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Emerald threw the car door open, and rolled out of it as fast as he could. He then crawled up on his knees and ran for all he was worth. He could hear a horrible sound, it was deafening and it made the ground beneath him shake. The building he had parked next too was currently falling down, crumbling to dust. The sound of metal bending was something he would never forget. He had never ever heard anything like it before, and from that moment on he hoped he never would again. He was being chased by bricks, ashes and debri falling down from the building. His black hair was showered in white powder, and he found it hard to breath. He was still running while he pushed his sweatshirt up over his nose. He couldn't afford to stop, nor to breath in this toxic and very damaging dust filling the air. It would destroy his body from inside out, destroy all his important organs and most of all; his lungs.

His heart was pondering painfully hard in his chest, and he could hear it even above the alarm behind him, or perhaps it was just in his imagination. He continued running, until he knew he was out of danger. His eyes were stinging and he fished up a pair of black glasses from his back pocket. Far down at the other side of the street he stopped, bent over and tried to catch his breath. Once he could breath a bit better he looked up. Left of the former building was some eerie looking foundations, and a few walls. He couldn't determine why it had crumbled in the first place, but he suspected that something, like a bomb, had went of the very seconds before he had arrived. When the car had stopped, he had looked out the window and he had seen the building was about to come down. There had been no time to apparate with the car once again, he had had to abandon it and run by his own machinery.

"Jesus fuck!" he whispered as he looked around. A total of four buildings had gone down, a few of them were still standing but they were split in half, or missed a wall. Everything was hanging dangerously, and the floor looked about ready to collapse. He could see a few men in uniform lying down on the street, and he knew those men were the aid forces. There were only a few of them out there, so where was the rest? He hoped to God that neither of them had been trapped underneath a building, or they would be dead by now. Deep down a part of him knew that many had died today, but he didn't want to face it. He needed to make some quick decisions right now, and those would effect everyone involved today. He refused to give up now, he would fight until his last breath to get everyone out, dead or alive! One of the building still standing was burning. He supposed there was a gas leak or something. It was very dangerous, he knew that. He picked up his cell phone and pressed one. It was the direct number to Platinum.

"Plat, I am alive and well. It's hell down here. A total of four buildings have gone down, I suspect bombs but I am not certain. Two of them have crumbled, the other two are still standing but incredulously damaged and might crumble at any second. I don't know if there are any other bombs in any of the other buildings," he said quickly as he walked across the street towards the buildings. The dust had settled slightly, but was still in the air so he secured the sweatshirt around his mouth and nose with his free hand. "There are heavy smoke surrounding the buildings, as well as dust. I can hear the muggle police in the distance, we need to do something about that. I need those of you who are waiting in stand by to go down here and fend of the cops. I do not care what you do, but keep them the fuck away from here!" he said. He knew that everyone was listing to what he was saying. "Do nut under any circumstances come near the buildings. I haven't spotted anyone of the unknown enemy, so be careful. I have not seen anyone else but our aid forces. We need to get some medical people down here immediately, who can apparate the injured away to Hogwarts for immediate medical attention.," he said. The noises from the building was the only thing sounding now, there was no human cried anymore and he felt nauseous. Where they all dead? "Platinum, I need you down here to help me locate and find the bodies. Call in the black forces, only our top 25 is allowed inside those buildings. I want them here NOW! Bring gasmasks, magic won't be able to fend off all this dust and won't be able to make us bread as good here. Come quickly," he said and hung up, and he knew they were already on their way.

With great deal of intimidation he made his way over to the aid forces that he could see. He kneeled down next to them, one by one and found that they were all alive, yet. He knew they needed to be taken care off or they could die. He decided to leave them, there was nothing he could do and he counted on the others taking care of them once they arrived. Instead of lingering out on the street he crept his way inside one of the buildings that were still standing. He was worried when the building kept on snapping and rumble above him. The last thing he needed was to be buried himself underneath this place. The smoke from above made itself known down where he was at, but mostly by the smell. He could see quite clearly, if you disregarded from the natural dusk inside. There was no light functioning, and the windows were blocked and dirty.

"Hello?" he yelled. "Anyone?" He pulled out his gun and unsecured it. He was ready to use it, and use it he would if he came across anyone whom didn't belong to them. He didn't think there was any innocent people in here, it didn't look like that kind of buildings. The whole street screamed of old industrial buildings which was perfect hide out for drug dealers.

Harry fought his way thought the building, he made sure to check every room on the bottom floor, but he found no one, so he continued to the second one. He kept on listing, every second for any kind of sound that might indicate that someone was near him, or that the building would fall apart. He didn't trust the fire raging up there, and if gas was involved this whole place was a time bomb ticking away. With that thought in mind he picked up hiss cell phone and called Darren.

"Darren, it's Emerald. I'm inside the building. I need you to turn of the gas in the area, I repeat: turn of the goddamn gas!" he whispered quietly but forcefully as he reached the top stairs up to the first floor.

