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Author's Notes: Hello everyone, this is my first DC fanfiction and my first serious fanfiction. I used to write humor fics on this site under a different name but that was a long time ago, you still may see a few pointless comedy fics come out of me. This is Shinichi/Ran. Also keep in mind that even though I know the Japanese names, I haven't seen much of the series except for the dubbed Adult Swim version. If anyone has a site with manga scans, that would help fill in the holes in the series for me, especially ones centered on Ai, Heiji, or Kaitou Kid, because I don't know a lot about these characters except what I've read from fanfiction. Alright, I won't bore you anymore.

Chapter Summary: Everything is going great in the Mouri household until Ran reveals a secret to Conan, sending him through a whirlwind of emotion. Is Ran really going to leave Shinichi behind…forever?

Star-Crossed Lovers

A Detective Conan Fanfiction

File 1: The News

"Alright…of course…thank you so much, sir," Mouri Ran said, smiling happily into the phone. She stretched back into the couch, twirling the phone cord around her wrist. Crouching behind the couch and listening to the conversation was a young boy of about eight years wearing too-large glasses and a silly bow-tie. The boy's eye twitched.

"She's spent more time on the phone with this 'sir' than she does with me," thought the boy, Edogawa Conan, holding his hand in a strange position on his chin. The position had been his trademark in another life, resembling a checkmark. Now he had to be careful no one saw him doing it, so as not to arouse suspicion. 'What does Ran think she's doing? This can't be a new boyfriend or she wouldn't be so formal with him…but she seems awfully nervous too. I hope something hasn't happened to upset her…maybe I should call her tonight as Shinichi."

In truth, the young Conan was in fact Ran's childhood friend and high-school detective, Kudo Shinichi. Shinichi had been shrunk to a child's body when he overheard a blackmail deal between a firearms manufacturer and the two men who gave him his current condition…the men from the mysterious crime syndicate, the Black Organisation. Gin and Vodka.

Thinking back on that day, Conan almost shook with rage. That day…it had been almost perfect. Taking Ran to Tropical Land, solving a murder mystery at the same time…he even thought about telling Ran how he really felt about her. But he had to investigate the mysterious men in black. He had to. And because of that, he was stuck, ten years behind where he should be, watching the woman he loved talk to others, instead of him. It was their fault…the Black Organisation. Someday…someday he had to find them, stop them, cure himself. And then, he would go to Ran. He would confess his feelings from the heart, pour out the repressed emotions he had held inside Conan for so long. It would be like a scene from a movie: the lovers reunited after so much time apart. Once he was cured, he could get his life back…he could get Ran back.

Conan was shook out of his thoughts as he realized Ran was talking again.

"Yes, a few days…I'm looking forward to it. Goodbye," Ran hung up the phone. "I don't believe it!" Conan watched Ran jump up and do a short dance. The boy sighed and left his hiding place, making it appear as if he had just entered from the kitchen.

"Ran-nee-chan, why are you dancing in the middle of the living room?" he asked with childlike innocence. Ran, startled, jumped back and spun around.

"Ah! Oh, it's only you, Conan-kun. You scared me," said Ran, walking over and kneeling down to look the small boy in the face. "Don't sneak up on me anymore, okay?"

"Sorry Ran-nee-chan, but you didn't see me, you were dancing!" Conan replied petulantly. "I didn't sneak anywhere!"

"I guess you're right, Conan-kun. I'm sorry. I was just happy…I got some great news just now," she said, smiling at the boy she now thought of as a little brother.

"Was it Shinichi-nii-san? Did he say he solved his case and he's coming back?" said Conan, playing the part. The "extremely super difficult puzzling mystery" that Shinichi was away working on was a ploy to hide his identity as Conan. He knew that if Ran knew that the young boy she cared for was Shinichi, she would be in danger from the operatives of the Black Organisation.

He had thought about telling her. God, he had tried to tell her. He really did. But, every time he readied himself to break it to her, something always happened. Something interrupted, or she left, or he lost his nerve and ended up saying something stupid. Always.

Once these times had passed and the boy had started thinking clearly again, he always told himself it was for the best. He couldn't bear to see Ran hurt because of the men in black. He knew that if she knew, if the information of his identity leaked to any more people, the Organisation could pick up his trail and it would be over for him and anyone he ever knew. He had to protect her, just a little longer. It was hard, but he'd have to hold his feelings back until there was a permanent solution to his problem.

"Conan-kun? Are you okay?" Ran's voice broke him out of his thoughts.

"Oh, sorry Ran-nee-chan. I was just thinking…how hard Shinichi-nii-san must be working on his case to come back home," said Conan, blushing in embarrassment.

Ran frowned.

"…Yeah…of course he is working hard. But no, that wasn't him on the phone," she said softly.

"Of course it wasn't," Conan thought to himself with a note of irony. He noticed Ran's sudden drop in mood. "But…I'll call later for you Ran." "Now why are you sad, Ran-nee-chan?" he said the last part aloud. Ran looked him in the eye.

