Kitsune Prince

Chapter 1

Lady Yueh

Kitsune: n. Jap. Fox demon known for its mischievous nature.

For all of you who love Anime and Harry Potter I give you this fanfic in all of its HarryPotter/Inuyasha/YuYu Hakusho glory.

Disclaimer: I cannot say that I have the joy of owning any part of the Harry Potter Universe though I have put in a petition to borrow Severus. I cannot claim that the hunky Kitsune known as Youko Kurama is in my possession though I have asked to bear his Love Childe. I won't say that Inuyasha is mine though I really wish his brother Sesshoumaru were.

Summary: CROSSOVER. What if. What if the lies that have made up Harry's life started to unravel? Many sides have told many lies but the truth cannot be concealed for long. The Lord of the Eastern Lands of Makai will retrieve the Kitsune Prince, pity those who stand in the way of his kit. With new allies and a family he was kept from Harry will make himself into a force to be reckoned with. HP/YYH/IY

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"Kurama." The firm voice reached his ears and he turned to see the spirit of his long deceased wife.

"Is something wrong?" She would not have left her refuge for any reason other than an emergency. It was far too painful for either of them to see the other and not be able to do anything about it. To touch, comfort, and soothe.

"It has to be now. You must take him away from that place." She was giving him an order and he could not help but smile at the memories that her tone brought forth.

"You're stressing yourself, koishii." Kurama commented from his position at the door.

The brunette sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I can't help it. I have so much to do. So get out and do something more productive than annoying me."

Kurama smirked and did the opposite. His nimble fingers kneaded her tense shoulders as he curiously looked over her shoulder. "You are definitely stopping and taking a break."

She arched an eyebrow. "Oh? What makes you say that?"

"The fact that you misspelled 'the' four times in a row." He hid a grin as she checked and flushed when she found that she had indeed spelled 'the' 'teh' four times in a row.

"I can't! I have a hundred things to do," she explained with exasperation.

"You'd better make it a hundred and one," he murmured as he nuzzled her neck.

"Mhmm," she groaned in agreement as her breath hitched.

"KIT!" Kurama bore the screams and the mauling of his hand stoically as he soothed his wife.

"Never again Kurama! You hear me Shuichi? Ahhh!" She panted as another contraction hit her.

"Push m'lady!" Chushin, who was aiding in the delivery, encouraged, "I can see the head. Just one more!"

She and the rest of the clan were excited for the first kitling of their lord's litter. There were many bets as to whether it would be a girl or boy and whether Lord Kurama's hand would need tending after his lady's 'ministrations'.

Evadne grunted as she pushed with all her strength. Cries filled the room and Chushin proudly declared "A lovely Lady!"

Evadne continued to labor as she delivered the afterbirth.

Then, both parents waited with bated breath as Bara tenderly cleaned and swaddled the child.

The two kitsune females left the room after the child was handed to her mother.

The proud parents tenderly looked upon their first-born daughter. Dark red curls were already present on her soft head and pale white skin contrasted greatly with her lovely green eyes.

"She's a mini-you!" Her mother laughed.

Kurama gave his wife a tender look. The joy sparkled in her honey colored eyes and her face was glowing. "I can tell she will have your spirit koishii," he murmured as he kissed her softly.

"What will we name her?" she questioned in a quiet tone as she burrowed into his embrace and stared at the living proof of their love for one another.

"Yuri," Kurama answered.

"For her skin." She smiled lovingly.

"For purity."



"Of course! If she's your daughter she has more than enough of that!"

"What has happened?" he questioned.

"He was taken away under Dumbledore's very nose! He came back bearing a corpse and the nightmares, which plague him of the encounter. This will not be borne! I will not allow it!" Her golden brown eyes flashed and dared him to say otherwise.

"Calm down, love. Take a deep breath and tell me from the beginning." He wanted to get the whole story so he'd know whom to dismember first.

"A death-eater in disguise as the new teacher, hired by Dumbledore if you cared to know, entered his name for a tournament that could cost him his life. He emerged unscathed from the first and second tasks but the third was a disaster. The contestants traversed a maze and he nobly took the trophy with another contestant in a draw. The damned trophy took them to Voldemort! That bastard of a death-eater spelled it! The other boy was killed and Voldemort used Harry to resurrect himself. The two dueled and Harry escaped with the boy's body. The death-eater tried to take him but Dumbledore 'finally' caught on and stopped him. Then, that idiot Fudge decides that Harry is delusional and that Voldemort was most certainly not back! So now people think that Harry is a bloody murderer! His nightmares won't let him sleep and he has to go back to my 'niece' and her despicable family!"

