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Like most Evangelion fanfics, this one takes place after Third Impact; 6 years after Third Impact to be precise. Shinji is out of Tokyo-3 and living a different life. However, he is called back to NERV to witness the recovery and dismantling of EVA-1 and EVA-2.Upon arriving to Tokyo-3, however, he is reunited with his old friends and he soon learns that his Eva still holds a purpose in defending the world for the darkness that is looming overhead...

Since the characters are older, it is only appropriate that some of them are OOC. People change over time after all..sometimes . This fic is also rated PG-13 for strong language, violence, and maybe some sexual content later on.

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Chapter 1:


Setting: Remains of Tokyo-3. Two days after Third Impact.

The sea was the only thing left now. Not a single person nor building stood in the quake of the impact, all that was left was this ominously eerie bright orange ocean. But it was not water that filled this ocean. Instead, the ocean was filled with the esscence and soul of every person in the world.

Except for the two figures that lied side by side on the ocean's beach.

One was a boy with chestnut colored hair, dressed in black trousers and a clean white shirt. He lied down on the beach in complete silence, as if nothing had ever happened to him at all.

But that is far from truth. In the last 48 hours, he was in fact the most powerful person of all mankind: the grand judge who decides whether or not all of mankind should live or die. The fate of the entire world rested in his hands.

But that no longer matters anymore. He had made his decision and he chose the world to suffer. The world that he felt mistreated him and hated him is now punished for their sins against him.

The boy couldn't help but smile to himself. Now no one can cause him the pain that he was constantly feeling in his already burdened heart. No one now could tell him to pilot the Eva; he was free to do whatever he wanted now. This new barren land was his, in which he would rule. (Shinji's insane. Pretty cool huh?)


But there was someone else here. The boy known as Shinji Ikari turned his slowly to the side to face the cause of the disruption. Next to laid his 'friend' and fellow Eva pilot Asuka Langley Sorhyu. She didn't have as good as Shinji though. Her right arm was bandaged to top of her shoulder blade, and her left eye was completely covered with a patch. She was also wearing a red mandatory plug suit provided by NERV. These suits were always skin tight, and whenever someone of the female persuasion wore it, her most sensual features were especially...appealing.

Shinji paid attention to these features occasionally, which often resulted in a hard slap across the face and Asuka shouting, "PERVERT!" out loud to his face.

That never truly bothered him at all. That was the way she treated every man (apart from Kaji of course) around her and he was no exception.

He felt something for her from the very moment they first met, but that was before he met her personality. But as tough and cruel as her attitude was, he felt that she was hiding her real emotions. He believed that if he tolerated her personality and treated her like she was a friend, she might open up to him more and treat him like a loyal friend as well.

Unfortunately, that all fell through. He was fed up with her shit at this point and there was no denying that she hated him like everyone else did. And why shouldn't she? He hurt her like he did everyone else. Every time he tried to do something for her, he only hurt her even more.

That's why she hates him. That has to be it. Now she was the only one left, the only person that he could hurt. She did not deserve to live; she did not deserve his love or his pain. She must be banished from his new world!

Shinji got on top of Asuka and slowly wrapped his hands around Asukas beautiful, slender throat. He then began to cut off the oxygen slowly as the madness inside him grew stronger and deadlier. Shinji strengthened his grip around her throat, eagerly waiting for her presence to disappear.

Shinji (to himself): yes, die. You hated me too Asuka, I tried to help you every chance I get and you still treated me like a baka! You hated me just like everyone else. Now, leave this place so that the pain we both feel will disappear!

Asuka slowly woke from her unconscious state; she had spaced out for quite awhile. She swore that she was dead, but she couldn't be because, apparently, someone was trying to kill her right now. She stared up to see a completely deranged Shinji choking her without mercy. She did not feel any pain from this though. Instead she felt hurt on the inside: a hurt she hasn't felt in a long time.

Asuka (to herself): why are you doing this baka? Do you hate me? Is that hatred I see in your eyes? No, it's not. It's sorrow isn't it? Are you sad that you are killing me? Don't you want me around anymore? Baka. Of course you do. It's in your eyes as well. You'd better stop now Shinji or else you'll regret it for the rest of your life! BOTH of us have to live because I...need...yo...

The oxygen in Asuka's lungs was at a critical low now. Fortunately, she realized that Shinji had gone off the deep end, and her true self has emerged just in time to save them both. Her death would do more harm to him than it would to her; she needed to stop him for the sake of his life.

She lifted her arm with all her might and reached for Shinji's face. Her lungs were burning like the fires of hell, but she kept going. It seemed like his face was miles away but she had to stop him! Her lungs kept burning and time was running short.

