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Link awoke some time later and carefully moved to test his back. The pain was nearly gone. There was still a dull ache, but it was fading quickly. He looked up into the faces of the elder Links and his friend Pikachu and smiled at them.

"Hey, guys! Guess what? Mario said I'm a new Allstar! Isn't that great?!" he exclaimed happily. He sat up and laughed as the characters congratulated him heartily. Link nodded and focused on the other Nintendo fighters and rescued characters watching him from outside the infirmary. "Oh. I guess it's time." he murmured and jumped down from the bed. The other Links watched him in confusion. What was going on?

The Nintendo fighters headed toward the main hall and then stood in a semi-circle as Link climbed up the steps and stood on the stage in the lone spotlight. He sighed sadly and looked out at the Nintendo base. He tried to memorize everything, taking in one last look at his home. He knew, he hadn't been good enough to stay with them. The Allstar thing was probably a 'last wish granted' kind of thing.

"I wasn't meant to be part of the team. Oh well. It was kind of fun, while it lasted." he murmured and then looked down at Mario, Captain Falcon, and all the rest. "Okay, guys! I'm ready now! Go ahead and activate the shutdown code!" Link called down to them tearfully, "Just have GB Link take care of Pikachu for me, okay?! He's my best friend! And don't tell the new N64 Link that I screwed up! Let him think he's the first one!"

"What are you talking about, Link?! We're not shutting you down!" Mario called up to him. Link blinked at him in surprise. "I just got through naming you an Allstar, we're not getting rid of you now! We're just waiting for you to say a speech!"

"A speech?" Link echoed dumbly as the Arcade Allstars stepped up behind him. He looked back in surprise and yelped in shock. "Ar-arcade Mario! And Arcade DK!" Link cried and quickly dropped to one knee in respect. "I-I didn't know you were there! It's an honor to meet you, both of you!" he babbled.

"We're not kings, you know. You can stand up." Arcade Mario murmured with a smile. Arcade DK nodded and helped Link up. "Congratulations on being named an Allstar. You earned it. You saved Nintendo from invasion."

"And you stood up for what you believed in." Arcade DK put in, "No thanks to my ingrate descendant." he added, giving DK a glare, "I think we should put him through my special training session to teach him some manners and respect for the Links."

"Oh no!" Allstar DK wailed and ran off.

"You can run, but you can't hide!" Arcade DK snapped and looked back at Link with a smile. "Well, ready to speak?" Link shook his head quickly, wide-eyed with awe.

"It's okay. Calm down, son. Just say what's in your heart. It doesn't have to be fancy and impressive." Arcade Mario remarked. "You're not being judged."

"If you say so." Link murmured and stepped up to the microphone Arcade DK set up before him. He swallowed hard and looked out at the gathering characters. There were the elder Links lined up in the front row, looking up at him with pride. Pikachu sat next to GB Link, giving him a thumb's-up and smiling.

"You can do it, Pika-pal!" he declared and laughed happily. Link brightened and nodded once, then took a deep breath before speaking.

"I thought that, when I first came here, no one liked me. I was an oddball. A blonde Link trying to pick up where the redheads left off. It had always been my dream to prove myself to you all and become an Allstar to get some respect. When I lost my coin, my dream had died, but not my hopes of helping Nintendo any way I could." Link began to say, "I was a mistake in Master Hand's plan of domination, and his constant threats and jeers made me feel as if I had always been a mistake. I believed I wasn't any good. Still, I had one goal in mind. I would continue the tournament as GB Link, save Nintendo, then die so it wouldn't have to support a mistake." He paused and swallowed again. "I believe I did die. But for some reason, I was brought back to life as an Allstar. I couldn't understand why. So I ask you all, I thank you for this great honor and I ask you, why was I chosen to be an Allstar when my coin was taken away and I had been killed in battle?"

"You proved to everyone that you were the one true Allstar among us in the tournament." Mario called up, "You showed us the qualities we said were in an Allstar and you didn't even realize it! You had no intention at the time of becoming an Allstar when you fought for us, and that was what saved you and made you an Allstar! You didn't think of yourself, but of others!" Link looked surprised, then blushed.

"Thank you! Thank you all very much for the honor! I will do my very best to live up to this honor! I'll be a great Link and a great Allstar with your help and guidance!" He laughed and thrust a fist into the air, "So let's get the Allstars ready for the holiday season! The Players will be waiting for some fantastic new games!" he cheered and the other characters cheered along with him.

A few weeks later, Pikachu raced up to Allstar Link and jumped up and down excitedly.

"Come check this out, Link! You're not gonna believe it!" he cried and raced off. Link followed. When he returned to his game, the Player had taken some time to think things through and actually made it to the end of the game in another few days. Link reported back with an A-OK on the game's ending and the news that the Player hoped for another game about time travel. Mario hinted that the next one would have real time travel.

"What is it?! What's going on?!" Link exclaimed as he followed the mouse into the main hall and saw everyone looking up at a giant screen computer monitor. He blinked at them all in confusion, then yelped as he was pushed to the front row, right in front of the screen.