Kurama fought back the urge to take her in arms and kiss the top of her head until she stopped ranting. He had forgotten himself before and the mistake had hurt them both terribly.

"Hush. I think you're right. It is time."

She smiled in satisfaction. "Good."

"Evadne?" he murmured as she started to shimmer.

She paused.

"Ai shiteru."

"Ai shiteru, Kit."

A second later he was once again alone.

Harry Potter stared into the nothingness of the ceiling.

He tried with all his might to make his mind blank. To numb his feelings. To put a halt to the whisperings of his mind.

To stay awake.

Away from the reach of the nightmares that plagued his mind on a nightly basis.

All of it was in vain as his wearied mind and body slowly settled into an uneasy sleep.


Dark shadows writhed around his small form.

Memories washed over him.

/Glares. Disgust etched on faces he had thought to be friendly.

'Good going, Potter.'

'Why don't you hand The Cup to the Slytherins?'/

/Whispers and stolen glances followed him everywhere.


'...evil, they are.'

'Oh no! He looked at me!'/

/'Lily! Take Harry and go!'

'Please! Not Harry!'

'Move aside wretched girl!'

'Please! Have mercy!'

'Avada Kedavra'

An explosion of green light./

/'Kill the spare.'

'Avada Kedavra!'/

/'Blood of the enemy...forcibly will...resurrect your foe.'/


Oh how it ripped through him.


And his prayers were answered.

A song drifted through the air.

Chords of love and warmth surrounded him and chasing away the darkness.

Harry could only compare it to a Phoenix Song yet it was also very different. Fawkes' song was warm, comforting, and...magic. This-this was a hug, a sunny day, a laugh. A kind word.

"My little Prince," a voice broke through the warmth that the song brought him.

"Mum?" He whispered uncertainly. The voice was so like his mother's yet different.

Soft arms encircled him in an embrace.

"Your mother and father are no longer here my little fox." Her voice seemed to envelope him and he sluggishly looked up to see the face of the person who held him. Wavy brown hair framed a smiling face as concerned brown eyes glowed with love.

"They're not?" he murmured. The arms tightened around him.

"Oh my little one. Their spirits have been put to rest and they no longer linger here."

He didn't know why but the terms of endearment that she uttered warmed him. The thought that he would never see the spirits of his parents didn't seem so heartbreaking as long as she rocked him in her embrace and crooned soothingly.

"Who are you?" he muttered as lethargy crept upon him.

"Mother of your mother," she whispered. At these words Harry wanted to sit up and stare at the woman but his limbs were too sluggish and his mind was hazy. "He's coming for you Kitling. Your mother's father will come to set things right."

The arms around him faded, as did his surroundings.

"No! Wait!" he cried out as sleep started to embrace him. "Don't leave me alone," he pleaded tremulously.

The lithe red haired man approached the normal looking home in the middle of the day. He knew from close observation that the appointed Mrs. Figg took this time to shower since it never occurred to her that any dangerous threats could approach without the cloak of night. He smirked and paused for a moment. He was idly twirling a rose that glowed slightly but steadily as he continued along his way.

His bearing was confident but casual as he ascended the steps to #4 Privet Drive and rang the doorbell.

His sharp hearing caught the sounds from inside.

"Dudley! Get the door!" 'My lovely niece.' he thought ruefully.

"Make Harry get it!" He winced internally at the whining cadence of the boy's voice. 'I knew I should just have kept Evadne without marrying her. Now I'm stuck with her family.' He smiled and pictured what she would have said had she heard his thoughts.

He was shaken out of his ruminations as the sounds of heavy footsteps approached the door. It was swung open and he was faced with a short and very obese boy who was glaring at him with watery eyes.

"What?" he asked rudely.

'Someone needs some manners,' he thought with a smirk.

"I am here to speak with your mother," he announced smoothly.

"Mum! There's someone here to see you!" With that he rushed away from the door and returned to his place in front of the television.

Kurama shook his head in disgust. 'What wonderful protection for my heir.' He shut the door behind him and turned to gaze at the pair that had emerged from the kitchen. The man was almost as large as his son and Petunia was thinner than he had ever seen her.

