed it. It was a beautiful dark metal, "look, child" Saruman said taking the sword from her and throwing a silk scarf in the air and placing the sword under it, it sliced clean through, without a movement.

Within a matter of moments Elainor was off to Rivendell, with her trusty Moonstar.