Shinji kept his tight grip on Asuka, not preparing to give any mercy whatsoever. The madness inside had almost completely possessed his body, causing him to grunt out in a series of chuckles. He noticed that Asuka was reaching to him for some reason. It didn't matter. She would dead and gone forever in a few seconds. Why should he stop now?

Asuka's eye was starting to get very blurry at this point. The fires in her lungs still grew stronger and her heart was starting to give up. At this point just reaching two feet in front her was a difficult journey.

Her time was just about up.

Asuka (to herself):' I can't reach. It's over. I...I'm sorry shinji..."

Shinji felt a sharp warm sensation at the end of his face. He loosened his grip slightly and looked over to the point where the warmth was coming from. He saw a bandaged hand caressing his face with love he had never experienced before. He looked at Asuka point blank in the eye. There was not hatred toward him or anger. Instead, there was sorrow and...love?

Shinji's mind stayed in shock for a moment. All the perceptions he had of Asuka were false; she didn't hate him, he could feel that in the faint emotions emerging from the touch. She truly cared for him.

Shinji (to himself): What am I doing to her?

The madness in his heart slowly drained away. He released his grip on Asuka's throat slowly and sat on top of her in silence.

Shinji (to himself): she doesn't hate me. But, does that mean that other people liked me as well? Does that mean that I killed innocent lives for no reason? Wha...What have I done?

He completely broke down into tears.

Asuka slowly regained oxygen and started breathing normally. She had gotten through to Shinji, but now he crying like the wimp he used to be. But she knew he wasn't a wimp. He was much stronger than she could ever be. If it wasn't for her lousy attitude, maybe he could've stopped Third Impact and the world could have been in peace for a long time. Maybe if she didn't treat him like shit all the time, none of this would have happened. The world could have been still full of people and she could be with Shinji for the rest of her life.

She blushed furiously at the thought.

Asuka(to herself): Wait a minute! Did I just think that! I don't need that baka! We only have each other now and I still don't need him! He's pathetic. He couldn't even go through with killing me!

The part her that was her pride suddenly emerged, sending her true feelings to be locked in her heart once again. She then put on a false, smug grin.

Asuka: How digusting.

Shinji heard the remark and instantly stopped crying. He rolled off of Asuka and lied next to her on the cold beach. That remark was unexpected, but it did not harm him at all. He saw the look in Asuka's eye, and no amount of abuse could cover her feelings for him. Knowing this, Shinji fell asleep with a smile of pure content.

Even if the world is dead, he still had her.

Asuka looked over at Shinji with confusion.

Asuka (to herself): He completely destroyed the world, nearly choked me to death, and cried his eyes out. So why is that baka smiling? Is he still mental or something?

Asuka was just too tired to worry about that kind of thing and she swiftly feel asleep.

Little did the two know that the endless ocean of LCL in front of them was getting smaller and smaller. The small particles of LCL evaporated from the ocean and floated into the air. The particles made their way past the ocean and towards the liquid corpses that littered Tokyo-3. Each particle surrounded a specific body and started fusing with the other particles it surrounded. Soon, the particles began to take the shape of human bodies, giving life to the bodies in the process.

All the people that died before third impact were now starting to come back to life.

Bodies on streets, in houses, on playgrounds, and everywhere else were reviving from their temporary relief of life. Several people stood up and staggered down the street to help the others that were beginning to awake. No one truly understood what happened, and none of them cared right now. All that mattered was the fact that some people were injured, and they needed to be helped. However, there was something peculiar that some people noticed. In the air, a soft, wispy voice could be heard. The voice sounded like a goddess, and kept repeating the same thing over and over: If they chose to live, then live they shall. The few individuals that heard the voice just shrugged it off as some sort of hallucination and continued to help the others around them.

None of them ever gave the voice a second thought.

It was at this point in time that Shinji's pleasant dreams were being disturbed. He awoke to the sounds of sirens and people shouting around him. Opening his eyes quickly, he spun aroupnd and looked up the cliff to behold the last thing he had ever expected to see. There were people. Lots of people. Paramedics were running around rushing people to the hospital. Police officers were directing traffic passed the set barricades. People stood around talking amongst one another: laughing, arguing, complaining and so on. Just like before Third Impact.

Shinji: But, this is not the old world...that world is gone...because of me...that place is gone.

That is true, but now Resurrection has begun and a new world has been born.

Shinji shivered. He was still tired but he swore he heard a voice in the wind. And also, that voice seemed to be speaking to him.

Shinji: Ressurection...

The pain of death always resolves into rebirth.

Now he knew he wasn't alone.

Shinji: Who said that?

Shinji sat up and looked forward. He sat there in shock as he saw the ocean of LCL drained up into the sky and into many directions. For some reason, this made sense to Shinji (hell, at this point, anything made sense to him).