"Good afternoon," he greeted pleasantly.

"Who are you?" Dursley asked rudely. He didn't like the look of the man. The slant of his eyes gave him away as a foreigner and, though he would never admit it to himself, the man's vivid green orbs unsettled him greatly.

"A relative," Kurama answered vaguely.

"You're none of mine!" Vernon declared haughtily.

Kurama smirked. "I should think not Dursley." He turned his gaze to Petunia and said, "Don't you remember me Petunia?"

His keen hearing made out a slight noise at the top of the stairs and he his a secretive smile. 'What a curious kitling I have.'

Petunia frowned. "I think I would if I'd ever seen you."

"Well, I remember once when you and Lily were children that you asked me why Lily had two mums and two dads. I said that because she had two mums and dads she would be in trouble twice but that my wife and I were your Aunt and Uncle and,"

Petunia cut him off with her soft words, "And Aunts and Uncles were much more fun because they let you get away with things." She looked up at him with bewilderment.

"Uncle?! You can't be her UNCLE!" Vernon raged. 'This man looks younger than I do!'

Kurama smirked. "And why can't I Dursley? Because of your small mortal concept of aging?"

Petunia was still staring at him in a daze but Vernon was furious and his words had attracted his son from the telly.

"YOU! YOU''re one of them!" he hissed.

"One of who?" Kurama asked with distaste coloring his tone. "A wizard?"

Vernon turned purple, Dudley whimpered, and Petunia blanched.

"Oh no. I'm not one of those. Wizards age Dursley. Didn't you know?" he inquired.

"And why would I care to know that?" he spit out. Vernon did wonder for a moment why the man seemed so distasteful of wizards. And how did he know of them if he wasn't one himself? 'He's lying,' he thought viciously. 'Ashamed to be a freak and admit it to normal folk.'

"Oh, no reason at all. Now, I am here to take Harry Potter," he stated calmly. He listened as his cub shuffled away from the stairs. 'Probably to retrieve his wand.'

"I knew you were one of them!" Vernon boomed furiously.

"Listen and listen well Dursely. I am not a wizard," he stated with deadly calm.

"Well then, what are you? And why do you want the boy?" Vernon made a very amusing sight as he was puffed up with rage.

"I am Youko Kurama and I am here to collect my grandson," he answered.

Vernon guffawed. "That's even more unbelievable than you saying you're Petunia's uncle!"

Kurama sneered. "I will not be mocked by you human. Be assured that the only reason I did not harm you is because you are married to Petunia and she is the niece of my wife and the cousin of my daughter."

Petunia spoke up then, "Why didn't I remember you before?"

Kurama didn't answer as he had heard noise from the other room. "Kitling please stop hiding behind the door and come here," Kurama said aloud. "I know you sent Hedwig to Dumbledore and I know you heard what I said earlier so join us and get some answers." Not a sound was heard. "I know that she came to you little fox. She told you I would come and I have. So stop being as stubborn as your father and come out here."

The door swung open and Harry stepped through with his wand poised to fire and his intense emerald eyes fixed on the smirking stranger before him.

"Who are you?" he asked distrustfully. Faster than anyone could see Harry's wand was in Kurama's hand and Harry was trussed up in a vine. In Kurama's other hand was a wicked looking whip, which he handled expertly.

"Sit down," he commanded the three behind him.

"Now, see here!" Vernon began.

Kurama spun and coolly regarded the blustering man. "I am not someone you should trifle with Dursley. You asked me if I was a wizard and I can say that I am not. I am something much worse. Now sit." His tone had not changed at all throughout his diatribe and that, more than anything, frightened Vernon. He and his family sat on the sofa and regarded the man with barely concealed fear.

Harry was struggling and cursing himself a fool. When he saw the man's eyes on him he glared. "What are you going to do with me?"

Kurama's face was void of any malice as he answered, "I have come to take you where you belong."

"You're taking the boy nowhere!" Vernon spoke up.

Kurama ignored him and before Harry knew what was happening he had been picked up and settled on an armchair.

"It is your choice Little Prince. Will you come with me?" He asked him earnestly.

Harry's eyes widened as he realized something. "Your eyes..." he whispered. "Who are you?" he asked in consternation.

