Chapter 1: The 1st Morning

Author's Note: Well, nice to see you all. I am missing many chapters to "Haldir: An Elfling's Tale" that I decided that while I wait for someone who has them to send them to me, I could entertain you folks with this. Now, it's only a cute little elfling fiction, and it does not mean that everything will be in perfect order. For example, Aragorn and Legolas are the same age.

Realize now that this is not following Lord of the Rings very well so if you do not like, do not read. It is also very modern Lord of the Rings (for example, the school bus), so again, do not read if you do not like.

Now, go on. Read at your own risk. You may flame, it's your choice, but you have better things to do you know. Like feeding your goldfish.

Note on Chapter: There is many more elves, dwarves, hobbits and other creatures attending Middle of Middle Earth School, but I cannot write about every single one's morning before the first day of school.


"Legolas, hurry up!" The elven king Thranduil yelled at his small son who was taking far to much time getting his hairbrush.

"I'm coming ada!" the small prince screamed, grabbing his silver and ivory brush in a hurry and running into his father's room.

"And you're not even dressed!" Thranduil moaned, pulling his little son onto his lap and began to brush his hair.

"It's your first day of school Legolas Thranduilion," Thranduil sighed as he braided Legolas hair into one long braid down his back. "And you're barely ready!" Thranduil said, releasing his son's long, golden hair.

"Go get dressed, then come to my study to pack your bag." Thranduil ordered. Legolas nodded his head and raced off to his room, located right between his father's room and his sister Illiendal's room.

Legolas pulled off his night tunic and his night leggings and grabbed some green leggings from a chest of clothing. He pulled out a blue tunic and pulled it over his small head with ease, and did the same with a royal, green tunic similar to the hunting tunic his brothers both wore. Legolas grabbed his belt and ran to his father's throne room.

"Legolas, you have to go pack your bag! If we don't leave soon, you will be late for class and get in trouble." Thranduil said. Legolas sighed.

"I know ada, but I need help!" Legolas whined, climbing onto his father's lap.

"Help with what, ion-nin?" Thranduil asked, smiling as Legolas kissed his cheek.

"You know!"

"Know what?" Thranduil smiled.

"That I can't do my belt up by myself!"

"You really should at least try, Legolas."

"Please ada? It will just take longer and then I'll be late for school! You don't want THAT to happen, do you?" Legolas looked up with pleading, blue eyes.

"No, I do not wish for that to happen." Thranduil smiled, taking his son's small belt.

"Too tight ada!"

"How's this then?"

"Too loose!"


"Okay." Legolas smiled, cuddling up against his father.

"Legolas, go pack your bag."

"But I'm comfy here!" Legolas whined.

"Go." Thranduil ordered. Legolas sighed and went to his father's study were he threw everything into his backpack, including his lunch of a cheese sandwich, a bottle of water and a chocolate cookie that was made and packed by his brother's wife, Firelien, since she loved making Legolas' lunch, and Legolas loved her sandwiches.

"Ada! I'm ready!" Legolas called.

"Come then. I will take you to the stables. In the morning, you will ride with your sister, Illiendal to school. But since your sister always goes to visit Sernaer after school, you will take the school bus home, alright?" Thranduil looked down at his son.

"The school bus sounds scary." Legolas whispered.

"Don't worry, Legolas, it wont be." Thranduil smiled. Legolas smiled back as his father picked him up, kissed him on his brow, and placed him in front of his sister on her horse, Rofain.

"Be careful, and keep an eye on him." Thranduil whispered to his only daughter, Illiendal.

"I will, as often as I can."

"And I'd rather he not see you with Sernaer... Especially not kissing..."

"I would not, Ada." Illiendal smiled, kissing her father on his cheek before looking down at her small brother.

"Ready, Legolas, for school?"

"I guess so..."

"Say good bye to ada."

"Bye ada!"


"Frodo, my lad, you're a quick one! All ready for school!" Bilbo praised his adopted heir, Frodo Baggins. Frodo, who was about to enter first grade for the first time, had just sat down at the breakfast table in Bag End, and Bilbo, the elderly hobbit who cared for him, was serving him eggs and bacon. Bilbo, himself, was having bacon and some wine to celebrate Frodo's first day of school.

"Yummy." Frodo smiled, taking a bite of some crispy bacon Bilbo had given him.

"Now you eat up, and we can ride on ponies to school. Won't that be fun?" Bilbo asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes uncle, it will be!" Frodo beamed. "But first, I want to bring some of my favorite books. I can read them at recess."

"And on the bus ride home," Bilbo added. "For, as you know, I am a very, very busy uncle! I will not have the time to come on my fat little pony to bring you home, and if I did, we would eat dinner at midnight, supper at breakfast, breakfast at second breakfast and so forth! And you are far too young to come home by yourself on pony!" Bilbo smiled as Frodo put down his fork.