"I completely forgot that I didn't think about Shinichi through this. I wanted him to call so that I could tell him about this. But he hasn't…not in a long time, and I guess…I've just about given up on him…and it's time I move on," she said, wiping away a tear. Conan almost fell over.

"What?! No, Ran, please! Say that really wasn't someone else! I really am trying to come back to you!" he thought desperately. "W-what do you mean, Ran? Shinichi will come back. Did you find another boy instead of Shinichi?" he said, summoning a child's faith to cover his cracking heart.

Ran smiled at him. "No, Conan-kun, of course not. It's not that at all. I was waiting for him." Conan breathed a silent sight of relief.

Too soon.

"Conan-kun, I wasn't going to tell you this…for a day or two…I'm sorry to hide it from you. But just recently, I…I won a scholarship to study abroad in England. And…I'm leaving in a couple days," Ran explained. Conan blinked.

"England's a country in Europe, right? Good for you, Ran-nee-chan! What are you going to study there?" said Conan.

"Well…" Ran said, holding a finger up to her lips, "I won the scholarship through my mother's reputation as an attorney…I suppose they'll be expecting me to study law. I never thought about it before.

"Wow, law? That's great! I'm so proud, Ran. I knew you could do something like this! You'll go far," he thought, smiling at her. "That's okay Ran. You'll come back every chance you get and we can still have lots of fun, right?" he said. "If Ran goes abroad for a while, then it'll give me more freedom to hunt down the Black Organisation. This might work out…yeah! I can do it; by the time she comes to visit, I'll be myself again!"

Conan looked back up, after diverging off inside his own thoughts for the third time that day. He looked into Ran's eyes, looking at her hands shaking slightly, her lips pursing. She sighed, obviously thinking of what to say.

"Um, Conan…how can I tell you this, but…when I was accepted to the school, they felt I was too old to live with a host family…so I bought a flat near the school I'll be studying at. To pay for…the apartment, I got…an internship through the program as well. And…the catch is…oh God, Conan, I…I'm sorry, but…I'm going to be living in England. I, I won't be coming back to Japan."

Conan's cracked heart shattered into pieces. "N-never…never?!" His mouth was dry, moving, but nothing would come out but emptiness. The emptiness he felt filling his soul, permeating his body. "She's leaving forever?!"

Ran looked at Conan's shocked face. The boy was obviously shaken. "Oh no, I really upset him," she thought. She had known from the initial application that leaving Conan would be difficult for the both of them. She sat up awake at nights wondering how she would break the news to the boy. She thought of him as a brother and didn't want to see him sad, but there really wasn't anything she could do to make this any easier on him. She opened her mouth to try and comfort Conan, but the kid spoke first.

"B-but…Ran-nee-chan, why? You can't visit…on airplanes?" Conan forced the words out. Even now, he had to keep up the charade. Ran smiled weakly.

"No, Conan. Papa already said he can't afford to shuttle me back here every other weekend just to visit…it's too much. Besides, it's time I become more independent. Dad's okay with it…he wasn't happy for a while but he said yes, for my education."

"Ran-nee-chan, you can't! Who's going to take care of me?" the boy shouted, his emotions become more marked.

"Oh silly, my dad's gonna keep taking care of you until your parents come back!" she said, forcing brightness into her voice. "It'll become a boy's pad, you can have fun!"

"Fun?!" Conan thought, terror piercing through the veil of sadness that surrounded him. "With Kogoro?!" An image popped into his mind: a starving, shriveled-up Conan, glasses broken, forced to live on a diet of Kogoro's crumpled beer cans because the inept man refused to cook…He shook his head to clear away the awful picture. "Ran…no, please…you can't leave…"

"Conan, it's already been settled. I just got off the phone with the airport; my plane will leave on Friday!" Ran said back. Conan's eyes widened.

"Friday…three days?!" "I can't believe you're just gonna run away from your friends, and your dad, and from Shinichi! How can you do this, Ran? It's so heartless!" he snapped, his eyes beginning to sting.

"Stop it, Conan, you're being childish. It's just…older people see the world different than someone as young as you might. I know that I'll be leaving a lot of my old life behind, but in the long run I'll benefit from it! It's like…leaving the past behind to make a better future. I just want to be able to have a stable family, away from all these murders and mysteries that Dad and Shinichi would bring around," Ran explained.

"No! No no no!" Conan said, stomping his foot. "I don't want you to leave, I don't, I don't, I don't! You don't really care!" Ran opened her mouth to speak, but Conan didn't listen. He had started talking, expressing his feelings as a child. He found himself growing angrier and angrier without reason. And soon he wasn't really thinking about what he said. "You're not my Ran-nee-chan anymore! You're just…a…a…a mean stupid girl! And I hate you!" His younger emotions winning out, Conan ran towards the door, crying faintly. Kogoro, entering the house, was nearly tripped by the boy. He shouted in surprise, almost falling over, as Conan slammed the door with as much force as his body could muster.

"What is that stupid kid doing?" he shouted in anger. Ran exhaled slowly, looking back and forth from her fuming father, to the place where Conan had sat, to the door. She frowned.

"Oh Conan…"

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