Authors Notes: Yes, another story! This is just an intro to set the mood of the story. The time is mid-2002 after Stephanie returns as SD! GM. The story wont be going along with storylines in 2002 and as for people jumping rosters, I'm not sure yet! I hope you enjoy!

I own nothing and am in no way affiliated with the WWE

I just don't get it. Why do other people seem to have luck with love and

relations? I've been engaged once and married twice, AND I'M NOT EVEN 30

YET!!! Somewhere along the way I always manage to get kidnapped or sacrificed

and somehow I end up MARRIED!! Is a kneeling proposal and a little red velvet

box too much to ask for? Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic or MAYBE I'M

NORMAL! Semi-normal? Sure, semi-normal works, seeing as the only man I've

ever loved thinks I'm a bitch, hmm and I wonder why. Maybe its because I am a

bitch to him? No, it can't be! WHY did I have to fall in love with an egotistical

jackass? Better yet, why did I even have to be born into this stupid family?

Welcome to my life, The Story of Stephanie McMahon.