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Fragment of Life II

Chapter 7: I Remember

By: Oneesan no Miroku Houshi

Hiten flew to a dark cave, clutching his head in pain.

"Argh!" He grunted in pain.

The Thunder Brother staggered over to a nearby rock and sat down, laying his Ragekijin down. The poorly put together weapon fell apart on the rocks, breaking into it's two original halves,


Hiten looked at the two pieces. The look turned into a stare as red eyes pierced the weapon halves.

As he sat there, moments of silence passing he began to recall a fierce battle with another youkai…no This was no youkai, he also held a human smell to him. Silver hair. Golden eyes.

This was his opponent, but it was the same man he had fought before…

There was also that girl…

The red hair, the color of blood and those eyes, as brown and cold as the unforgiving land itself. She knew him, but how?

Suddenly, a wave of flashbacks overcame him.

"Akina..." He spoke, barely above a whisper.

"Yes, Hiten-sempai." She looked up at her mate.

"Domo arigato, for helping me. You're the only human to have ever done this for me. I have no idea what compels you to commit such an outstanding show of emotion towards me, but no matter what, you've always believed in me. I'm so blind...I couldn't see it before. It wasn't because you were afraid of me, granted you may have been at first. " The young man sighed, before returning his gaze to Akina. " I don't know why you love me, not that I'm in any condition to question your decision anyway. "

"I love you for you, and that's all you need to know. No matter how arrogant you were and no matter how violent you were, I knew you wouldn't hurt me. You might hit me or something, but I know you'd be too blinded by rage to know what you're doing." Akina sweetly smiled at the youkai, who, in turn tightened his grip on the young girl.

"I would never harm you, not even out of rage, besides...You'd have to do something to really piss me off for my rage to that bad. Akina..."

Where did these things come from?

Was this part of his life?


She was there.

His gaze never tore away from the broken weapon. Why were these thoughts coming to him now? He could not remember them before. Red eyes widened. He had a jewel shard in his back, but he felt as if he had the power of many shards.

How had his weapon broken?

He blinked as more thoughts began to flood the Thunder Brother's head as he stared, wide eyed at the weapon which befell him.

" HITEN!" She shrieked as the sword blade came crashing down. Hiten was caught off guard as he turned to see Akina standing there, the blade missed his head, but got him in the chest. It was a deep wound.

He had noticed that more then the Ragekijin breaking. He had heard the snap, but everything seemed to happen in a surreal slow motion for this thunder youkai.

This half breed, Inuyasha had tried to slain him, but thanks to the girl's cry, he was spared for a short time before passing.

Only to be awoken again.

Hiten blinked. He remembered.

He remembered Akina!

She was the human that he loved and one of the only ones to ever take full understanding in him. This entire time, it was her that he had felt so fondly for, even more then any female youkai and she was a hell of a lot better in his eyes.

"Akina." He said almost whispering to himself.

A tanned hand picked up the Ragekijin, tying it back with the silken material. It was the cloth from her kimono. He cast it a sympathetic look.

"I loved you Akina. But it was short lived. But now, I don't think you can take that chance in being around me. "He closed his eyes. "Not until I figure out what the hell is going on."

He sat back down, staring at the Ragekijin as intently as he could, his memory slowly coming back to him as he did. Memories of the past. Not only memories of Akina, but memories of Manten as well. He hadn't forgotten!

He smiled. He hadn't forgotten…

Then a sensation came over him and his mind seemed to halt in all of its functions as his mind was wiped clean of all memory inside. Everything he worked so hard to remember was gone, and he could feel the pain of someone overtaking his body once more.

Oh, how he hated that feeling of overpowering…

He soon found himself standing in front of Naraku.

He stood straight and tall, ready and emotionless, blank like some sort of primitive machine, waiting for instructions from the seated being in front of him, putting off an evil aura more powerful then his own.

"Yes?" His voice asked, though his mind silently protested from within it's mortal structure.

"I want you to kill Inuyasha for good this time. The last time you met was simply an introduction now that you've made yourself known you must now confront the hanyou and eliminate him by any means possible."

"Of course." He agreed.

Finally being cured of all things he had taken the time to gather, Hiten was now ready to go off and kill Inuyasha. He was going to excellently execute him; his death was the only thing on his mind.

With death programmed into his mind, the primitive thunder machine flew off in search of his set destination: Inuyasha.

He figured he'd kill Inuyasha for Naraku, to please his new found master.


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