Do you see now Ikari? The LCL is what we become in the end, but it is not truly the end, because the life comes back to us. To our individual forms.

Shinji (rubs the back of his head): that makes sense, I guess. But why is that happening?

Because they chose of be their own selves. That is the real cycle of life.

Suddenly realizing whom the voice was, Shinji stood up and walked toward the draining ocean. The LCL had almost completely gone into the heavens above. He stared at the sight for a few moments and then spoke again.

Shinji: Re-Rei? Is that you Rei?

My time has come to pass Ikari. But do not fear for me. I am apart of you. I am apart of everyone now.

Shinji looked up as the remaining drops of LCL drained into the sky. Behind him he heard someone coughing in her sleep.

The other survivor needs you... in more ways than one. Farewell, for now.

The pool disappeared completely into the red sky. Shinji fell to ground and looked over at the sleeping form of Asuka. She was shivering furiously and was very pale. Shinji put his hand to her forehead. She had a fever, a very high one at that.

Shinji (to himself): aw man, she's sick. She needs help. But Rei, how can I help her? This is a job for doctors and nurses, not me. What should I do...Rei...

Man: Hey you down there! You need an ambulance?

Shinji snapped out of his mental state: Yeah! Where is it?

Man: Well, up here. There's no way that boat can get down there through this rubble, so the only way is up! You need someone to come down and help you!

Shinji turned his head slowly towards the sleeping form of Asuka. He always thought she looked beautiful when she was asleep (he really only saw her asleep once, twice if you count her coma) and this time was no exception. Even with the horrible injuries she had endured, she was still an angel to him. But the fact that she didn't hate him meant something more to him than her looks. That was something worth keeping.

Shinji: No. I can get up my self.

Man): well...okay, just be careful. That rubble looks unsavory.

That was true. The rubble did have lots of sharp concrete and metal sticking out of it; and it stood about twenty feet up (but besides that, it was as soft as pillows).

He picked up Asuka with all the strength he could muster and rested her sleeping figure on his back. Being careful not to wake her, he wrapped her arms around his neck and began climbing the rubble toward the crowd of people. If he wasn't so tired, this would have been much easier, and it was rather hard looking for a place to grip.

A few minutes later he was almost completely towards the top.

Shinji (grunting): just a few more feet...

The concrete his right arm was gripping gave away. Panicking, Shinji flailed for another piece of concrete. Fortunately, he managed to grip on to a piece two feet down from where he fell. Unfortunately, He had only a minor grip, since he used his other arm to help restrain Asuka to his back. If he didn't do something fast...

Shinji (to himself): gotta keep going. She needs me, and I can't let her down.

Shinji: This is all I can for her now.

With all the strength he had in his right arm, he pulled himself upright and managed to stand on a narrow ledge. He could make it with just one arm, but another fall and they would be doomed.

But surely enough, Shinji somehow managed to make it to the top. He handed Asuka to one of the paramedics and began to cradle his right arm.

Shinji: I bet I pulled a muscle or something.

Paramedic: Why don't go with her to get that arm checked on.

Shinji nodded and followed the paramedic to the nearest vacant ambulance. The paramedic placed Asuka on the stretcher while Shinji retreated to the wall opposite the stretcher. With all his strength diminished, Shinji slammed his exhausted body against the wall and rested silently.

Shinji (to himself): Everybody's back. So does that mean that, I really saved them? Is this all real?

The pain in his arm told him sure enough that this world was real. Feeling ironically relieved by the pain, he put his head against the wall and quietly fell asleep

It was at that instant that Asuka slowly opened her eye. She was feeling really shitty right now, so getting up was probably not the best idea. Instead, she looked straight up to notice that there was a roof above her. She also noticed that she was moving as well. She looked in front of her spotting several pieces of medical equipment; she was obviously in an ambulance, but how? She turned her to the right and saw that Shinji was lying against one side of the ambulance; sleeping with the same smile he wore while on the beach.

Asuka (to herself): Did HE bring me here?

Come to think it, it did feel like she was moving while in her dream state, but why did he help her? She could have made it up on her own, even in her state of health. Hell, she's been through much worse crap than this; was it possible that Shinji thought she was a bigger weakling than him?

She had half the mind to slap him across the face multiple times, but her stomach pains got to her first. Who was she kidding? She couldn't get here on her own, even the baka knew that. Did that mean that he actually cared about her health? Her mind kept telling her "no", but apart of her told her that Shinji really was worried about her. She didn't know who was right, and personally, she did not feel like finding out right now. All she wanted to do was rest.

Asuka kept her head turned towards Shinji and spoke.

Asuka (silently): Baka.

She let sleep take her over once again that day, as the ambulance drove away from the city thriving with new life.

End of Chapter 1.

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