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Lets just say Sesshomaru is cursed and needs help from a certain slayer to take him to a certain miko. On the way, they meet a stranger and things start to become interesting...
Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was another day in the Sengoku Jidai Era. Alone figure was on top of a cliff in deep thought. The sun was setting and there was a slight breeze. It was gently tugging at his attire. He pulled back a few strands of hair with his newly regenerated arm. Sesshomaru was thinking about the few events that happened over the past year. Everything changed ever since the downfall of Naraku. He remembered as if it was yesterday.

There was that Miko with that power. She was an odd human indeed. She was the one that shot the arrow that finished off that vile creature. Of course, there was his brother, InuYasha. He was always at that Miko's side, to protect her from any harm that would come to her. His sword handling skills improved since the last battle that they encountered. Sesshomaru's desire for the Tetsusaiga was no more. He didn't want to admit it but InuYasha should keep the sword. Then there was that Monk. He would use the wind tunnel anytime to remove any debris that got in the way, even if it would cost his life. He would also use those charms to rid the weaker demons. Finally there was that Taijiya. She would swing her big boomerang around, killing any thing that would get near her friends. With the help of her neko youkai, they were an unbeatable team, just about. Of course,when her main weapon went out of commission, she still continued to battle.

Naraku himself was a sick, twisted bastard. Absorbing his offspring to be whole again, killing the boy right in front of his sister and only leaving nothing but dust. He growled at the thought of Naraku. Trying to absorb him, to think that he, Sesshomaru, would be apart of him. But in the end, Naraku got what he deserved the most, an arrow through his heart.

His thoughts on Naraku made him think about that Taijiya again. She didn't cry, nor screamed. When it was over, she took the chained scythe that belonged to the boy and left alone, into the darkness. He never had seen such strength in one human before. He shook his head at this nonsense. He couldn't possibly believe that a mere human could be as strong as he. He needed to clear his mind. He gracefully jumped down from the cliff and landed with a soft thump. He took a deep breath and started to walk away. He didn't need to worry about no one because he was alone once more. Of course, he used to have traveling companions, especially a human girl no less. He didn't need to protect her anymore since Naraku died. He left her at some village with people nice enough to take her in. Not after, he dismissed his imp servant, not needing his services no more. He was free to do anything he wanted, no one watching him or no one annoying him. He could do whatever he wanted.

He continued walking until he felt another presence. He stopped and looked behind him but saw nothing. He heard wrestling in the bushes. He took a whiff of air and smelled a human.

"Come out from hiding and show yourself"


"Come out now!"

Out of the bushes came out a small boy. He looked around the age of 6.

"What business do you have here?"

"M-MMister, c-c-could you be so kind and help me find my mommy? I'm lost" Sesshomaru simply stared at the boy. He had black hair and green eyes. He was really dirty and was shaking in fear.

"No I can not help you find your mother."

"P-P-Please m-m-mister?" the little boy said. He was on the verge of tears. He remindedSesshomaru of Rin when he first saw here. But he didn't care right now, so he started to walk away.

"Please mister? I'm lost and I want to go home."

"Well, you should of have thought of that before you wondered off."

The boy turned his head downward and started to walk way. Sesshomaru smelt the salt from his tears. He simply snorted "Humans. Always depending on each other." He continued to walk wherever his feet would carry him.

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