Chapter 36: Rides

The elflings and children, plus Lindir and the tour guide, all rushed to the stables very enjoyably. None of the children hated the stables: Legolas and many of the children had ponies; a few hobbits owned llamas and all the parents (aside from the hobbit-parents) had some horses to ride, so the children where familiar to them.

They all wanted to go on right away at the same time and since that was the case, the rules because that you needed a partner.

Boromir was not the type of brother, at this age at least, who wanted to be seen being kind and loving to his little brother, so truly did not want to be partnered up with his brother.

Since Faramir had no friends and was too shy to speak to anyone but Boromir, he had no one to ask to go on the pony or the llama except Boromir. And Boromir, in attempt to avoid having to be with Faramir, ran to the first kid he saw and asked if he would ride the llama with him.

"So Grima, will you be my partner?" Boromir asked. Through the corner of his eye, Boromir could see the sad face Faramir made when he saw that Boromir already found someone that he wanted to have as his partner.

"Well… Okay…" Grima shrugged, since he really had no other friend or anyone who would want to be his partner. Grima did not care for ponies or llamas, but he supposed llama riding could be very fun.

The children who wished to ride one of the three choices (horse, llama or pony) lined up in pairs. The pairs could not ride long so that everyone who wanted to go would get a chance too, and they could not go twice, to be fair. Lindir would help since a lot of the children had never rode an animal before and where uneducated in that manner.

"Alright… You two first!" The tour guide helped Frodo mount a pony. Sam was partnered with Frodo, and was the fattest of the hobbit children. Sam was big even for hobbit-children, and the tour guide could only lift the child onto the pony with Lindir's elvish, strong help.

"Wee! This is so much fun!" Frodo cried out in joy.

"Frodo, the pony hasn't moved yet." Lindir pointed out to the over-excited young hobbit. Frodo, embarrassed, cave a quiet answer that neither Lindir nor even Sam could hear.

The pony walked slowly with Lindir's guidance, the two hobbits thrilled and only a bit horrified of falling.

The two hobbits rode for a few minutes, a short time but long to the hobbits who never rode any animal like it before. It was just to be fair, and the next pair where Legolas and Haldir.

The two boys could mount by themselves, with no help. Legolas had his own pony and Haldir had been taken riding a couple of times with his father. But they where not allowed to go on by themselves only because the llama they where going to ride was the zoo's property and the tour guide had to handle it.

Legolas was lifted onto the llama, followed by Haldir behind him. Haldir liked the llama's soft fur and held onto Legolas to prevent falling.

The two got the same time as the hobbits, a few minutes around the small petting zoo farm.

As each pair would ride, the others pet a few of the other barn animals, like the horses that where far too big to be ridden by such tiny elflings, dwarflings and hobbit children. The children also where given the chance to buy little bits of horse food to offer the horses that where in their stables, and since none of the children had any money on them, Lindir had to buy them each a bit of food. That became quite costly since it was a dollar for each handful, and with so many little children all wanting to feed the pretty horses, Lindir was flat broke by the end of it.

None of the children wanted to leave the ponies, horses and the llamas. The llama had spit all over Boromir's tiny face though, and now Boromir threw a fit and was the only one wishing to get away from the zoo as soon as possible.

"It assaulted me!" Boromir pointed at the aggravated llama, who had only spat at Boromir because Boromir had pulled out some fur and Grima had gotten the llama's pelt filthy.

"Alright… This was a very good visit to the petting zoo, but I think it's time to leave… The children are getting aggressive…" Lindir said as the hobbits where being very violent as they arm-wrestled and the dwarflings attempted to eat one another.

The tour-guide lead the children and their teacher to the exit, where the children filed out and Lindir attempted to get a kiss from the tour guide, but was very sadly smacked across his face so he went away quietly and ignoring Elladan and Elrohir's comments about kissing and serenading.

When the children arrived back at school, they stopped fighting and would have broken all of the musical instruments in Lindir's class, but the bell rang as they entered the glass. So instead of continuing to enter, they turned and ran towards the stairs and all forcefully pushed their way up the stairs and out the door. They ran through the yard of their school and towards the bus area. Quickly the bus filled with much children pushing and shoving their way on.

It was Friday, so everyone had reason to be thrilled, anxious and slightly violent, so the teachers let it slide and the bus driver dwarf even yelled a bit less and a tad bit quieter as he drove and the children misbehaved.

As each child got off and ran to their parents, they all reflected upon their first whole week of school, all excited, thrilled and most of them pleased (most, almost all, but certain students such as Boromir, where displeased and wished to drop out).

The children all spent six years attending this elementary school, and became great friends to many. Some of the children became more of bullies as time changed, and some kept the same friendships as they had when they started their first day of school.

The children grew older, and when they graduated from their sixth grade and ready to enter the high-school section of the Middle of Middle Earth School, they where all ready for it.

But they had changed greatly, too. Very greatly. Some where punks, some Goths, some rude and some shy and quiet. There where a few who did not change, but all in all, no longer where the children just mere children, they changed, and where ready for whatever their seventh grade would bring.


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