Title: One in Particular Author: Fisher Email: Website: Disclaimer: Don't own Red dwarf... apart from the nifty Dvd's. I don't own the characters but if your offering one I could be persuaded to take Rimmer of your hands xD.
Summary: Set in the future, Rimmer writes about Lister and himself, starts after 'only the good...' Rimmer/Lister.
Authors Notes: Well this is something I've been working on for a while now... I have written a bit more and trust me it gets better (well I think so) I didn't know how Rimmer would write but I tried to get the conversations as close as possible... I'll just say that Rimmer's writing technique has changed over the years.
Also Chris Barrie must be saluted for being the brilliant and talented actor he is... Anyone disagreeing will have to deal with me.
:) Enjoy the story folks, Please remember to feedback... I Lurve feedback!

One In Particular

Everyone believed that a man named Arnold Judas Rimmer would live to be miserable. I have seen many versions of myself in my time, all different and yet none more annoying than that pompous twat 'Ace Rimmer' - Pratt! I can't fathom why I would ever want to be him. The hologram version of myself took over the job, I'm sure He had a defect.

Anyway getting back to where I started. My mind isn't as sharp as it used to be... Dave usually makes a comment about it ever being sharp but luckily he isn't awake.

Dave, The one constant thing in my life. If someone had told me I would eventually end up marring the sod I would have probably looked at them like they had just been passed by a giant rhino.
I had started to change my opinion of him after he claimed the whole Red Dwarf crew had died. - He acted differently, I said I didn't notice but who was I kidding? After that it had set the whole thing in motion, He changed and so did I.

It wasn't until he had rescued me from the burning Red Dwarf, creating another dimension jumping device thought up by the cat, This of course was not our stupid moggie.
After being saved we grabbed a Starbug and well... It's all quite a bit of a blur really (I was In the Medi bay for a while).

Dave said it was just like old times - given I wasn't there during the 'old times' I just nodded along with the rest of them not even bothering to make a snappy remark.
It was about three weeks after we escaped I started to notice a difference, he would bug me more often (He claims now it was because he just wanted my attention, and who could blame him?)

"What ya doing?" I remember rolling my eyes at this point. I was sat by myself in my room (as I now had my own room onboard this new Starbug) My book was open in front of me and he asks what I'm doing!

"Doing dental surgery"

"Wow, Didn't know you could do that"

"I can't, bugger off!"

"Aw come on I'm bored"

"You're always bored!"

"Not always"

"Like a piece of card you're always board"


"Just bog off!"

I presume this was just to annoy me further but he then sat directly opposite me and proceeded to watch me - Loudly... How? Dave can find a way!
I tried to ignore him but he can always tell when I'm angry, well it's not that hard when you have nostrils that flare every time someone pisses you off!


"I didn't say anything"

"Why are you watching me?"

"It's not like I've got anything better to do"

"Why aren't you off chasing Kochanski?"

He had just shrugged - so I was now interested. Marking my page and putting my book down (amazing I remember in this detail)

"I thought you were in love with the woman?"


"Who are you and what have you done with Lister?!"

"I don't know, I just grew up and grew out of that crush I guess, Besides she isn't the Kochanski I fell for"

"Well I'm glad to hear it Listy, no more whining, good things do happen to me"

"Shut up Rimmer"

"It wasn't like you had much chance with her anyway was it?"

"Hey! We went out!" And I picked up my book.. Suddenly bored with this conversation.

"Besides I can't really chase her now I have eyes for someone else"

Today this is a s clear as.... Air? But then I was oblivious. There he was staring at me telling me he had eyes for someone, a.k.a, me and I sit reading my book, a book, which I still can't remember, the name of.

"See you later smeg head" I did notice something here as he got up and ruffled my hair - I had stared to think the man was drunk.... Well it wouldn't be the first time.

"Jackass" I had said to myself as he left and I continued to read my book.

It wasn't until much later when I found myself bored - I had finished the book. This is when I decided to go find Dave and find out what he was up to. It was a surprise at what I did find.

"Lister, What are you doing?"

"Finger painting"

"Where did you find all that paint?!"

"Just looking through all the draws"

"What about all the paper?"



"Want a go?" Honestly I did but I didn't want him to know that.


"Come on it's fun!"


"Fine suit yourself"

He went back to painting and I sat and watched. That was until he flicked some my way.
A big yellow glob of paint slid down the side of my face.

"You're in for it now matey!"

Colours flying everywhere, Walls, Chairs, ourselves, nothing went untouched. It didn't take long for the floor to become very slippery and to state the obvious, I slipped, and brining down Dave with me in one gracious thud we landed on the floor, him crushing me. I thought at the time he would shout "Arg" and blot upright but he didn't he just stayed there put his hand in my hair and laughed.


"Your hair is caked in it!"

"It's not like yours isn't!"

"Oh well"

"Err, Lister, You going to get up?"


He did get up but before he did he grabbed a wad of paint from my hair and wiped it right across my face. Before I had chance to retaliate Kryten decided to check up on his 'Precious Mr. Lister'. He had complained about the mess and orderd us both to get cleaned up while he cleaned Dave's quarters. I would have protested but he was right, I really did need a shower.
I won't go into much detail, as you don't need to know exactly what I do in the shower in great detail.
I got clean and then dressed that's all you need to know.

When I said dressed I meant into my pyjamas as I was quite tired and I went to bed.
This was the first night I started to have what I called then, the nightmares. This first one was innocent enough. It replayed what had happened earlier on with me and Dave but this time he kissed me instead of wiping the paint across my face.
After that I laid in bed unable to sleep.

I will continue later, Dave is telling me to come back to bed.
Toodle Pipski,
Arnold. J. Rimmer