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I Wanted to Tell You

Chapter 1

Raven was in a park, sitting in the shade of a large willow tree. With Beast Boy. Her eyes were closed as she savored the peace and tranquility. She felt, rather than saw, Beast Boy lean over, and they kissed. A small and gentle kiss that caused a feeling of such peace to wash over her. She felt her love swell, filling her entire being with a soft warmth.

'you should break this kiss, before you uproot the tree or something,' said a voice in the back of her mind. So she gently pulled away and opened her closed eyes. And found herself alone, sitting on the windowsill in her apartment once more, looking out onto the busy street below, filled with cars and umbrellas to shield people against the falling rain.

For a moment she was bewildered and disoriented. Then she remembered that not everything was alright after all. That she had left the Titans long ago, and Beast Boy along with them. She had fooled herself for a moment there.

She sighed and got up to go clean up whatever she had broken this time before she began painfully yearning for him again. She turned and swept her eyes around her small one room apartment.

Oddly enough, she found nothing broken. No glass was shattered. No plate flung out of the dishwasher. No spoon snapped in half. Nothing. Raven realized that the reason she had so easily fooled herself with her imagining, was because there hadn't been any noise, caused by another of her possessions being demolished, to jerk her out of her fantasy like usual.

But surely the powerful rush of love she'd felt during the kiss was enough to set her powers off somehow? Nevertheless, nothing had so much as moved. Nothing whatsoever had happened.

Her confusion gave way to a sudden wave of nostalgia when, for no apparent reason at all, Beast Boy's face suddenly came to mind. She missed him. And she hurt. The table started to vibrate, and Raven realized she wasn't getting anywhere with her thoughts.

She walked almost robotically towards her bed, her mind still whirling and cloudy with confusion, and slipped into the cool, silken sheets. Down into the world of dreamless sleep that was, apart from meditation, her only haven from herself.

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