Chapter 1

Celeglin was jolted from sleep all too suddenly for his liking. Shouts could be heard through the window. Panic? He was confused.

"What is wrong?" he heard a gentle voice next to him ask.Turning he looked at his wife with concern. She should not have to be woken at such an hour in her condition

"I do not know," he replied uncertainly. A shout was heard through the window, andCeleglin rose from the bed and threw on a tunic, his hand strayingto the sword laid out on the table but he stopped himself, surely nothing life threatening was happening. Most likely some minor smiths have caused an accident practising at this late hour.

"Wait here, I will try to find out what is happening." Briefly kissing his wife on the cheek, he turned and left their rooms.

Outside in the hallway his brother, Celebros, was striding towards him, a look of panic and concern on his face.

"Brother! We will be under attack! Sauron marches upon our land!" Celeglin was momentarily stunned at his brothers words, "Go fetch your sword; Celebrimbor calls for all to defend our land or protect our people! Our wives and children have been advised to flee over the mountains to Lorien!"

There was a fearful and worried gasp from further down the corridor and they turned to look and see a small child peering around a doorframe.

"Father?" the young girl said quietly, Celeglin's brother rushed down the corridor to her side and gathered her in his arms.

"Hush, Tinwë," he murmured his affectionate nickname for her soothingly. "Lets go find will need to help her pack some things up..."

So, my brother has decided what is best for his I must tend to my own.

Celeglin hurried back into his own rooms and found Mithlin already gathering his armour for him.

"You heard?" he asked her and she nodded silently in reply, "I want you to leave with my brother's family. You will be safe; I cannot risk harm coming to you or our child." Mithlin knew there would be no argument with him; so instead she helped him with his armour. When it was all in place, Celeglin held her tightly in an embrace

"I do not want to leave you," Mithlin muttered as she buried her head into his hair "what if you..." her words broke off and she bit her lip "what if we should become separated? What would become of the child if..." Celeglin firmly took hold of her shoulders and held her at arms length in front of him; looking deeply into her eyes, "You must not think of it! Promise me you will not let your thoughts dwell on that subject!"

Then Celeglin took her into his arms again and gently stroked her hair as he spoke "Our child will live! I do not know how I am so sure, but I know it! We will have a child Mithlin...and you will be able to sing it to sleep with your sweet voice just as we planned and -" Celeglin's desperate words were stopped by Celebros entering the room.

"Hurry; there is a plan for a few to clear a path for our loved ones,"

There could only be haste; and desperate action, as Celeglin tightly held an arm around his wife, waiting only as his brother took up wide-eyed Tinwë and grasped his wife, Tathariell's, hand. Quick, hurry.

Every moment would count as precious, for they could not be trapped there; could not allow loved ones to be taken. Celeglin could only quickly usher his wife from the room, down the dark corridor, following the figure of his brother.

A way out, a clear path, safety...

Any calm that had been so present in that home had fled; driven back by the calls and cries of outside, the darkness lit of flame and dreadful metal's gleam. The enemy had nearly reached their homes.

A small whimper was heard; Tinwë's suppressed breath of fear was released, and Mithlin was struck with sudden thoughts of consequence. Almost outside, she could only hope to hold onto Celeglin long enough...