"Take a look up there! It's awesome!" Pikachu exclaimed and looked up at it in joy. Link looked confused, then followed his gaze up to the screen. A startled look came over his face. The Gamer's Choice Awards! "They're announcing the winners of the awards!" Pikachu exclaimed and everyone fell into a hush.

"Oh no." Link whispered fearfully. He had seen his competition. Metal Gear Solid nearly wiped him out after a brief run-in when the Player's friend came over with a Playstation and the two systems were connected at the same time to the same TV. Solid Snake gave him this strange grin. Link panicked and hid behind Ganondorf, who then had to convince him to let go of the cape so they could finish the stage one fight.

"Oh! Here's the Nintendo 64 Game of the Year award!" Allstar Peach exclaimed, "Super Mario 64! Pick it!" The screen flashed briefly and the title of the winning game came on screen. "WHAT?!"

"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, by unanimous vote!" the announcer on-screen declared, showing a clip of Link riding Epona across Hyrule Field. Allstar Link screamed in shock and stepped back.

"No way! I don't believe it! I actually won something?!" he cried. Pikachu smiled at him and cheered.

"Yeah! There's more! Watch!" he added and turned back to the screen. Link gulped and stepped back forward.

"Action RPG of the Year award goes to...." the announcer went on and the screen flashed again, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! By yet another unanimous vote!" Link shrieked again and bumped into N64 Ganondorf when he backed up again.

"Again?! That's rigged! You guys are trying to give me a heart attack!" Link exclaimed and looked around wildly, "No way! No way I'm winning twice in a row!" The characters shushed him and went back to watching. There was an award for Sega for a Saturn game, one for Metal Gear Solid for Playstation games, and then Metal Gear Solid won again for Adventure Game of the Year. NES Link booed it, then looked sheepish when everyone stared at him.

"I was hoping we'd win that one. Oh well. We're RPG." he explained and laughed.

"Action Game of the Year is Banjo-Kazooie!" the announcer declare and Nintendo cheered again. Link turned to look at the newcomers. The bear and bird duo were fairly recent additions but they quickly proved their worth and brought more life to the system. He smiled at them. They cheered happily and danced about the area. There were several other awards and comments that the N64 Zelda title really had saved Nintendo's fame and fortune, making Link feel even more dizzy and light-headed. Finally, the last award was about to be announced.

"That's new. Game of the Year for All Systems? What third-party game got that? Is that even possible?" Allstar Mario wondered, "Could it be you, Mega Man?"

"Heck, no! I had a stand in for the Playstation version! That woman screwed me over the minute she opened her mouth in the costume and now there's fanfics about me being a chick!" Mega Man declared, "Besides, that's a whole new category! They didn't have that last year! What game could be so popular that the Gamer's Choice Awards had to invent a new category?!"

"And the winner is...." the announcer drew out the suspense as a drumroll sounded and the screen flashed faster, "Surprise, surprise! It's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Give it up, people, for Zelda 64! Mr. Miyamoto's masterpiece cleans up the awards! What a spectacular game! The gamers love it, so keep it coming, Nintendo! Let's see Link again!" he shouted wildly as the title flashed in neon lights.

"Funny, Zelda's not on any other system. Was that a joke category?" Peach remarked as the Nintendo characters stared at the screen in shock, then heard a dull thump. They all looked towards Ganondorf.

Link had fainted and almost hit the floor. Ganondorf barely caught him in time, holding his head and shoulders up and waving a part of his cape to fan Link's face. Pikachu hopped to his side and looked worried.

"Link? Buddy? You okay?" he asked, then smiled in relief when the elf opened his eyes a little to look up at him.

"I'm dreaming this up, right? This isn't real. It's just a dream. I didn't win all that." he murmured softly, barely audible.

"It's all real, little guy." N64 Ganondorf told him with a grin, "We won. I guess they really liked that fight we had at the end. Visuals were great for it."

"I got scared at the end. You jumped out like that and I got scared and tripped over my own feet." Link mumbled and closed his eyes again. "We won. Wow. They really... liked... me...." Allstar Mario grinned at him and nodded to Ganondorf, who picked him up and carried him back to the Zelda quarters.

"He'll do just fine." he said softly as Arcade Mario stepped up behind him. "He's young, but he'll do fine. And the Programmers are working on Super Smash Brothers. Our little mishap adventure had some good in it. Nintendo's going to have a fighting game starring all of us. Maybe that will win an award someday."

"He's a good kid. Allstar DK's going through a little 'toughening up'." Arcade Mario replied and smiled, "He deserves it, after all he put that poor boy through. I suppose the elder Links had the right idea when they changed the new Link look so drastically. He saved us all, not just once, but twice in just a few weeks."

"He really is amazing, isn't he?" Allstar Mario murmured and sighed, "Now, if we could just get Link to stop fainting every time someone tells him how great he is...."

The End