A year since the defeat of Vegnagun and all of Spira was throwing a party. I was on Besaid, with the rest of the gang, including Leblanc, the guys, and just some random people like Isaaru and Kimahri. I, however, didn't feel like partying. For some reason, I just felt tired of parties.


Okay, you see, that isn't necessarily true. I am avoiding a certain someone. I didn't want to be a party pooper, as Yuna labeled me when I told her I'd be wandering off, but hey...I needed to think.

So I wandered off and that brought me to where I was now.

I sat in the shadow of the little hut, just thinking. The moon was out, kind of making everything look spooky but I wasn't paying attention. I was doing what Rikku usually doesn't. Thinking.

Yuna and Tidus had been married for around six months now; happily enjoying what they thought might be a short-lived dream. I didn't really understand the whole dream thing. I mean, Tidus felt real enough. But then again, he'd been real during Yuna's pilgrimage and then poof just disappeared.

Paine was 'searching,' whatever she meant. Apparently she was looking for the 'old Paine.' She was shakey-shaking her way all across Spira, spending a week in each town. Right now she was here in Besaid, for the party that was being thrown to commemorate the one-year since Vegnagun's defeat. But what she didn't know was that I knew where she'd been sending some extra time...Bevelle.

Nothing more to be said. Hehehe.

Nooj and Leblanc had married soon after the defeat of the yuckiest machine ever and were expecting their first child. It was just plain weird to see Leblanc bloated as much as she was. And now, her mood swings were worse than usual. Nooj and Baralai were involved with organizing a new government which would be representative of all the towns in Spira, as well as the nationalities.

Baralai himself was loosening up a lot. The former meanie was now changed. Ew. Baralai and change don't seem to go together well in one sentence. He laughed and joked just as much as Gippal.

Gippal, Gippal, Gippal.

I suppose you could say I was here, avoiding him. I'd just begun to realize how strong my feelings were for him. At first, when I'd seen him in Djose for the first time in three years, I felt a little tingle and figured it was the remains of a...well...lifelong crush. During our second meeting, when he revealed what we used to be to Yuna and Paine, I felt the feeling grow stronger.

And now, slowly through the numerous times I've seen him, the childhood crush became...larger. I still don't know if I'm in love with him. I'm not very good at reading feelings, even if it is someone like Gippal. He's a great friend but he's not very easy to get to know.

Wow, I've never been this serious about anything! Except maybe saving Spira but that's a whole different story.

When Gippal and I first met, I was four and he was five. He was best friends with my brothers, Keyakku and Anikki (Brother). Ever since then, we were inseparable because of how alike we were. We loved to tease everyone and soon it became that we teased only each other.

When I was twelve, we became a couple in everything but the word. We never asked each other if we were boyfriend-girlfriend. It was just known. Fights were regular when you were with us. I don't know how many times we separated in huffs of anger and went out to actually date other people. But then, whenever we realized how silly it was, Gippal would climb up through my window (whenever we fought, I left it open for him) at night, leave a daisy for me and leave. He did it the first time and it was our thing ever since.

Gah! This is so melodramatic and overly sad that it's making me choke! But no time to choke...

I jumped in surprise as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked over. It was Yuna.

"Hey Yunie!" I'd let a smile cross my features. None of that fake stuff. She would know. Yuna sat down next to me, letting me grow comfortable with her presence before speaking.

"Rikku, why don't you come back now? I'm sure he'll forgive you." I sucked in by breath and shook my head.

"Aw poopie, Yunie. Why'd you have to bring that up?"

"Everyone's wondering where you are." She was talking with that tone of voice again. The one that made me listen to her. The one that she used when she knew she was right.

"Yunie, I just can't. That last fight was...bad." The tears were pricking my eyes. Gippal and I had had our worst fight yet a few months ago and I'd been avoiding him ever since. It'd been about our relationship and where it was going. I was scared and said I didn't know. That got him mad and soon, I was too. From there...well, some pretty bad things were said.

"I know Rikku, but you have to accept the fight. I've never seen you this quiet. It's worrying me, Wakka, Lulu, Tidus and the rest of the group."

I sighed and flopped back onto my elbows. "Yuna..." Time to be serious. Hence the lack of Yunie-ness. "I just don't know. I don't know if we can forgive each other and if everything can be normal again. I don't know how much time it will take or-"

Yuna cut me off. "You love him, don't you?" It was almost a whisper and if I hadn't been so close to her, I probably wouldn't have heard her. I sat up immediately and peered at her face.

"Do I act like I do?" Yuna smiled and nodded. I exhaled dramatically and leaned back on my tush. This would take a lot of covering up with the ever nosy Tidus and Wakka. Hopefully I could get Paine and Lulu on my side. Lulu most probably would be on my side because Vidina loves me ever so much and so there's no problem in that. But Paine...

"What are you thinking about?"

"How many respect points do you think I'll lose if I lie to Paine?"

"Lie? About what?"

I just smiled my 'I'm-the-innocent-Rikku!' smile. "Nothin'."

Yuna shook her head and looked out to the ocean. The waves were getting closer, quietly lapping the shore in a soothing motion.

"I'll head back. You come soon, okay?" I nodded and smiled at her. Giving me one more hug, she headed off to the village.

I turned back to the water, letting it calm me. I'd never exactly liked the ocean but it didn't scar me off. I could do the whole 'Let's go swimming down to the bottom' thing but...blegh. I just didn't like it as much as I did the sand.

I let my thoughts wander off, something I did often. But today, it didn't bring the satisfaction it usually did. Why? Because my mind only wanted to think about the all-time meanie. I heard the crunch of sand and turned to see Gippal wandering out.

