Hughes' Hobbies

Summary: Hughes is always teasing Colonel Mustang about his lack of a wife. After all of this time, he's begun theorizing on why Roy is still single—and, he's finally discovered the reason.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Roy/Ed, if it counts

A/N: Well. My hiatus has ended. And I have one person to blame on it. =P. This idea was one of those crack conversations everyone has. The idea Hazel and I formulated was along the lines of FUNimation's possible line of FMA toys—and what one could be able to do with them.

First FMA fic. Excuse OoC-ness. And, it's around 200 or so words, too. Give or take. I can't count =P.

01 of 01

'Never Too Old For Toys'

"Edward-kun. There's something I must tell you."

"Oh Roy! Whatever may that be?"

"I love you, Fullmetal. More than girls in miniskirts. More than anything in the world."

"Oh Roy! I love you too!"




"Kiss me!"


"WHAT?!" Two voices. Angered. In sync.

"What's the meaning of this?!" Colonel Mustang.

"Are those...action figures?" Edward.

"Oh look. It's Mr. And Mrs. Mustang." Hughes. Holding two action figures. One undoubtably of Roy Mustang. The other of Edward Elric. Suspiciously dressed in doll clothes; the Roy figure was clad in a white wedding dress; the Edward one in the peguin-like black suit. The dark-haired man holding them with their faces pressed together was grinning at the two real-life versions of the action figures. Who were not in wedding garments—or looking or sounding very happy. Nor were their voices supplied in husky tones, or oddly high-pitched ones by Hughes himself.

Roy twitched, eyeing the action figure bearing his likeness. Edward, however, was eyeing the clothing. "Colonel Mustang in a dress?"

"Always telling him to 'get a wife' failed. So. I have concluded that, Colonel Mustang here has to be the wife."



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