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Chapter 4

Raven awoke slowly, as one floats to the surface in a pool of water. Awareness seeped in. First, the steady beating of the rain against the building was heard. Then came the awareness of being on a bed, horizontal, and lying between sheets. After that, light peeked in through eyelids until they slowly opened, almost on their own.

Lastly came the first thoughts, memories, and sense of self- the very things sleep had been an escape for. Raven felt a bit of dismay at having to finally wake up, but seeing as she was already conscious, she decided to just get up. Deciding to deal with her previous confusion and analyze her emotional outbursts later, she shook off the thoughts of that specific person before they could fully form.

A slight noise alerted Raven to the fact that her stomach was rather empty, so she climbed out of bed, though rather reluctantly. Walking over to the kitchen part of the small apartment, she decided to fix a sandwich.

Unfortunately, the refrigerator door swung open to reveal it's own emptiness. She would have to go down to the local market/grocery store. Donning on her cloak, she exited the apartment, locking the door behind her. It wouldn't do to have someone come in to steal the few things she had.

She walked down the steps of the apartment deliberately, one at a time, at a pace that was neither quick nor sluggish. Hunger, after all, is in the mind, and can be repressed for a time. Ultimately, however, one must eat, and thus, must acquire some nourishment. At the moment though, Raven was past the point of initial hunger, but not yet at the point at which sustenance is necessary, and therefore saw fit to travel at an almost leisurely pace.

As soon as she stepped outside, into the bright, though grayishly tinted atmosphere of the very street she had been observing earlier, she quickened her pace slightly to avoid getting drenched by the lightly falling rain. She pulled her hood up a ways more, and waited at the stoplight for the walk signal to appear, allowing her to cross the road and continue a ways to the grocery store.

Miss, miss,


"We've got trouble!"

Beast Boy reacted immediately, throwing on a full-length coat and hurrying down the steps of his apartment building. Though he knew his friends needed his help, he also knew that they were strong, and could hold their own, so every time he had to help out, he would cross the street and then walk a ways to an abandoned alley way where he would change to an animal capable of flight and then go to join in the battle. This helped him avoid the now unwanted detection by the media and general public.

As he ran down the last flight of steps and out the door of the building, he noticed that it was still raining, just as it had been that entire day. He put a cap on to keep himself dry and waited impatiently for the stoplight to change and the word WALK to be illuminate. As soon as it allowed him to, he rushed across the crosswalk, glancing at his watch and communicator.

Pretty little miss,


There are many causes and effects in the intricate web of connections that make up our universe. A single, small movement resulting in one, or more, large-scale occurrences, as is described in the theory of the butterfly effect. Prominent, well-known events petering out to hundreds of millions of small effects, like waves. And every single thing is connected.

It may seem unlikely, considering, that two persons, with the eye-catching appearances such as the ones these two both had, as well as their history, could cross the same street at the same time and not notice one another. Perhaps if Robin had been but a millisecond sooner in calling, Beast Boy would have glanced up from his watch in time to see Raven pass by him. Perhaps if Raven had walked just that much more to the right as she looked intently at the ground, dark from the moisture, she would have bumped into Beast Boy. There are millions of factors that could have caused this passing to have a different outcome, both causes and effects stretching out in all directions like ripples.

But the factors, effects, and energies, resulted in what did occur, and nothing more or less. Raven and Beast Boy, both passing but a fraction of a millimeter apart, and both looking up the instant it was too late. Raven continued her journey to the store, hurrying to avoid the rain. Beast Boy continued his journey to the battle, hurrying to aid his friends. Each absorbed in their own situations, they passed silently by one another. She did not notice him. He did not notice her.

And they both continued their separate ways, the distance between them growing greater and greater once more, even as it had been getting smaller and smaller just moments before.

When you miss, you miss like this.

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