He didn't notice me because I was near the dark hut so I made myself even less visible. Scrunch up in a tiny ball and you're good to go! He peered to the water, his hand rubbing his face tiredly. Poor guy worked real hard...

Stupid Gippal...

He let gravity take over and flopped to the ground. He leaned back on his hands and exhaled. I could tell by the way his chest heaved.

Why can't I hate him?

Making one of those rash decisions that I usually do make, I stood up and walked silently (Me? Silent?) to him. I sat down next to him. The moment my tush hit the ground I felt my resolve and faith in myself weaken...a lot.

"Well, well, well. Cid's little girl? Here? To talk to me?" My face contracted into a frown and I glared at him. I failed to notice then how comfortable I was around him.

"E ryja y hysa oui, sayhea! (I have a name you, meanie!)" I punched him light heartedly and let small smile cross my lips.

"E's cina oui tu...so tyeco. (I'm sure you do...my daisy.)"

I blushed. And I became eternally grateful that it was dark. He hadn't called me that since we left each other, me to get Yuna and him to join the Crimson Squad. I'd always liked that nickname, of all of the ones he'd given me. That was the one that made us special. And right then I felt as if my heart was ready to burst with...drum roll, please...loooooove...I'm starting to sound like Leblanc.

"Gippal? I'm sorry." I had to start it off. It was my fault that we were so...broken right now.

"For what?" That surprised me like no other. I twisted my head so quickly to look at him that my braids went flying and they hit him on the face. Gippal shook his head at my antics and pushed my braids away. I giggled sheepishly and began rearranging my braids.

"E's dra naycuh fa ryjah'd dymgat du aylr udran vun cu muhk. Yht tuh'd oui cyo dryd E's hud dra naycuh! (I'm the reason we haven't talked to each other for so long. And don't you say that I'm not the reason!)" With a firm bob of my head, I finished my so-called oration and turned away from his smirking face. I knew he was going to make fun of me.

"So, you're saying that there's actually something between us?" I think I turned red like a tomato just then. It was so embarrassing! I went over what I said in my head. Did he really get that from...that? And so to further bury myself in shame, I answered him.

"Yes." And that's when I clapped my hands over my mouth and stood up, quickly. My stupid scarf was so damn long! I tripped over it and went sprawling onto the ground. Sand, as much as I love it, does NOT taste good.

"Ynah'd oui zicd dra sucd knylavim drehk ajan? (Aren't you just the most graceful thing ever?)"

I didn't dignify that with a response, partly because I was still on the ground, spitting out the offending sand. I flailed a little when I felt two hands hoist me up by my armpits. They set me up on my feet and led me over to the water.

I was thankful and bent down to get a bit of water to wash my mouth out with. Next thing I knew, I was flying through the air. And after a bit of thrashing around in the air, I hit water. Cold water, which helped all the sand leave my mouth but it was cold. So when I came up, sputtering like there was no tomorrow, I had one thing on my mind. Revenge.

I angrily pushed my hair out of my face and waded through the water towards Gippal, who was laughing...hard. Growling like a PMS-ing fiend, I jumped out of the water and landed on him. He went tumbling down in surprise and landed splendidly in the shallow water. While he went under, I pushed him down and held him. Or more like tried.

He used his legs to trip me so then I fell back. I quickly resurfaced, being the quick monkey I am, and splashed water on the guffawing Gippal. He turned away for a moment and then turned back, his facial expression shocked. And then he released his tidal wave of water onto me. We continued that for a few minutes before he went under. It was dark so I kind of stood there, shaking and shivering and...scared. He wasn't coming up.

I felt something brush my leg and turned to follow it. Not good, seeing as I didn't know which way he went!

"Gippal? Gippal?! Come out!!...Please?" I pleaded to the water. And then sensed hands on my legs. No, I didn't sense. I felt! Before I could do anything about it, they pulled. I went in headfirst, floundering, just like before. The bubbles obscured my vision, as I hunted for Gippal. But for some reason, I couldn't see him. I soon found out why.

I felt two arms circle my arms circle my waist which led to me being lifted out of the water. Gippal walked out of the water, to where the waves lapped the wet sand. There, he dropped me unceremoniously.

I lay on the ground, trying to regain my bearings. Gippal stood next to me, grinning like a fool. I finally stood up and with one hand on my waist and the other ready to poke his chest, I marched right up to him...and looked up too. He was too tall!!

"That wasn't nice!"

"Who said I was nice?"

"You meanie!" I poked him especially hard and then began to walk right past him, my clothes and body sopping wet. I kept on marching, surprised that he wasn't following me, when I felt a tug on my neck. I looked own at my scarf and followed the one taut end of it. Gippal was holding it. And then he started reeling me in, as if I was a fish. I was acting like on too, watching his eye for any sense of foul play and opening and closing my mouth like a fish.

Soon I was right up against him, his hands crawling around my waist. I was looking down, trying to see my feet but we were so close that all I could see were my boobs. And so I stared at them. Gippal's finger came into my sphere of vision and tilted my chin up. I kept my eyes trailed down until I couldn't anymore. So hesitantly, I brought them up t see Gippal staring at me, an amused smirk on his lips.

"Daisy." He whispered before lowering his lips onto mine. My first reaction was to pull away, but oddly enough, I didn't. I leaned in, closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck. His reply was to pull me closer until it seemed as if every inch of my body was up against his and our lips became more fevered in our dance.

Our lips molded wonderfully together, as we moved quickly and desperately. His large hands ran up and down my back and I felt amazing. I felt powerful, vulnerable, sexy, gentle, vicious...

I pulled away to breath, just noticing that I was a few inches off the ground. He smiled at me before putting me down and lowering his lips to my ear.

"So tyeco (My daisy)."

It was then that I realized what love really felt like.


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