"I'm full, uncle."

"Full! You barely touched your food! But if you are full, I will not force you to eat. Go brush your teeth and hair, I will be ready in a moment." Bilbo said, taking Frodo's plate and eating the remaining food as Frodo went to brush his teeth and hair.

When Frodo returned to the kitchen, Bilbo was already on the pony, waiting for Frodo. Frodo grabbed his bag, which was properly filled with all his study books (such as 'Elmo's ABCs and 'Math with Bob the Builder'.

"Coming uncle Bilbo!" Frodo called, running out of the hobbit hole, which was his dwelling and (with help from Bilbo) hoping onto the pony.


"ESTEL! ELLADAN! ELROHIR! ARWEN!" Elrond shouted for his children. First appeared Arwen, his young elven daughter, then Estel, his adopted son, who was a man, appeared, followed by Elrohir appeared, who was Elladan's twin and Elrond's son. Finally, Elladan, first born son of Elrond and Celebrian, appeared with a face full of pie.

"Elladan!" Elrond gasped.

"Nana let me eat some pie." Elladan blushed.

"And she let you walk out of the kitchen like THAT?" Elrond asked. Elrond left and brought back a damp cloth, which he used to wipe off Elladan's face.

"Now, it's your first day of school for all of you, and I am very proud, but very busy. Since Lord Glorfindel works at Middle of Middle Earth school, which is the school you will be attending, Glorfindel will be bringing you all with him to school. But Lord Glorfindel has to stay late after school, so you will all be returning home on the school bus. Have a good day at school."

Elrond kissed each of his children, and let Glorfindel take them. Arwen began to cry.

"Ada! I'm scared!" Arwen sobbed. Elrond sighed and took his daughter into his arms.

"Don't be scared Arwen. It will be safe. And you will make many friends." Elrond said softly.

"Don't worry Arwen! I will protect you!" Estel smiled bravely. Arwen gave him a hug, and the children where all taken to the stables by Glorfindel.


"Come on Gimli! We can walk to school! Good exercise!" Gloin called. Gimli grumbled and ran (as fast as a dwarf can run) and followed his father to school. Gimli's mother, who was watching the two leave, noticed that the two looked very silly. But all dwarves look silly when they are running.

"Come on Gimli! Only a few more miles! We can do it!"

"But dad! I'm sweaty!"

"So am I. And I smell awful!"

"You always do."

"Thank you!"


"Boromir! Faramir!" Denethor called. Faramir came running.

"What took you so long, Faramir?" Denethor asked. Faramir looked sadly up at his father... Faramir did not understand why his father thought he took 'so long' if he was the first to arrive.

When Boromir arrived, which was some minutes after Faramir, his father embraced Boromir. Faramir stuck out his tongue, for which he received a glare from his father.

"Come on, to the stables. You two will ride to school in the morning, and go on the bus to return, only because the school only provides busing in the after-noon. Have a good day at school, boys." Denethor said.

"We have to ride by ourselves?"

"Yes. You and your brother are old enough to ride by yourselves."

"But we're only this grade!" Faramir complained, sticking up one finger to show that he was in grade one.

"You should be proud to be trusted at such a young age! Now go, you may ride on your ponies!" Denethor smiled, watching as Boromir took his brother's hand and ran off to the stables with him.


"I am so pleased that I am going to be teaching children!" Gandalf the Gray smiled as he rode on the lord of the eagles. Gandalf would be teaching elvish, and he was on his way to the Middle of Middle Earth School.


"Come on Pip! We're going to be late!" Merry called. Merry was walking beside his father, and they where going to school. Pippin was tagging along since his father was too busy, being Thain, to walk him to school.

"Think we will be able to prank a few hobbit lads?" Merry asked in a whisper to Pippin.

"Don't you think of it!" Saradoc, Merry's father, said.

Merry grumbled, but smiled when he saw his cousin's eager nod.


The old gaffer smiled.

"Well Sam, it was quite the pony ride! But now we are here, in the Middle of Middle Earth, at The Middle of Middle Earth School."


To be continued...

Ada: Dad/Daddy [in this case, Daddy]

Thranduilion: Son of Thranduil.

Ion-Nin: My son

Estel: Hope. Note that Estel is the name Elrond gave to Aragorn son of Arathorn.

Now, for those of you who wonder "How can hobbits, elves, wizards and dwarves all get to the same school in only an hour each if some of them live months away from the middle of middle earth"... Well, this is fiction. Or, they just have really, fast horses. Remember that this is just to amuse you, so it's not really "perfect" middle earth... I don't want to have hobbits travelling for a year to get to school, then have to go back home every night and back to school the next day! Until next time, Jedi Gollum.