"Got it," Darren said and Emerald hung up and put the phone away. He couldn't afford any distractions at the moment. He left the last step, and stood at the platform. He noticed a few dark clothed heaps in the corner and made his way over. He bent over and turned them over. He drew back his breath. Those three men belonged to him, and they were the aid. He made sure they were alive, before calling platinum and asking him to come pick them up. That's how they'd do this, he would seek them out, and then inform the others who would come and pick them up while he continued acting like the search dog sniffing traces.

The door to the first floor was closed, and he put his hand on the door, to feel if it was warm. He didn't want to be surprised by any fire. It was cool like doors were supposed to be, so he opened it silently. He glanced around the first floor, but didn't see anything alarming so he continued inside quickly. He searched the floors, and noticed many odd things in there, which must have been left since it had been an industry in work. He almost tripped over a metal… something. It almost looked like a big pipe, but he supposed it wasn't. Since it was an industrial building, there was big open spaces everywhere. He suspected that the ground floor had been offices. He also counted on the upper floors being offices. He supposed places like this was divided like that. The bigger you got, the more important the persons where. He took a wild guess on that the first floor was for visitors and only secretaries sat down there.

He could see bodies spread out in the room, but he wondered why. Why where they unconscious? The last hadn't gone through this room by looks of it. He ran over to one aid man who actually moved his hand.

"Hey," he said and kneeled down. "I'm Emerald, I lead the operation. Help is here. We're going to get you out. Just hang in there," he said as he looked the man over for injuries. He found non.

"Help… the men," the other man spoke. From the little Emerald could see he saw that the man's eyes were wild and scared.

"Yes, we are working on it the fast we can. What happened?" he asked as he found a bleeding cut right above the mans navel. He put a lot of pressure on it, and searched for something to mind around the man. Finding non he took what he could get and used the man's own pants as a bandage. He ripped off one of the legs, and used it as a compress so the man wouldn't bleed to death. "Don't move," he warned as he moved quickly and skilfully.

"We were taken by surprise. We didn't expect anyone in this room. Once we got here we met resistance out on the streets, people shooting at us but we managed to press them back, and they fled inside this building so we followed."

Emerald listened even if the man jumped from one event to another, in no particular order but he got the picture anyway.

"When we got here they had disappeared, and they threw a grenade in here." Emerald frowned. He certainly hadn't seen any markings from that. "I have never seen a grenade with such a powerful blast. It knocked us all out cold." Emerald became even more bewildered at that. Where they dealing with some kind of special weapons here?

"Alright. I need to find them. Sit tight, and don't move. People are on their way up here to get you out," he said and left the man. Even if he wanted to stick around he knew he couldn't afford it. He needed to keep moving. He left another report to Platinum who promised to gather the men on the second floor. Emerald still had half the floor to go. It was a big place. As he neared the opening on the other side of the room he could see that it had indeed been a grenade going off in there. He walked in the splinter which crunched beneath his black boots. He felt like an soldier in a war zone somewhere in the middle east. He ran over to the men closest to the door, and turned one of them face up. He recoiled at the sight. The man's face was badly burnt, and if there was something he didn't like to see it was burn injuries. He found them horrible to look at.

"Jesus," he whispered. The poor man would never be the same. He doubted anyone would ever recognize him. Part of his lip was burned away, so his upper teeth were showing and his nose was gone. He feeling of sickness built up inside him but he fought it down. The smell of burnt flesh was overwhelming and he forced himself to breath through his mouth even if he found it disgusting to inhale it. At least he wouldn't smell it that way. Even through he didn't want to do it, he forced himself to stick two fingers at the red, fleshy and very black and burnt throat to check for a pulse. He found non.

"Just as well, he would never have been able to live a normal life or cope with it," he whispered to comfort himself. While there was a great chance for recovering from a burn in the wizarding world, severe cases such like this was nothing to do about. He went over to another one, and steeled himself but he needn't too. Apparently the man had shielded himself with his arms. The jacket was burn off, and the hands severely burnt but at least his face was intact. This one was alive, but since there was nothing he could do to help he left. He continued that way throughout the floor, and found three more dead but the rest was still alive.


Up on the second floor the smoke made itself known. It was creeping down from the cracks in the ceiling but Emerald kept on going. He would stop at nothing. When he heard a noise, as if something was dropped he quickly pressed himself up against a wall in a shadowy area. Then he waited. He could see three figures walking, one of them was hanging between the two others. Emerald waited patiently for them to come nearer so he could determent who they were. When they were close enough he realised they didn't wear any uniform, but they could still belong to Blaise's group, so he waited some more. They were talking among themselves he heard, but he couldn't hear about what exactly. When they came close enough to him, he realised those were the unknown people, or at least a few of them, so he attacked. He attacked the two strongest first, the one in the middle looked weak and hurt already. He made a quick business of it all, he shot them in their legs so they couldn't move. He wanted to kill them, but he didn't. They needed answers and dead men tell no tales. The man screamed in surprise and agony, but Emerald made himself cold for their pleas.

"Who are you?" he asked them coldly, and pressed a boot down on one of the men's shot wound. The man refused to speak, and he truly had no time for this, so he bound them and left them to the others to have some fun with. He was sure he would find some more he could torture later on. He ran thought the rest of the room, since he saw nobody else. He knew he had to hurry. About 15 minutes had passed since they had spoken to the first year, even if it seemed so much longer ago.

