Blood, a cluster of thick, puce liquid.
I remember it even now, seeping in
within the floorboards of my home.

"Why did you?"

"To see what I was capable of "

How their bodies lay painfully upon
one another in unison, our clans'
symbol on view to my vision
splattered, ruined by blood.

To Betray.
To hate.
To detest.

"That was killed everyone for that reason?"

"It is important."

The streets, silent and bare,
no voices, none happy, none sad.
Death, death was here, in the eyes
of my brother.

"Don't kill me."

"You are not even worth killing."
"Foolish little brother."

Words that taunted me into becoming powerful.

"If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me..and survive in an unsightly way."
"Run ,run and cling to life."

"Mother, father!"

It was to late, my murderous
brother had slaughtered them
and even though it was such
a long time ago. . .
I can still hear my own screams now.

Uchiha Sasuke
The last remaining of the missing clan

Fear the Sharingan


Notes: Uh...yah. I was bored, and a little pissed off. And depressed. So this decided to come around.