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Servant of the Cards


In the huge mansion all seemed to be peaceful. Everything was well kept and organized, there was no dust, and nothing was left out. The mansion however was eerily quiet, it was almost as if time was standing still waiting for something. Suddenly a moan shattered the silence. In the farthest back and smallest room in the house a young teen lay tossing in the midst of a nightmare.

Heero come on, honey we have to go or we'll be late for the party

I'm coming mommy

Oh!!! You look so cute as a little pumpkin, Ryu get the camera we have to get a picture of this

Ok, now smile for the camera click ok now how about a family picture, of all of us in our costumes?

Mommy that's the really greatest idea, thats I ever heard 'nyboby come ups with!!!!

Alright I have the camera set to go off in ten seconds, ready? Everyone smile
click Alright it's time to go now

The teen on the bed whimpered in his sleep as this obviously painful memory continued to play behind is tightly closed eyelids, and the house was once again filled with moans and whimpers, as well as something else. The stairs began to creak as someone walked down them.

So Ariana where are we taking our beloved son tonight?

Ryu you're so silly, you know very well that we're going over to the Winners home for their annual Halloween party. we've been doing it for three years now. Heero's been friends with the Mr. And Mrs. Winner's son Quatre, who's just a few months older than Heero

All right, don't patronize me. Heero promise me you won't grow up to be like your mother

But Daddy I's a boy, not's a girl!!! I aint'int gots no cooties!!!!!!!"

Hahahahaha!!!!!! We've quite a son don't we Ena????

Ryu! I've told you time and time again not to call me that! You know how much it annoys me

Sorry love, I didn't mean to get you mad. I just do it cause I love you so much and it's a great nickname for you

Oh, Ryu. Why do you have to go and be a jerk one minute and a completely romantic guy the next?

It's one of my natural charms in life

Daddy what's that lights's comings clother to da car?

Heero honey what are you talking about?

Dose lights's thats are coming closher to us

Oh my God Ryu!!!! We're going to crash!!!!!!!!!




"MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

"Wake up boy!!! I can't sleep with all your crying and moaning!!" Heero felt a sharp pain across his right cheek. "Shut your mouth now or I'll lock you in the basement." The person then left and went back up the stairs. Heero stayed silent until the noise stopped then he curled into a tight ball and cried silently.


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