On the third floor the smoke began to get uncomfortable, he probably needed a gasmask but he refused to turn around to get one. He was trained for this, he could manage. He wouldn't break. Not when his friends lay around dying. He cursed as he stumbled over a body he hadn't seen. Again it was one from the aid forces. This man was sot in the stomach and unconscious. Just like he had done before he quickly tied a bandage out of the man's own clothes around the injury, and continued. The weapons used seemed to vary, and he didn't like that. It was so much more trouble to treat the injuries that way. As he got to the forth floor he knew this was the last one, and up here the fire reigned freely. He could feel the heat lasting at him, and he knew he wouldn't be able to last long. He kicked the door open, and ducked behind the wall quickly, and just in time! A wave of fire came blasting through the opening, and if he would have stood still he would have been grilled. He let out his breath in a big whoosh. His pulse had once again increased, and he was tense all over his body. This is it, he thought. The fire in the door had died down, and he got up to take a look. As expected he could see nothing but black smoke and fire. He walked inside tentatively and thought he would self combust. The heat was so intense that he felt on fire!

"Fuck!" he yelled over the inferno. The sound of the fire was deafening and he knew that they needed to get the fuck out of here. He could feel the whole floor rumble. "Damn it, motherfuck!" he swore. He tended to do that when he was scared. He had no problem to admit it, he was scared shitless right now! He didn't see it as a weakness bur rather as a power to admit one was scared from time to time. He backed out of the room, and fled. He ran all the way across the room, down the stairs towards the third floor. He picked up three of the men, and used their shirts to tie them together. He placed the first one on his back, and laid the second man on his chest and between his leg, and the third one he placed on the second man's chest, so they built a train, just like the carriages connected, but this time he had protected their heads. He used the third mans shirt to protect the head of the first man. The first rule when it came to fire-fighters and everyone else, protect yourself! Keep your own stuff! Or else you wouldn't be much of a use to anyone at all. Emerald wanted to offer his own pants, but he knew he had to keep them on, so he stole the pants of a dead man's body. Everything inside him said no, it was unethical, but he had to. There was no time for ceremonies now. The whole fucking building was on its way down above them! He needed to make priories. Only the alive one's first.

Hectically he tied the dead mans pants around the I injured first man's shoulders, then he took one end himself and started to drag them all across the floor behind him. It was heavy but he was strong, and his will even stronger. He would get them out! Once at the door at the other side, he met his people with Platinum in the front.

"Plat! We need to get the fuck out of here!" he screamed. "The building is going down!" Platinum met up with him.

"I know!" he screamed. "We got reports from the outside, they can see it!"

"Take care of these three, and get them out!" he told two persons, who immediately begun to drag them out of there. Now they were four people left, including himself and Platinum.

"Coke on, there are six people left in here, we can get them out!" he yelled. Then he ran off, and the others followed. He hadn't counted on getting any help, but now it looked like even the dead ones would be able to get the hell out of there. The two others soon found their two people, while Platinum and himself continued.

"Grab that one and don't wait for me, I'll be right behind you!" Emerald shouted to Platinum, as he continued towards the other end of the building, where the dead man without pants lay. Emerald never turned around as he ran. He knew Platinum would manage this. The floor began to shake, and Emeralds heart plundered in his chest. The adrenaline rushed through his veins, and he lifted the man from the ground, turned around, and ran back the way he came from. As he reached the stairs the noise increased, and one wall crumbled, but it didn't come down over him, it was the one furthest away so no one would get hurt, he knew that. He didn't stick around to see what would happen next. In the stairs he heard shouts and activity, and he knew that his men were down there somewhere, probably making their way down from the floor below him. He hadn't seen Platinum on his way down, so his lover was probably also down there somewhere. He struggled to keep the man he was carrying in his grip, but he constantly had to change, and he banged the man in the walls sometimes but it couldn't be helped. He couldn't stop. He was panting heavily, and could taste blood in his mouth as he reached the bottom floor. He knew he was the last man out there. The others were already out. He continued to run, but stumbled and lost his grip on the man. He scrambled up on his feet and grabbed the man again and continued to run. He could see a tiny glimpse of light in the distance, and knew he wasn't far away from freedom now.

He only had to pass through two small offices first. He ran through the first, but as he reached the second he heard the building let out something that sounded like a great sigh, before it collapsed above him. He screamed out in pure terror at the same time as he threw himself in the corner of the office, never once letting go of the dead man. He had never been this terrified in his whole life before, and he kept on screaming in both terror and agony as the floor collapsed above him and he was hit by junk falling down. He unconsciously made himself as small as possible, at the same time as he protected his head. He couldn't describe the noise and the sounds of the building. All he knew was that it came crashing down on him. Four floors of concrete and junk. He would never survive it. So he screamed. Just screamed like an broken animal. His mouth was filled with ashes, and his lunges burned. His head swam, and then everything came crashing down and he knew no more.