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Chapter5) Reliving a Nightmare

"No… You're." Sai stared stunned his worst nightmare coming back again. He wanted to run but he couldn't he just stood there next to Rowen.

"Dead?" Vindelo finished for Sai. "Sorry but it'll take more power than any of you have to take me down!… ThunderBird keep the other Ronins busy." Vindelo smiled at her.

"Of course!" Rowen wasn't sure where this ThunderBird was but he had to get Sai and himself away from Vindelo. Rowen slowly moved back watching Vindelo carefully and taking Sai with him.

"Oh, no you're not going anywhere with my cousins pet." Crystallite appeared behind them. "Ice wave!" She dropped to her knees placing her hands on the ground. Ice formed quickly around Rowen and Sai and the ground. Vindelo moved closer to them a cruel smile danced on his lips.

"Aw they're trapped like little mice… Bring them to my castle cousin I want the others to know they failed to kill me." He laughed walking towards the house.

(Meanwhile at the docks)-------------------------------------

"Damn you!" Sage growled trying to move against the invisible force.

"Why don't you give up! Thunder javelin!" ThunderBird slammed her fist into Sage's chest breaking several ribs and smashing him straight through the dock house walls.

"Willow blade whip!" Ivy snapped two whips through the air and cracked them down on Sage's shoulder and chest.

Ryo and Kento jumped at the loud crash. Mitchy ran down stair and to the room Ryo and Kento were in.

"We have to go to the dock!" Mitchy panted the two boys running for the door at her words.

Sage groaned standing back up, the spell was broke but he couldn't take on both of them.

"Oh good looks like the others are coming." Ivy smiled. "Master Vindelo, everything is going great! Now do we have to kill the blond he's so cute." Ivy whined winking at Sage. Sage glared at the three of them and was glad that the others heard.

"Jesus Christ! It's."

"Me? Oh yes I'm back!" Vindelo cocked his head to the side looking at Mitchy and the others than back at Sage.

"I swear if you touch Sai." Sage threatened through clenched teeth.

"You swear? Well I don't think he'd come back to you anyways thanks to Ivy." Vindelo smiled and Ryo and Kento glanced at Sage confused. Mitchy though had a gut feeling she knew what happened.

"He will! If he won't believe Sage then I'll tell him that slut used a seduction spell mixed and a lustfulness spell!" Mitchy said. "Now give Sai back."

"Sure once he's dead of course! Come ladies I think we've done enough!" Vindelo laughed disappearing with the two girls.

Sage collapsed to his knees, how could he have let this happen. Sai was finally over his nightmare but now.

"Come on we better get you better." Mitchy said softly.

"No! We have to get Sai back!" Sage glared at her.

"Like you can fight? If you haven't noticed it's just us! Vindelo took Rowen too, and if we hope to get them both back alive then you'll need to be healed and not walking around with broken ribs." Sage was surprised by Mitchy's knowledge. "Besides Sai would kill us if you died… He still loves you."

"How would you know?" Ryo asked helping Sage up.

"Well ever since I've been around you guys I've been picking up on what you're feeling. And sometimes I wish I wasn't! It's so strong that I feel over ruled by your feelings." Mitchy explained.

"Fine. We'll go after Vindelo as soon sage gets better." Ryo stated.

"Hey don't worry Sage we'll get him back." Mitchlee whispered helping Sage get up to the house.

(Vindelo's castle)----------------------------------

"Here you go blue!" Crystallite threw a soaked Rowen into the dungone. The fell on to the cold grimy floor his body was still numb and cold. Rowen blinked a few times letting his eyes adjust to the lighting. Some one else was in here over against the far wall but he couldn't tell what he was doing.

"Who's in here?" Rowen called out waiting for a response.

"None of ya're concern." He called back. Rowen stood up on shaky legs and walked over to the boy.

"What are you doing?" Rowen asked.

"Trying to get out." He looked over at Rowen. The boy was just a little bit short than he was but other than that he couldn't tell anything about this boy. "I'm grabbing my friend and were getting' away from this fucked up bastard!" The boy looked over at Rowen and eyed him for a second. "You wanna come?"

"What?" Rowen asked not sure he heard the boy right.

"You wanna come." The boy walked over to Rowen.

"I can't leave without… Damn it where's Sai!" Rowne hadn't really thought about the entire mess till now.


"He's my friend and was captured with me." Rowen slumped against the wall.

"He's probably with the ice bastard." The boy shrugged

"Thanks that's helping so much." Rowen rolled his eyes.

"Hey he'd also be with Jessi… He'll be fine, Jessi'll watch out for him. It's in his nature to be protective of those around him. He's just that sort of person." The boy looked towards the door wanting so bad for it to open and Jessi come back. "By the way the names Jayqui." Jayqui smiled.

"Rowen." Rowen looked towards the small barred window on the door as light poured through it for the first time. He looked back at Jayqui noting that he had dark brown hair with lighter brown high lights. Jayqui also was a bit tan and had green eyes.

"Come on. Help me find a loose stone or something." Jayqui stood, smiling down at Rowen.

(Vindelo's Room)-----------------------------

"Let go of me!" Sai screamed trying his best to get away from Vindelo as they entered his room. He was silenced for a second when Vindelo backhanded him.

"Much better… Now, now pretty one you don't want me to make you numb again do you!" Vindelo smiled wickedly. Sai let out a shaky breath as memories of his encapturement flooded him. Vindelo had made it so he couldn't move his body was limp but he had felt every thing Vindelo had done.

"No! Get away!" Sai screamed and slipped away from Vindelo when he realized that Vindelo was trying to get him on to the bed. Sai gasped when a hand grabbed him and pulled him to the floor. Two arms wrapped around him protectively, but Sai saw the chains.

"Come now Jessi let him go." Vindelo growled.

"Fuck you!" The blond boy spat. "NO way are you going to hurt him! Go use your fuckin' sister if you need to get off!"

"I spared you're lover now do as I tell you!" Vindelo roared. "Or do you want him dead." Vindelo smiled wickedly. Sai felt Jessi's gaze lower and his arms loosen.

"Sorry…" Jessi said as Vindelo grabbed Sai again. This time Sai couldn't get away as Vindelo moved him closer to the bed. "Hey! Asshole let me out of this room already!" Jessi yelled.

"No I thought it's be mush more fun if you stay." Sai's eyes widen with horror and Jessi sat there stunned. Vindelo was going to rape him in front of this boy!

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