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Tears of Betrayal

He could remember the first time he's laid eyes on Him. It was in the Japanese National Beyblade Tournament. He hadn't been much interested in what was going on until He had appeared. He could remember the exact moment, the elegance, beauty and grace as He stepped up to the bowl. It simply amazed him the power that He posed. After that he paid close attention to all the matched.

After the Japanese nationals he became part of the BladeBreakers a team consisting of Him and four others. From that point on he made a point of watching all the BladeBreakers matches. He rejoiced every time the team won hoping they would make it to the World Championships. He waited hoping and praying He would win all of His matches.

It was during the Asian Tournament that he began to notice someone else had his or her eyes set on Him. He began to watch more closely as they got closer to each other. His eyes widened as he recognized the one trying to take Him away, it was that traitor!

He nearly destroyed the computer monitor trying to kill the All Starz for almost defeating the BladeBreakers. When the little blonde boy won he smiled in satisfaction, the BleadeBreakers were going to be in the World Championships. They were coming to Russia.

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