"I am the father of your mother. Your Grandfather."

Now this was not the answer he had been expecting.

"You're my WHAT?!" Harry exclamation filled the room.

"You heard me little fox," he answered with barely concealed humor.

"You're lying," he accused.

Kurama solemnly answered, "I assure you, I am not."

"Of course he is! Everyone knows that Petunia's parents are dead!" Kurama turned to glare at the man who had, once again, interfered.

"Alexander and Emily Evans are dead. They were never Lily's parents," he informed the man frostily.

Harry made a choking noise. "It's can't be..."

"And why not?" Kurama demanded quietly.

"You're not old!" Harry blurted.

'An impertinent one also.' "There are things that stop aging. The Philosopher's Stone for one." Kurama told him and smirked at the wide-eyed look he gained from his grandson. "Though I have no need for such things." Even wider eyes. "I am not human so I do not age as one." 'If his eyes get any larger they will burst,' he thought.

"What are you? A vampire?" Harry questioned. "Besides, Dumbledore said I had no other family and that's why I'm here!"

Kurama chuckled. "I am a demon."

"Then you can't be my grandfather! You'd have to be related to Aunt Petunia and she hasn't got a bit of magic in her! Plus, demon's are evil!" Harry protested.

Kurama sighed and turned to regard the bewildered Dursley's.

"You should not believe everything you are told. You are related to Petunia and I am not because your Grandmother was her Aunt. Your mother was my daughter and you are my grandson," Kurama explained.

"Why would my grand mum marry a demon?! Or did...did you..." He fumbled for words.

"She chose to be my mate if that is what you are asking." He smirked in an amused manner.

"Just take the boy! Take him and leave respectable folks alone," Vernon demanded with a red face.

Kurama stared at him in contempt and before they could move the Dursley's were enveloped in a cloud of purple. Once it cleared Harry could see that they were all slumped in a pile. He produced a soft blue flower and shook its pollen onto his palm before dispersing it over the slumbering Dursley's. The Mnemosyne flower would make sure they remembered nothing of the past day.

'Are they...'

Seeing the thoughts flitting across his grandson's face he frowned. "They are not dead."

Harry was skeptical and looked it.

"What do you want with me?" Kurama said nothing and for all appearances it seemed he had not heard the question at all for his head was tilted at an angle as if hearing something.

"There is no time. They are coming," Kurama murmured to himself aloud.

"Who?" Harry inquired desperately. 'Dumbledore?'

Kurama shook his head and in a blink had Harry in his arms. "We must leave."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise and panic. "No!" he struggled as best he could but to avail.

"I am sorry."

Then darkness blurred his vision and he was lost to reality.

A second before Mundungus Fletcher port-keyed into his office screeching 'He's gone!' the instruments in his office that indicated the status of Harry's wards went off.

Harry was gone from Privet Drive.

Taken by a demon.

Dumbledore cursed inaudibly.

The light blinded him as he cracked open an eye and shut it just as quickly.

He blinked away the spots in his vision and tried to identify where he was.

Rather plain room. A bed, a dresser, a mirror, a pair of chairs and two doors.

'Not a dungeon or torture room at least,' he thought sarcastically.

A knock sounded at his door and he closed his eyes quickly, feigning sleep.

He heard the knob and the sound of the door opening.

"I know you're awake," a singsong female voice teased. He kept his eyes closed only to have them flew open as someone poked his stomach.

"GYAH!" he grunted as twinkling cinnamon colored eyes were the first things he saw.

Harry curiously appraised the female before him and two seconds in his eyes widened. He (like most teenage boys) had seen the pretty (well gorgeous) face and mature curves when a something caught his eyes. He took a double take and saw a graceful (but definitely in-human) tails, as in more than one (three of them to be exact), swishing lazily behind her and twitching russet pair of ears mounted atop her head.

"Who are you?" he asked curiously with some trepidation.

"You don't recognize me Harry? I'm hurt." Truthfully she didn't look the least bit hurt.

" Have I met you before?" he asked nervously. He had just noticed that she had rather sharp claws.

"Well yes but I guess the tail threw you off." She grinned and her form shimmered for a moment.


End Chapter 1

Koi: Endearment. Akin to 'My love.'

Chushin: loyalty, devotion

Bara: rose

Yuri: Lily of majesty and pride.

Ai shiteru: "I Love You."

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