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Summary: Every true Phan's deep and secret dream is to somehow meet him, talk to him or even convince him that he just didn't find the right woman, but what happens when a Phan gets to meet the Phantom? What is it that it occurs when the dream turns into a nightmare? What does really happen when you get a closer look of Erik?

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Chapter the First Lisa Nelsen

Everything went well for Lisa Nelsen, she had a perfect, normal life-as normal as it can be when one lives in New York City- friends, family, good grades and notable talent. Yes, Lisa was an extraordinary painter, yet she also had a crush for music and if she was not mistaken, it had all begun that day almost fifteen years ago when her parents took her to Broadway to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera". It had been... magical, it seemed that each high note touched a thread in her soul, making her pant and gasp in amazement. She had completely fallen in love with the musical and of course "The Phantom". It wasn't until several years later, at the age of ten when she finally read Gaston Leroux's "Phantom of the Opera", she realized then that his name was Erik and of course she fell head over hills for him. With time and money she was able to put his hands on several other items: Susan Kay's Novel, a papier-mâché mask, the Original Cast Recording disks featuring Michael Crawford and Sara Brightman, shirts, musical boxes and others.

Her secret crush was intense and deep, she herself considered that no other phan could ever have the same devotion (A/N: Let's admitted we all think that and some of us are wrong!), she formed part of the society of writers, she had written several fics and as many other writers she despised the so-called Mary-Sues (A/N: Who doesn't?) even though secretly she felt like giving freedom to her mind and allow it to wonder in a secret, special corner where she was the one (A/N: Who hasn't?). Clandestinely she imagined him, regarded him as a sort of Black Prince, in her wildest dreams she could clearly see him: His emaciated yet strong figure elegantly covered with the black cloak, his yellow eyes glowing behind the white mask, his skeletal parchment-colored hands moving in that sensual manner, his lips curved in that attractive and dark smile, his brown hair (A/N: Forgive her... to much ALW!) lightly glowing with the flickering of the candles, the sensuality of his body... and that look, that look she could die for...

At the age of twenty her experience with men had been awful she had only had one serious relationship, but it had ended pretty dramatically, perhaps her obsession for Erik had been the mother of that, but heaven knows she could only have been happy with him! Or so she thought...

It was late, she had being studying for her Computer Techniques V test and she was dead tired, gazing at the clock she noticed it was five minutes to midnight "Not that late..." she thought "It seemed longer." She closed her book and decided she was done for. She prepared for bed, turned the light off and in the dark she founded her CD player, she pressed play and closed her eyes fixing her thoughts on the music...

Father once spoke of an angel,

I used to dream he'd appear,

Now as a sing, I can sense him,

And I know his here...

Here in this room, he calls me softly,

Somewhere inside, hiding,

Somehow I know his always with me,

He the unseen genius...

Christine, you must have been dreaming

Stories like this can't come true

Christine, you're talking in riddles

And is not like you...

Her lips began to move as she whispered the words in her ears.

Angel of music,

Guide and guardian,

Grant to me your glory,

Angel of music,

Hide no longer,

Secret and strange Angel...

She knew every single word of each song, every part, including each of the lines of everyone in the various voices songs like Notes/Prima Donna and Down once more/Track down this murderer. In fact she was so obsessed with Phantom of the Opera that it had been subject of many family discussions, her mother once accused her of paying attention to nothing else and spending the day with her headphones or locked up in her room where the stereo was... it turned out to be one less discussion now that she was living on her own.

The Computers test had been awfully long, Lisa didn't have any time to lunch nor did she arrive her next class in time. The day had been exhausting, work didn't go well either, she had dropped the juice jar at the restaurant and in the register at the vitamin shop decided to stop working. She didn't arrive to the subway on time and had to pay a cab, the driver barely understood any English and he dropped her almost a mile away from her apartment. Lisa decided to walk rather than pay another cab, and to her good fortune rain began to fall. She felt like crying. "If I lived in 1881 none of this would happen!" she screamed out loud, then again it was New York City, there's always someone who cries an insanity to the innocent night.

Lisa closed her eyes thinking hard "How would I have liked to be there, to see him..." she thought as her already damp cloth soaked. (A/N: Hey! Lis! It's NYC, one does not stand in the middle of the street with one's eyes closed!). She suddenly felt an increasing pain on her head and the cold pavement as her body made contact with the floor. She felt how several hands removed her shoes, her jacket, her wallet and jewelry, she caressed her head and a foot kicked her on the rib, she cried out and they fled. She regarded her hand and in horror realized it had blood, with fear she also noticed her sight was beginning to fade and as she lost consciousness her surroundings changed and the real nightmare began... although she did not know it.

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