Authors Note: This ministory was based on a Naruto RPG my friends and I did. All characters are original, so only friends will understand this.

A galaxy of fireworks burst against the sky, bright as hybrid stars. "I like," said a brown-haired boy, palming the sword strapped across his back, "the red lanterns. I never seen those before." He dropped down on the grass so heavily that he sent up a flurry of dandelion wings in his wake, earning a lidded stare from the dark-eyed girl beside him. "No," agreed their instructor, who was tall in the way of men that belonged to an entirely different category of once upon a time. "They don't use them often." His words wanted for further explanation. Overhead, the lanterns dissipated into red ribbons of dying light, and the world waited in deferential silence.

The tall man went on. "I've seen men cry, watching them," he said. "Why?" asked the girl, picking seeds off her shirt. They were remembering who they weren't watching them with, he thought. You'll understand, one day. I know you will.

Ikotsu Luca
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